What’s the tastiest way to have eggs?

Juliano B.
Personally I love them the most boiled in a salad, with tomatoes, radishes, mozzarella, onions and a drizzle of olive oil (you can add some walnuts on the top)
But when I am bored I simply crack it on the pan and make scrambled eggs haha
Louise I.
Scrambled with some salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes, bacon and some other vegetables if u like that. Also try adding parsley!
Jurema E.
I usually fry with a bit of oil zucchini slices and then pour the egg on top. Or mix egg, then bell pepper, onion and fry. Fried runny egg with lemon.
Geci C.
Sunny side up with bread and green leafs are great but I also wanna try the egg sandwich combo which is basically the same ingredient bs actually in a sandwich. Welp.
Alberto S.
Poached eggs because you can incorporate so many more things into the meal to make it healthier, tastier and better for yourself
Arin F.
While I live with my father he makes huevos estrellados with chorizo and bacon bits. I don't know how to make it in the way he does, but it works for the large breakfast he needs. He does not eat the yolks so I suppose those can be omitted. He makes sauces while the eggs cook, like tomato sauce, minced jalapeños, or an oily, spicy spread to drop it on top for flavor. There is more to the breakfast but thise are eggs are the best I've had.

The ones I can make are also 'sunny side up'( I barely know what that means) where the eggs aren't raw nor gooey but half hardened .

Boiled eggs are best for salads and quick premade meals.