I’m not a morning person so I can’t have a heavy breakfast. So is it fine to have only oats?

Adrianne O.
I have been enjoying sautéed chickpeas on top of raw greens for breakfast. Oats have been making me sleepy and I can’t do oats without sugar really so I have branched out beyond typical breakfast options.
Tahlia W.
i don't usually eat breakfast either and if i do it'll only be a small bowl of cereal or a piece of toast. so yes of course it's okay to only have oats. eat whatever and how much you want <3
Georgia I.
To me, eating oats by themselves still sounds super healthy! I say go for it. It’s best to have a little something in the morning. If all you feel you can eat is oats then just eat oats. You know your body better than anyone else.
Vaibhav F.
It's always better to have a balanced diet in the breakfast. So you could maybe throw in few nuts and raisins with your oats. And maybe include a fruit! Or have some eggs if you can.

You could also divide your breakfast meals like so – *pre workout* (Start some excercise if you aren't already doing it) and then *post workout* you can always have something else. Dividing breakfast this way won't make you feel that you are hogging a lot in the morning. (you won't feel that heavy)

The idea is to have smaller meals frequently, rather than the orthodox heavier meals 3 times a day!

Cheers 🙂