What does your grocery shopping list for breakfast look like?

Albane Z.
I usually get foods that are organic. I get eggs, milk, fruits, veggies, and some snacks for school. I get pre-made salads from Costco.
Gloria Z.
I love making eggs and avacado slices, sometimes I'll eat some whole wheat bread with it. Some sugar-free strawberry jelly/preserves. Fruit, and water or juice. Yummy. Now I'm hungry lol
Ritthy F.
I usually eat a slice of toasted sourdough with egg salad. This has the crunch I need to be satisfied plus enough energy to get me to lunch. So the ingredients are:
– sourdough
– butter
– eggs
– olive oil mayonnaise
– dill relish
– Dijon mustard
– green onions
Jon O.
usually consists of simple ingredients to whip up an easy breakfast like eggs, cheese, bread, tomato, to make a sandwich,milo for on the go beverage