Which foods can give me more energy?

Art T.
I think you should eat foods that are rich in protein and good fat because they satiate you for longer periods of time, are healthy, and give you energy.

Olivia Y.
I do a protein shake most mornings, to which I add a handful of berries, and a couple of handfuls of spinach or book choy. It fills me up and jumpstarted my energy for the morning. Otherwise, eggs with veggies. Protein is the best way to keep my energy levels up

Silje W.
I always like having hard boiled eggs, nuts and apples on hand for a quick pick me up that gives me long lasting energy.

Leon J.
I think veggies and healthy food really give an energy effect. I once tried eating healthy foods for a week. And my body feels more energized and lighter. Its totally different feeling when i eat junk food ( which i love) haha. Gudlak

Patrick E.
Natural, unprocessed foods that are high in protein and good fats (my favorite one is avocado with omlette :)). High carb options elevate your blood sugar fast and you feel a jolt of energy on the short term but then you experience what is known as a 'sugar crush', that feeling when you suddenly feel tired and would rather go to sleep.

Lucy Y.
Avocado on toast, a handful of almonds, spinach, (especially in a soup!) and light carbohydrates, e.g. beans/pasta missed in a salad.

Abigail Z.
I think your asking the wrong question. Hear me out. All food gives you energy (duh). The thing is you should view all food as fuel for the complex machine that is your body. Now, the question is, Are you going to fuel it with regular unleaded, or high-grade premium? All that said, you should probably cut processed sugar. It’s not doing your body any favors.

Gabriel S.
Usually more fruits and vegetables. Over time, you'll feel more energized and feel better as you consume more nutritionally packed foods and less processed and meaty foods.

Gon Alo F.
What types of foods that give you energy are protein, like meat. Fruits, like strawberries or peaches. Grains, like rice or bread. And the most important part. Veggies,like cucumbers and lettuce. Many people forget the importance of veggies and skip to the others. So make sure to include those veggies!😘😘🥰🤩😄

Nicklas C.
Bananas, Salmon, Brown rice, Sweet potato, Eggs, Apples, Whole grain, Dark chocolate, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Lemon, Edamame, Orange, Strawberries, Green tea, beans, and nuts. Also coffee!

Amalie C.
Plant based. Apples are my go to. Vegan meatballs with oats and black beans are packed with fibre and fill you up to the brim!