What food would you suggest eating in the morning? Is there something unusual you like to eat?

Kathryn O.
i would recommend fruit. it wakes you up in the morning with its sweet and sour tastes. it’s quick and easy. fresh and clean.
Basile P.
I suggest eating oats although they may seem gross oats with raspberries or honey are generally what I go for or even just toast with an egg I normally prefer to put some avocado and sesame seeds with the egg and toast. As for something unusual I don't really have anything unusual but I do like Vegemite (I'm from Australia) But if you are having Vegemite please only put a little not a whole spoon that is way too much just a little is perfect.
Kashyap C.
I usually do little heavy breakfast with more calories. But from last week I am trying to change my that routine . Now I drink green tea instead of regular tea and after that I eat fruits and some almonds in my breakfast.
Starting a day with water is really an amazing experience.
Now I hope this works too. 👍
Alex J.
In the morning I like to eat oatmeal with some fruits or chocolate. I really love peanut butter especially with bananas.
Diaconu P.
In the morning I suggest you eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible to give you energy. A fruit salad or maybe a slice of bread with a little mozzarella and tomatoes.
Arian T.
I suggest eating nutritional food and something that keeps you energized throughout the day.
As a student I need to eat something that helps me not get tired during my school classes.
I usually eat a delicious omelet or some cheese and walnuts.
But in fact there is nothing unusual I prefer to eat.
I just need something that helps me stay healthy.
Ari L.
Eggs, spinach with cheese on a piece of bread. It's a balanced diet using different foods from the food pyramid, and it also sounds filling 😋
Eliano Q.
I like to eat some soft eggs, but whipped (?). English isn't my first language. But I don't put there any salt. I also add there some vegetables with different colors, so plate is nice and colorful.
Asmaa U.
1. roasted eggplant with whole grain bread along with lemon jucie or tea
2. feta cheese, semsem paste and whole grain bread
Akira P.
I absolutely love Eggels, which is a Bagel breakfast sandwich. I put eggs, cheese, veggies, hashbrowns, guac and or hummus and ugh delicious!
Mathilde F.
I suggest oatmeal with Nutella and top it with blueberries/strawberries, It's so good and healthy. But don't eat it everyday because you may get bloated.
Kane E.
I usually add a protein shake and an apple with peanut butter to get my calories in. the main meal is eggs majority of the time, or some calorie heavy cereal.
Julie I.
I eat an organic instant (maple and brown sugar) oatmeal …with low sugar. I put some chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds in it…for some added protein and healthy fat. I drink a glass of Ripple pea protein milk (dairy free)…for some added protein.
I also enjoy my 1st cup of tea after breakfast…which is often a Tumeric and Ginger tea (for my 1st two cups!)

It's good to have some protein in your breakfast…and some healthy fat if you can. Both will help sustain you, give you energy, and help you feel full longer! (Same for every meal really).

Κατερινα Γ. N.
I eat a yogurt (protein) with flaxseed, pumpkin seed, oatmeal and chia seed (fiber) and a banana! I think it's the best breakfast I ever had!
Rebecca U.
Sometimes something simple like toast & jam, but recently porridge with chopped pear, dates & prunes with a sprinkle of nutmeg. All heart healthy
Ana Q.
I have a few suggestions:
1. Pancakes with fruit
2. Healthy cereal
3. Eggs (any way you want it)
4. Bread (jam is optional). Healthy and delicious. I don’t really eat unusual food, but these are my top picks.