Is protein necessary for breakfast? I do just fruit smoothies, to cleanse first thing.

Rachel Y.
I wouldn't say absolutely necessary but it will help give energy and keep you more full. Especially if you plan to exercise. Protein powder is good to add into your smoothie. Cookies and cream flavour is especially delicious!
Philo K.
I'd say yes, protein takes longer to break down by the body, so it'll give you a longer lasting energy. I like to put peanut butter or almond butter and a splash of almond milk in my smoothies. You can also use yogurt for a thicker smoothie. Hope this helps, have a great day!
Dhruva C.
Honestly, I think it’s based on preference. If you do any physical activity or usually don’t eat a lot of proteins through the day, I would suggest adding protein in your breakfast to help kick the day off strong. Some people would rather fruit and veggies over protein and that’s okay! Maybe try protein for a few days and see which one helps you start your day off right and keeps you fueled for the day ahead! Good luck 🙂
Raina N.
I would ask a dietitian or someone with more expert for sure, but I think protein is necessary. Fruits are complex carbs and carbs burn off fast right? So to stay full adding a bit of healthy fats like nuts or proteins like eggs might be a good option, even if only for a snack.
Yani N.
I don’t believe it is. I like eating eating fruits or vegetables for breakfast or making a smoothie too. I like buying salad kits and that’s my breakfast most mornings. Quick and easy to get me going.
Vera O.
Yes, protein is vital to a healthy start in the morning. It helps your body feel sated and slows the release of sugar into your blood, which means that you won't crash like you will with a high carb, low protein breakfast.
Pariya Q.
I believe that protein is essential for breakfast and it would be the fuel for the day to be burnt during daily activities
Nurhannah Z.
Smoothies can make a very healthy breakfast—it’s all about the ingredients and keeping reasonable portions. When following these parameters, it is okay to have a smoothie for breakfast everyday.
Super healthy breakfast smoothies are quick and easy to make, and of course, they are delicious too!
When looking for a healthy breakfast smoothie, try to find one that’s low in sugar and high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats so you stay full for longer.
Kathryn O.
I also eat just fruit smoothies, which works fine for me however I don’t know much about nutrition so I can’t say for sure whether eating protein in the morning will greatly benefit you or not.
Niven E.
No. But protein gives you longer more balanced energy. Fruit is super healthy and full of antioxidants but it is also full of natural sugar. The sugar gives you burst of energy that then rapidly goes away leaving you feeling hungry sooner and lacking energy.
Rakesh U.
Make breakfast as heavy as you can, lunch medium and dinner as light as salad. Because at night your body is in rest while morning is start of the day.
Eliza O.
Fruit is great! But protein offers amazing and enduring energy. Eating protein at breakfast means you start your day right, particularly if you exercise in the morning!
Christina N.
I believe Protein is better in the mornings. Too many carbohydrates first thing can set your day up for cravings. If you would like a berry type of fruit in the morning, make sure to combine it with a protein such as cottage cheese or Greek Yogart.
Alida X.
Fruit smoothies are great but Its still nice to add a little something thats heavier so maybe add ahandful of nuts to eat with that or maybe some granola and that should be great….. an alternative ia to make sure their are bananas in your smoothies to give u that energy u need
Hans Hinrich X.
Protein can be found in nuts and certain veggies. There is no need for meat, and skipping breakfast for intermittent fasting is healthier from time to time than just eggs and bacon every morning. Fruit is a good choice, and can tide you over until lunchtime. Variety is key.
Judith E.
Yes. it is because protein can give you energy through hectic day and you will feel energize when doing work or anything else.
Ma Lie G.
Hi Fabulous user! Protein is one of the key things your muscles use to rebuild themselves. And not just your biceps 😉 but really, every muscle in your body. So even just a little bit won't hurt, and you'll start the day with more strength in all regards!
Sarah J.
Fruits contains a lot of sugar in them and sugar get consumed very quickly. It will boost you at the begging but after a while you will feel tired again. Eat one boiled egg with it at least.
Wilma U.
I don’t think it is. I just eat a sandwich and a fruit like a banana and that’s it, maybe later i can eat a snack if i feel hungry
Elena N.
Protein is the essence of your breakfast. Of course, eating fruits in any form is also healthy and important because that is your source of vitamins, but protein is the building block of your body, and it is very essential to include it everyday. It is believed that eating protein in the morning is the best choice out of all three (or four) meals because it provides your body with enough catalyst blocks ( a thing that builds everything in your body, like bones, muscle, skin tissue etc.) to last for all day.