I am always on the rush and I eat when it’s almost lunch time. I don’t have time to make something and eat in the morning. Do you have recommendations?

L Lian Q.
Prepare the night before or meal prep on your day off. If you like smoothies, freeze them and put them in a travel mug and drink it throughout the morning. So many grab and go items i.e banana and a handful of nuts, string cheese and a slice of sprouted bread. Collagen protein creamer in your coffee.
Lester O.
I found it helps to prepare something beforehand, but if you are on the rush, simplicity is key. Fruit and walnuts works for me on days like that. You don’t have to cook or even prepare beforehand and you can eat it with your hands! Keep fruit out of the refrigerator to remind you to “grab and go”. Your body will thank you.
Katie O.
I like eating an apple and peanut butter, it's pretty quick. I cut an apple up every morning, but you could probably buy the precut kind to save a couple of minutes
Frances S.
When you make dinner at night, make extra. I have leftovers for lunch most days, and it eliminates the need to run out at lunch time since I’m so busy at work and it’s hard to get away.
Denise P.
In our times everybody's life is in the rush. But we mast not forget that breakfast is one of the important meal. If you have not time to prepare a breakfast in the mornings, then do it in evenings.
Ramon W.
I think the solution is to either prepare things in advance in the evening or to choose super quick recipes. For example you can make cold porridge by letting the oats soak overnight (look it up) or you can make porridge in the morning by pouring hot water from the kettle into the oats and then stiring in some condensed milk to give it the sweet milkyness (although this does mean you’ll be eating sugar). I think you can do similar stuff for eggs and whatnot. Finally, cereal is always available. I’m sure if you google things to make for breakfast overnight you’ll find lots of recipes!
Christian W.
I'd recommend packing a breakfast to go! Bringing an apple or banana, or maybe a protein bar to work/school only takes a second but provides your body with the fuel it needs for a productive morning! On your next grocery trip, make it a point to buy enough take-away breakfast options to last you the entire week. Alternatively, you could also try preparing breakfast in the evenings and keeping them in the fridge overnight. Overnight oats make a good candidate!
Leonard W.
Prepare something the night before, and place it in the fridge. Or you could place it in your purse or backpack if it doesn’t need to go in the fridge overnight. Or, stockpile fruits and vegetables and stash some in your purse or backpack. There’s a variety of ways that you can get past this problem.
Nandielly S.
Nowadays I make smoothies; I mix a banana and an apple with grapefruit juice. I suggest you to eat bananas if you are busy in te morning!
Elena F.
Try to wake up earlier in the morning so you can have more time to get ready and to have breakfast. Also, try to prepare breakfast an evening before and that way you won't lose time in the morning.
Cust Dia O.
I often find if I make enough for my dinner the night before, I can then have it again as either part or all of my lunch the next day.
Myrtle W.
I would make overnight oat with blueberries and cherries in a box that I can take and eat on the bus on my way to school
Holly E.
I should just carrying a fruit of some sort in your purse or bag.I have the same issue and it helps me keep my sugar levels level so I don't have all those cravings. Also keeps me from feeling super hungry. Do you like nuts of any sort that helps as well.
Astrid W.
You can pre-cook eggs with veggies or protein like lean sausage in mini muffin tins then keep them individually bagged in the fridge. Grab a baggie on your way about your morning and you’ve got portable tasty eggy goodness.
Tanja E.
Ohhhh I so feel you! I think many people have faced this issue. I actually do have a nice breakfast every morning! I’ll tell you what worked for me. I take medication that requires to be taken with food. In the past, I have been taking it in the evening with dinner, whenever I get home or go out. Sometimes this would mean eating at 11pm and going straight to bed! Awful! So when I started using the Fabulous app, one of the habits was “ have a healthy breakfast”. I immediately realized my opportunity! Now i have my medication every morning at the same time, with a nice breakfast, and most of the time skip dinner all together 🙂 of course, it took some adjustment! I have to wake up at least 25 min earlier. But I know my routine now, I know that it takes about 10 min to make breakfast and about 15 min to enjoy it while reading news and articles. So, bottom line is that you have to find a serious insentive to wake up 25 min earlier and prepare a meal. Maybe you feel anxious always running around, so slowing down and enjoying a nice breakfast will help you set the tone for the day and be more productive .. maybe your stomach hurts if you didn’t have food (just remember that when you are hearing the alarm and don’t want to wake up a bit earlier) 😉 I believe you will find something that works for you! Good luck ♥️
Blake S.
I make my lunches the night before. Like cutting up some apples putting them in a ziplock bags and putting some peanut butter (or whatever you like). I even get some ego waffles to put in the toaster. As well as just add my favorite mixture orange juice and grape juice together. The perfect breakfast for on the go.
Katja X.
Get one of those Magic Bullet smoothie machines. Make a healthy smoothie the night before and then put it in the fridge or freezer. Then you can grab a reusable straw and the smoothie and drink it any time.
Deann P.
Have yogurts, fruit, nuts, energy/granola bars on hand for quick bites in the AM.
I keep egg whites on hand and mix in leftover nears/veggies/ cheese. This can be made ahead of time and portioned into 2-3 breakfasts for the week. Hope this helps.
Elisa E.
I usually have some tea or coffee in the morning to hold me.I do intermittent fasting so if I eat at noon it's ok until I'm home at 6p.I carry nuts in my bag or stash a yogurt or two at work.
Dennis Y.
You can try prepping the night before. Overnight oats are a good healthy breakfast. You could also try a protein shake. I add my vitamins to my shake along with collagen and red beets.
Ingbert X.
Eating fruit in the morning is one way to save time preparing food. If you don't have time to heat up a pan, you can whisk two eggs and pop em in the microwave in a bowl and they're ready to eat in 3 minutes.

