Do you have any examples of what you can prepare the day before?

Chloe F.
I always make a to-do list and plan out my day, but still flexible enough of a schedule that if things don't go perfect it's okay.
Candise Q.
I try to think of helping future candise a few times the day before. It really helps me in preparing for the next day. Sometimes I'm unprepared so I make the best of it. But days I have a plan I get that plan done.
Jess N.
For sure! I find that making sure I prepare for the day ahead makes me feel more organised and settled. I empty my bag when I get home of dirty food containers, masks etc., and fill my water bottle up, restock sanitiser etc. I like to take leftovers from dinner for my lunch, so always have that in the fridge ready to go. When I’m super organised I also pre-make my breakfast the night before, like a chia pot or sandwich. I like to be able to just grab what I need and go. I also make a practice of always washing the dishes and tidying the kitchen and lounge room before going to bed. That way I wake up to a tidy space which puts me in a good mindset and mood for the day. It also leaves more time for me in the morning. More recently, in using Fabulous, I’ve been following a routine of stretching then exercising before showering and having breakfast. The more you can get done the night before the better your morning will be!
Victoria P.
Make a plan for the next day or even the week ahead. If you are working it might help to prepare lunch & dinner the day before, then you will be less tempted to eat unhealthy food
A C.
You can wake up and do something that makes you ready for the day like do your skin care for make a health breakfast for do you makeup what ever makes you happy and ready to start the day
Bhakti F.
If you're like a school student you can always choose and keep the outfit you're gonna wear the day before. Same goes for your backpack. Organise all your homeworks and keep it near your room's door.
Hanna X.
I actually find it quite easy to make such a list – of things one can prepare a day before in order to make things easier for tomorrow… easier said than done, of course.
– prepare the clothes for the kids
– prepare and lay out the outer clothing before school for kids
– decide on what to eat and if possible prepare some ingredients (shopping earlier than on the same day, putting the ingredients out/on the same shelf in the fridge)
– make a list of tasks for the next day
– clear the working space so it’s ready and neat for the morning
– check the weather forecast and decide on possible activities
– set the table for breakfast
Grace B.
– A glass/bottle of water near the bed
– the current book near the bed
– running wear and shoes
– towel and clean clothes
Bernadette S.
Yes. I prepare my yoga corner for early morning exercises, breathing and meditating; I charge my wireless headset, so I don't wake up my dog listening to the classes… ; I prepare my morning gym clothes, so they are close by; my morning water… 🙂
Letisha I.
I use my agenda to plan my day and prepare for the next. I journal my gratitude and evoke feelings of the moments of which I felt grateful or replay images in mind of what I am grateful for. I also sometimes listen to a book or podcast or guided meditation to prepare me mentally for the day. Beyond that, I pray, many times before even before I get out the bed or do anything else.
Gabriel J.
Have things ready for breakfast (overnight oats, homemade muffins), water bottle by bed, know where work out clothes are, vitamins out and devotional book out. It is easier to get up in the morning when you're not exhausted. I'm working on getting to sleep earlier so it's easier to get up in the morning.
Sofie G.
You can prepare some meals in advance or elements of some meals, certainly you can get some of breakfast laid out ready to have in case your busy. You can lay out your clothes to encourage you to workout. You can make sure to have a glass of water ready to drink when you wake up
Oghenefejiro B.
Well if you mean like for breakfast,then you can have a plate of toast,eggs,bacon and a hot cup of hot chocolate or tea to start the day,whichever one you like…hope this answers your question
Holly E.
what do you mean? Food? I like having food in do I've got what I want for breakfast. But you might like to go out for food. So maybe a schedule so you know what you are doing in the morning. wake up. Have a glass of water, prepare breakfast, feed birds, do washing up, do exercise, feed fish, go for walk. idk what you like to do. Sometimes I used to like to choose what I was going to wear the next day and sometimes I like to choose when I wake up. Same with food and things like that.
Barbara Z.
It depends on the habit you want to form. If you want to drink water first thing in the morning, put a glass of water on your bedside table. If you want to journal as soon as you get home from work, keep your book & pen at the entry way or where you place your keys. If you want to read at lunchtime, put your book at the dining table or near your lunch bag at work. Planning ahead & organization will always help promote good habits.
Ottilie O.
I think the most important thing is to write down what you want to do the next day. So just write what you want to do and then plan what time to do it the next day. Perhaps during breakfast or after!
Jess U.
Overnight oats. A good skincare routine that leaves you nice and soft in the mornings. Leaving out an activity to do the next day, for me it's painting the lids of jars before I reuse them.
B Bor O.
1. Overnight porridge
2. Slice up the veggies and fruit the night before
3.Put the condiments of your breakfast into the same bowl/plate/box so you don't have to search for them
4.Make smoothie packages and store them in the freezer/ fridge
5. Put the bread into the toaster the night before
6. Put together your muesli or make a granola and store it in a container. When you want to eat cereal for breakfast you just have to add the beverage of your choice and maybe some fruit.
Janique S.
buy or check if my running shoes fit or not. if not, buy a new pair and keep them somewhere accesible easily in the morning
Carley Q.
At night, I have started getting my lunch ready for the next day when I make my kids lunches. I also have a cup at the sink ready to be filled with water first thing. This week I've been laying out my work out clothes for when I first wake up so that it's quiet and easy to get moving first thing!
Mark U.
So I do this now. Our house echos so I prep everything to minimize noise the next day. Clothes in the bathroom, lunch in the bag in the fridge, coffee make prepped, workout clothes by the door. This helps so that my wife and sons get the sleep they need to tackle the day. I'm always asking myself how can I make the "quiet" process better. I ask that things for everything in my life not just to make the morning more quiet.
Hilde I.
It really depends on your schedule, so I would recommend you to make a to-do list, or if you prefer, actually just googling what you should do. But for me, I prepare a good breakfast, my vanity, and my bag. So that's for me all the things I usually pack. So… You can try to figure out which suits you best. Best of luck!
Bas I.
I already prepare parts of my breakfast so it's ready to grab and actually eat. On the breakfast table my notebook is ready to write my morning pages – at least I try to – and my walking gear is in the bathroom, ready for me to start the day
Maria C.
The clothes for the next day, some breakfast oats, the backpack for a travel, school supplies according to the time table.
Jennifer N.
Your clothes, your meals, gas in car, water in a hydro flask with ice and closed, put out breakfast supplies or gather them for easy prep in the morning.