What are some great ideas for vegetarian breakfasts?

Debra S.
– red lentils with spices, herbs, and vegetables, along with some roti (indian flatbread; also called chapati) (i have this almost daily)
– quinoa, barley, or other grains (mix them if you would like) with raw or cooked veggies (do not forget spices; you can also add lentils or beans)
– boiled oats with dates and other fruit (perhaps add nuts and seeds if you are not allergic)
– and so on…
Lya Y.
I strongly recommend rice cakes with yogurt and fruit on top it's a great energy source and very refreshing in the morning. Otherwise you could try smoothies, smoothie bowls, and there are thousands of oat recipes all over the internet 🙂
Frederik R.
Avocado and eggs or just avocado on it's own on toast

Porridge with seeds and jam

A smoothie bowl with seeds

A big salad with brown bread

Drinking water with lemon , a smoothie, herbal tea and orange juice

Виктория Бессонова N.
I love egg on toast, I have it scrambled or fried depending on the mood. A quick alternative would be a low sugar granola with yoghurt and some fruits
Lola G.
I love oatmeal with lots of toppings. Chocolate chips, almonds, chai and flax seeds mixed with coconut Greek yogurt is a favorite of mine.
Ngela Q.
Fruit salad or a smoothie or avocado toast. But my favorite is chia pudding with cut up fruit and coconut/almond flakes.
Corentin N.
I am an Indian so I normally have vegetarian foods for breakfast and I am also quite light at it, so I think I am eligible to answer this question. If you are thinking yo go on a diet and normally don't eat too much for breakfast then some tea with biscuits is just fine if you dont want to get into a too much trouble, alternatively, if you have some leftover rice from last dinner then you can just add a bit of chopped tomatoes and some onions and anything of your choice yo make some simple and easy-to-go fried rice. You can also experiment with some other stuff but I mostly eat something like this or boiled eggs and go about my day.
Thank you!
Amy N.
Oats , protein smoothies they're the best way to get your nutrients in , I eat eggs so I make eggs with vegetarian meat, avocado on toast, halloumi burgers