I've also been nipping in to the shop on my way to work to grab a couple of sausage rolls if I'm running a bit late!

Hope this helps 😊

Liam O.
I make overnight oats. It takes just a few moments to prepare, then I just eat it straight from the jar in my way to work in the morning. You can easily find the recipe online.
Chantal A.
Meal prep on the weekend or when u have an hour or two. Prepare protein rich options in individual portions. Maybe Greek yogourt with frozen berries, cottage cheese with grapes, egg cups, protein powder and fruit smoothie. Put in fridge. Then in morning just grab, if needed microwave for 30s. Prepare water bottle and coffee cup night before as well. Good luck and good healthy eating!
Kathryn O.
Plan your means in advance. Before I go grocery shopping, I make a list of what I am going to eat each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all the ingredients I will need for that the upcoming week. That way I know what to eat each morning, which saves time, and I have everything in the house. Sometimes, before going to bed, I set up everything I need in the kitchen to quickly assemble my breakfast the next morning, which also saves time.
Annette U.
I had the same problem when I was having a busy time in my life. Quick fix to my busy-starving-mornings was a smoothie I prepared the night before, kept it cool in the fridge and gulped it down in the morning. It was better than going all the way to lunch with just yesterday's dinner. Bigger change for me was when I fixed my sleeping habits and my mornings got less busy. Maybe there is something outside your mornings you can change that might make some time for breakfast?
Andreas W.
My trick is to setup my alarm 15 mins earlier and disable the snooze option. That way you will have at least 15 more minutes in your morning to make yourself a very hearty breakfast
Celestine Z.
Smoothies! At night take a thermos and fill it with the frozen fruit or leafy greens or whatever you want. Put it in the freezer. In the morning dump the contents into a blender with some almond milk (maybe a protein powder). Then you can run out the door with a healthy, on the go, nourishing breakfast
Elfie S.
If have a backpack or vehicle when moving to and from, keeping to-go breakfast snacks like outmeal bars or similar items in them.
Necati J.
Breakfast has always been my issue, I never ate it then would starve myself til lunchtime or mid afternoon then ‘save up’ my food for evenings when I would eat late, binge on high calorie food, and go to bed feeling sick. In fact last night I went for pizza with my husband and felt so sick in bed last night. I realise I can’t eat late in the evening which now makes me want to eat breakfast! My breakfast this week since I started Fabulous has been simple – a poached egg on half an avocado with some good oil, salt and pepper
Sue P.
Yes! I always try to have a protein and a fiber filled carb. A Greek Yogurt and peice of fruit is plenty to fill me up and give me energy through the morning!
Ella P.
If this is about breakfast, then there are many options…like having something easy to grab (yogurt, granola bars, fruits, etc.) because you can eat them quickly or maybe even at your desk. You can also prep things at night too, like making a bowl of fruit or overnight oats (tons of recipes online). As far as not having time, maybe try to wake up just 10-15 minutes earlier.

Your first meal of the day is the most important. It gives you energy, kick starts your digestion, can sometime help burn fat and it gives you fuel for your mind! So make time for it. Your body will thank you!

