Other than oatmeal and plain eggs what are good breakfast ideas?

Elouise O.
I like to have a manderine and a banana for breakfast as I'm not too big on eating in the mornings. I find it isn't heavy enough to make me feel ill, but more than enough to get enough through till lunch time ❤
Ava V.
I like to eat anything that's homemade. Sometimes I eat bagel with cream cheese butter. Sometimes I like to have a lot of strawberries or other fruits. Other times I eat protein bars or anything that has a lot of protein in it like nuts and stuff.
Herberto E.
I am always in a rush with my morning schedule, so finding a good breakfast that doesn’t take long to prepare is hard. Some breakfast recommendations are peanut butter and fruit (banana, apple, etc.). I also find that smoothies are a quick option that can pack in a lot of nutrients. Both options can be changed to bring variety to your breakfast and have helped keep me going on more tiresome mornings.
Weirdo C.
Avocado toast with an egg and bacon are really good. Or even rice, egg, and bacon. Plue a good bowl of fruit never hurt anyone. How about a smoothie or tea to drink? Just be sure to use one that won't make you sleepy like Chamomile.
Marty A.
Banana smoothies are my favourite! 2 bananas +any other fruit, leafy veg, nuts or seeds! Cocoa or lemon juice are great flavour enhancements!
Herman P.
Another good breakfast idea ,other from oatmeal and plain eggs would be,eggs with bacon/sausages and a cup of tea or a bowl with yoghurt,fruits and some cereal