How long does it usually take to make your protein-rich breakfast on average? What shortcuts do you have, if any?

Pau P.
Every day for breakfast I have a peanut butter, banana, and jam sandwich plus a bowl with oats banana and soy milk. It takes about five minutes to prepare and I feel with energy and not hungry until around 2 pm.
(I have my breakfast at 7:30 am)
Graycen Q.
Whenever I remember to make a good breakfast, it normally takes me less than ten minutes plus an extra five to eat it. I usually make a scrambled egg, turkey, and cheese sandwich toasted. All of the ingredients I use are protein rich an are easy to grab from the fridge or microwave. For things like meat and cheese to use for breakfast, just stick with deli or store bought packages. They’re convenient, healthy, and have good taste. For my scrambled eggs, I just microwave them. Get two eggs, scramble them in a microwave safe bowl, mix in one tablespoon of water, and microwave for 1:30 minutes. They come out super light and fluffy but have a lot of important nutrients. Also, if you will be in a rush the next morning and you no you won’t have time to prepare food, stick the sandwich(es) in a ziplock bag and put in the fridge. Microwave the next morning for about 30 seconds and then you have a nice hot breakfast. Good luck with your Fabulous journey! <3