Could you offer simple ideas on what to cook in the morning that would be healthy?

Bertram N.
I love porridge. Usually I let oat flakes soaked overnight in oat milk and in the morning I just pop the bowl in the microwave for two minutes, then I add fruits- fresh and dried – nuts, chocolate or peanut butter

Corentin O.
Try to cook an egg or chick peas to give the protein requirement in the morning. Morning breakfast being healthy is a must.

Tom O.
I eat eggs every morning, with wholewheat toast. Very easy to make. High in protein. Either boil or scramble.
Alternatively, make smoothies out of
– 100g fruit (usually frozen)
– Scoop of protein powder (I use sun warrior brand)
– Big spoon of pure peanut butter
– Oat milk (dairy free so easier to digest. Also has the smallest environmental impact)