Do you have a high protein quick and hot breakfast you cook during the week?

Ellie P.
I usually make porridge by using oats, plant based milk, pea protein powder, chocolate powder and a sliced banana. Topped with maple syrup. Only takes about 5 minutes to make
Noelle Y.
A breakfast to cook would be a hearty oatmeal with fruit, nuts, and any non-dairy milk. Any cold breakfast would be yogurt or cottage cheese w/nut, fruit, some honey and cinnamon!
Jaydin O.
No, I don’t. I never really take the time to do much more in the morning than make toast. It’s actually kind of sad because breakfast is what kickstarts music day for the better or worse.
Andrea F.
There are alot of things you can make that's quick and easy as well as high in protein. Many you can prep for the night before so that it won't take as long in the mornings. Breakfast staples such as boiled eggs, egg salads, chicken salad, even sandwiches. Are all packed with proteins however be sure to balance it out with some legumes. Leafy greens such as lettuce or even collards.
Melvin O.
1. Poached eggs and toast or plantain chips, with fruits ( mangoes, avocado, bananas or maumee etc).
2. Channa ( chickpea) or boil and fry blackeyes when fasting. (Vegetarian option)
Lily F.
Most part of the time, we cook eggs with some other protein or just an egg, with an arepa, which here in Colombia is like a tortilla but it's thicker, and we put cheese cream on it, and we drink aguapanela or chocolate
Mark E.
As a vegan, it is important to make sure I get protein from lots of different sources. For breakfast I love porridge with peanut butter and banana. It's super easy and really filling.
Virgil F.
Actually, I don't cook any food. My aunt prepares breakfast lunch dinner and everything. So whatever she made, I have to accept and eat. The foods always with nutrition. So I always eat foods that with heavy of nutrition.
Amar Lio Y.
I do not cook actually. I buy my breakfast which is quite usual at where I live. What I changed was instead of eating a fast breakfast I bought a great one which salads, eggs, meat. I will do cooking in the future. I am sure.
Noah S.
Yes I cook oatmeal and a vegetable in the morning. I MIGHT have an egg or two boiled but I am beginning to phase eggs out of my diet now
Hardy U.
Yes! I recommend oatmeal- all you do is add water, it's nutritious, packed with protein, and low in calories, and it'll leave you full. It only takes a few minutes to make, at most 5 minutes!