What does it mean to have a great breakfast in terms of Indian cooking?

Concetta U.
They are meant to be fresh and warm and energizing. They are usually based on rice even if that means rice crapes or rice noodles or rice flatbreads. They are served with stews or chutneys or curries.

Olivia Q.
a mixture of sweet and savoury with lots of spices and flavours that contain vitamins and benefits, benefiting the body in many different ways.

Allan F.
According to Indian ways of cooking there are so many dishes that you can have in your breakfast. You can have bread jam or butter with tea, roti with ghee and tea, etc. If you're a Gujarati person you can have khakhara or thepla too. I usually have a whole mug of milk with protinex because I'm not very used to having a lot of food for breakfast. But if you're a morning person and are very hungry you can try any of these and also eat anything of your choice. Remember, it's not about having those perfect instagram worthy breakfasts. Its about having what you like everyday.

Tom N.
Here are some suggestions from India.com
I think stay away from oily foods and add fruit and nuts where appropriate.

Emma I.
I don't really know what Indian cooking is, but a great breakfast is a meal that consists of a variety of foods so you get the right amount of nutrition to fuel your body.

Np N.
Having dishes like Poha, Upma, Paratha, Dosa, Idli, or Uttapam with coffee or chai tea is a great way to start your morning!

Antonio W.
I politely assume you mean east-indian… the first thing that comes to mind is one of my favourite beverages eve: a fresh or frozen fruity sweet & sour LASSI! Maybe with a bit of rice pudding? After article reading, I do have Methi ka thepla seasoning in my cupboard!

And if for your own reasons you meant Turtle Island indigenous (North American native) breakfast, I would love some gluten free bannock-style pancakes, bison breakfast sausage & of course an espresso latté with oat creamer!

Aryan E.
A great cooking in Indian version can be varied from state to state. In some state people starts their morning with food rich in oil some prefers to take light meal. In my state people prefer to eat parathas and sabzi in morning