Do you prefer sweet or salty breakfast? Any suggestions on recipes?

Christian U.
I usally go for something sweet. Oats with banan and some other fruits or berries taste delicious in the mornings🍌🍏🍓🍉
Minnie G.
I’m afraid I am very boring as far as breakfast is concerned as I just have porridge oats with water and unsweetened almond milk with blueberries on the top. I thoroughly enjoy this breakfast and feel it sets me up for the day.
Alma Z.
I prefer sweet breakfast. Usually what I cook is French Toast. But once in awhile, I like salty breakfast like Tuyo with rice.
Nichal Q.
My usual breakfast on workdays is scrambled eggs, a piece of ham or sausage and sometimes hashbrowns. On days off I'm dont really eat breakfast.
Falk F.
I prefer some sweet taste in breakfast. As I’m trying to cut down on sugar, I’m relying on cut Apple or pear or banana in my instant oatmeal.. it took awhile to get used to reduced sugar. After 3 weeks, I got used to natural sugars from fruits. It’s well worth trying IMHO.
Marshall E.
i like saltier/savory like bacon or steak with eggs, i like weird stuff you may not think of for breakfast like a plate with bbq sandwich with sides of mixed nuts,sharp cheddar cheese stick, grape tomatoes and a pickle..of course i have my coffee or green tea.
Amalie C.
I'm happy with both as long as it works well for me in terms of boosting energy and focus in the morning. I have found that yogurt with oats and fruits (like apples and berries) made my day start with so much more energy and focus. It's now part of my routine. 100% works for me.
Louisa P.
I don’t prefere sweet or salty I don’t like a salty breakfast nor a sweet one but if I had to choose than definitely sweet. I love adding honey to my breakfast which is in the sweet side!
Nathan S.
I prefer a salty breakfast. Usually a 3 egg omelette with some spinach and tomatoes is a great start. If you don’t have some vegetables to throw in there you can add any type of cheese in instead. If you are dairy intolerant than you can put goat cheese in instead!
Baldemar Q.
I prefer a sweet breakfast than a salty one. I eat peanut butter applied on slices of whole wheat bread and banana sandwiched between them. I also take honey added milk with it.
Alivar O.
I would choose salty, but I really don't use that much salt. I make oatmeal or grits with unsalted butter, and no sugar or salt at all. I may add a bit of milk, but I like to taste the food I'm eating instead of salt or sugar.
Ethan P.
I definitely prefer a salty breakfast. I love half an avocado on wheat toast with Sriracha and Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning. Yum! I also love two scrambled eggs with veggies on a whole wheat wrap.
Edward F.
I actually prefer eating/ drinking something fast, easy and simple and that I can take with me on the go if I can’t have a sit down breakfast.
Austin E.
I would love to have sweet! But I have discovered if I start with sweet I will overeat all day. So I go with salt in my protein.

