What are some quick breakfast options?

Kacy O.
I usually find something easy to make for breakfast, like a strawberry banana smoothie with oats in it. Or eggs with bologna and cheese wrap. Try to start with something small and easy that fills you up. That way you’ll create the habit of always eating breakfast, regardless of how you feel. Because it’s something easy to prep.
Kacy O.
Going to a healthy fast food place could work. If not, most gas stations have little fruit bowls that you can grab and eat. Meal preping is a huge help. If you make some rice then reheat, you can add some egg in the morning, add some soy sauce, and bam! There's your breakfast. That's really good in my opinion. You add bacon or ham or sausage for some added flavor.
Kacy O.
i think that a tea or coffee is the better drink for a breakfast, i personal like cold tea, and for the snack i like some bread with butter or some pancakes, there’s some tutorials on youtube about american pancakes, and i love them so much.
Kacy O.
At first i used to eat i breakfast, and it showed throughout my day. It doesn’t have to be some 5 course meal or a power smoothie. Sometimes just putting food in your body is one step further than before. Try eating small things at first like healthy options. Oranges, bananas, nuts or bagels.
Kacy O.
Overnight oats
Brown bread / toast
Protein shake
Fruit with peanut butter
Have any with a nice cup of herbal tea
Kacy O.
I’ve loved overnight oats recently. Just rolled oats, water, cinnamon, and vanilla in a jar and then put it in the fridge overnight. I prepare any toppings I may want as well so it can be dumped in the next day.
Kacy O.
Boiled eggs, healthy cereal, granola bars, and fruits, are all really good options. My favorite one is banana bread cooked from the night before
Ryder P.
I love breakfast sandwiches or breakfast bagels. The options are endless with bagels and what toppings to add. If you are vegan you have hummus, if you aren’t you have eggs and salsa or eggs and ham. You slice in two and wrap it in tin foil to go.
Kacy O.
الفواكة : مثل التفاح و الموز و الإجاص أو الخوخ و الفراولة
الخضار : مثل الطماطم و الخيار و ربما الخس
الخبز الأسمر مع زبدة الفول السوداني
كوب من الحليب أو الشاي أو الاثنان معا
ربما البيض و النقانق و الزيتون
أو الجبن أو التونة أو النوتيلا