Gustav A.
I enjoy ALL types of breakfast! When I am on the go I grab honey peanut butter crackers and slice up a banana with them. Also granola with yogurt, blueberries and just the tinniest bit of honey is great! Good luck you’re doing an awesome job.
Mitchell J.
I’ve always preferred a sweet breakfast unless is the weekend and I can sleep in a bit 🙂 I’ve been making overnight oats, which are super easy!! I make batches with two servings at a time, mixing oats, banana, cinnamon, turmeric, salt, a bit of brown sugar and vanilla extract, chia seeds, and unsweetened coconut milk. I leave them in little jars overnight and then warm it up in the morning and top it with almonds, blueberries, and shaved coconut! It’s delicious and it keeps me energized and full for a few hours!
Vincent E.
I definitely prefer sweet and my breakfast is sometimes as simple as a peanut butter and honey sandwich and sometimes a platter of eggs nuts and lots of vegetables. I also like any type of oatmeal.
Crist Foro Q.
a bit of both!! usually for breakfast i just have eggs and toast with maybe some fruit! and i usually drink coffee or water with it <3
Andre N.
I really love sweet so every morning I make 4 pieces of whole grain toast and put peanut butter on two then for the others I put natural smuckers fruit spread and follow it up with a cutie orange and I’m ready to slay my day!
Freja Z.
I like frittattas or vereals. I make my frittatt with spinach, kale ir mushrooms and save it for the week in the fridge. Cereals I like granola or SpecialK. With sine milk and fruit they are delicious. I am more savory than sweet overall but crave my cereal once in a while
Marius W.
Neither? Both? So I don’t eat sugary cereals. The only cereal I’ll eat is like Muesli (closest I can get is Great Grains with raisins, dates and pecans that I add extra raisins to). Once in a blue moon I might make cinnamon raisin bread French toast with syrup, which I consider to be a very sweet breakfast. Fruit (except for grapefruit, which I love) and yogurt I’d also consider fairly sweet for breakfast, which I’ll eat occasionally. Otherwise I like an egg sandwich with tomato or like a faux egg McMuffin, or just toast with jam if I’m going light. I find that the more satisfying breakfasts are less sweet.
Lillian U.
For me personally, I like to have smoothies in the morning since they’re quick and easy. It’s usually just peanut butter, banana, chocolate protein, milk, and ice. But if I’m craving something salty, eggs are always a good option.
Waldemar F.
As time goes by, I tend to prefer a salty breakfast. A fried egg, or scrambled eggs, or an omelette, accompanied by an avocado with a bit of lemon juice and a piece of toast. As a bonus from time to time I would eat an apple or a kiwi as well.
Phillip C.
I am 50/50 on the sweet or salty question but when I want something salty and I have five minutes to make myself breakfast, I make an “egg in the nest”. I get my wonderful 12 grain bread and which ever cookie cutter is at the top of the heap and cut that shape out of the bread. I put a little butter on the griddle and add my bread with a hole in it. I crack an egg into the hole and season the egg with a nice seasoning mix (my favorite is the “everything bagel” mix I have right now. Then I flip the egg/bread and let it finish cooking on that side for a moment and I usually enjoy with some fresh avocado slices!!!!!!
Soham P.
I’m a fan of a more savory breakfast. A great breakfast for me is an omelet with spinach and fresh-cut tomatoes with some goat cheese .
Malthe X.
It depends on the day for me sometimes my go to is eggs and bacon on toast and other days it’s almond butter on toast topped with banana and chia seeds both are sooo tasty. Hope the rest of your journey is amazing
Hailey Y.
I like a semi sweet breakfast. Most days I'll have apple cinnamon oatmeal. 1/2 cup oats, water to make it your desired consistency, a half to quarter apple diced, a teaspoon of sugar and cinnamon. It has a hint of sweet from the fruit and sugar but it's not too sweet. Sometimes I add more cinnamon. If you use old fashioned oats, I put it all in the microwave on medium high for 2 min 30 sec.
Salma Q.
I prefer savoury but if I feel like a sweeter option I make vegan French toast. Just replace the egg in your recipe with mashed banana, delicious and you don’t need any sugar as the banana is naturally sweet.
Vicky U.
I prefer to eat a combination of lean protein, a green vegetable, or yogurt with fruit and granola, and a cup of decaf coffee or green or ginger tea.
Eug Nio P.
I usually prefer a salty breakfast. Something salty and spicy that would wake me up! Sometimes when I crave for something sweet, I have fruits like watermelon, strawberries and blueberries.
Id Rio B.
i guess it depends on my moods in the morning and what is exactly in my fridge atm..

i usually eat something simple during my breakfast like porridge with berries.

now i am trying to eat a little bit more during my breakfast so my energy will perfectly flow throughout the day ))

Erin U.
Sweet, dried fruit just gets me going eggs first thing is boring and my stomach get angry. Wholemeal pancakes yogurt. Dried and fresh fruit. Nuts . Winning
Bryan J.
I am working with a physician weight management center. I have prescribed shakes. I usually prefer salty over sweet but all the shakes and diet bars are sweet.
Ana O.
I usually prefer a sweet breakfast. I tend to lean towards biscuits but lately I’ve started have granola with yogurt as it’s quite sweet
Cecil J.
A salty breakfast for sure, I tend to go with eggs, veggies and a fruit. Lots of liquids too, hot water with lemon and coffee with some milk are a must!