Zack E.
Prepare the food the night before. If you've got no time, eat it on the go. Or try some quick options like an apple + banana
Sergio N.
I was like you, I never ate breakfast and now I prepare things over the weekend or in the evening that I can just pick up on the morning. Sometimes I only eat a banana and some nuts, which is totally fine by me.
Calvin F.
Hey, prepare the night before. Can you spare 10 minutes for museli and fruit. Otherwise make a smoothie and peanut butter sandwich the night before. You could always try to shift things backwards and go to bed just a bit earlier.
Alexander F.
I do hard boiled eggs in the morning. I start the boiling during my exercise, pause when they boil to shut off stove and set timer on microwave, and then continue exercise until I have to transfer into cold water. Then I go into the rest of my routine (journaling, making bed, tapping, meditating) before I go to peel them. It takes me literally five minutes to peel and eat them. And it fits into my morning routine!
Victoria J.
I struggle with that myself, so I try to plan ahead the night before. I also try to keep fruit and single serve containers of plain yogurt and packets of plain instant oatmeal on hand to grab and take with me, if necessary. On the weekends, I definitely make time to eat a good, balanced breakfast like oatmeal or an omelette with veggies. Just be kind to yourself. Set simple goals and celebrate your victories. Good luck on your journey!
Valentina Y.
Try eating instant oatmeal and OJ. That saves you alot of time and gives you alot of energy. Or if not, prepare the night before
Jesse S.
Make a simple scrambled egg and cheese burrito the night before, so all you have to do is throw the container in the microwave for 30 seconds in the morning. The burrito will cool while you're driving and you can eat it when you park. I throw a little milk in my eggs to make them fluffier and more filling, as well as a little adobo for flavor without making it complicated. You can always add other things if you like, but this usually takes me less than ten minutes and keeps me on track (and not hangry) the next morning.
Deanna F.
Try overnight oats, there are a lot of recipes online (I’d recommend the ones from the Quaker Oats site) it is a filling make-ahead breakfast option.
Anania E.
I like to make overnight oats for this! You combine dry oats with milk, chia seeds, and a little honey, yogurt and then whatever toppings like fruit or nuts in a mason jar and leave overnight. Simply scarf at your desk or on a break! Otherwise I’d recommend grabbing granola bars, nuts, or a banana and eating in the car on your way to work.
Ute U.
Make something the night before like a smoothie or chia pudding, overnight oats in your slow cooker so you have something ready to grab. If you have time in the weekend prep for the week, cut up fruit ready for smoothies or have the fruit, some cereal and yoghurt all in separate containers ( so they aren’t soggy) and in bags so all you have to do is grab them and run.
Logan Y.
I am the same, I don’t have a lot of time either. So what I do is pack a Tupperware container with oatmeal and top it with brown sugar and frozen fruit. That is something that can be prepared quickly and all you need is to do is add water
Loris B.
1. Do intermittent fasting. Eating window 12pm to 8pm.

2. Make breakfast very simple. I buy a box of apples on weekend. And grab one for quick breakfast. A packet of nuts does the trick too.

3. I stop by the convenience store, and grab a bottle of milk or yoghurt drink or a protein bar.

Brad Z.
I don’t have time either, I’m always rushing. But, in my case, I found a way to pay a nearby cafeteria for breakfast for the whole year. I just drop by every morning for sliced fruit and scrambled (or boiled) eggs, and a hot drink. Fast and simple, and on my way to work. Now breakfast is no longer an issue for me.
Tibor U.
You could either use Egg Beaters (or similar products) mixed with frozen spinach or other veggie and microwave it while you shower; or if you have a rice cooker, set it up to cook steel cut oats overnight.
Jamie P.
Try something you love. Even if it doesn’t hit the health requirements you want it to just eating something will kick start your metabolism. So keep a chocolate moose or a lump of wendsleydale for the morning… it may make you smile aswell…
Maria C.
Try preparing overnight oats (milk+oats+fruits) in a mason jar and leave them in the fridge overnight. In the morning just grab the jar and eat right out of it, quick and easy breakfast. You could try boiling eggs at night, just to reheat in the morning and add some vegetables and a couple slices of turkey ham.
Victoria W.
I have the same issue, and I have to eat in the morning so I can take my medications. What I do is keep a stash of protein bars (I like Builder Bars and Clif Bars) at home, at work, and in my bag. Ideally I start eating one before I leave home, so I can take my meds then, but if I have to do it on the go then I just take my pill box with me.
Norma O.
You shouldn’t skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, even if you are in a rush. I suggest you wake up earlier than you normally do so that you have time to eat.
Oscar N.
In the week days I am very busy and in a rush, I usually eat a yogurt or a power bar with high protein. Proteins shakes are good too
Dave G.
prepare breakfast/lunch-to-go for a week on the afternoon or on sunday. works for me.all you need is strong will to fight laziness.good luck
Aenne O.
Before I started slowing myself down and made time for breakfast. The best thing I could don't get a good start was to make a protein shake in the morning. A banana, some almond mill., Protein powder and ice. It takes no time at all and you don't sacrifice brain power either.
Danny F.
I tend to eat things like fruit, grabbing it on the way out the door, and eating it as I get to work at 8am. Other things ive found quick when forcing myself to have breakfast is anything you can put in the toaster while you get ready to leave and then eat in the car, or on the way to the bus etc is especially quick and easy.
Floyd F.
When you rush, you either don’t make time for what really needs to be done or you’re not managing your time effectively.

Trying to do too much or do it all almost always results the need to rush which causes unnecessary stress on your body. It can cause anxiety and frustration. Nourishing your body properly in the morning to help you get through the day is beneficial.

Schedule your breakfast and the tasks you need to accomplish that day. Set time limits to easy task so that you are managing your time and complete your list without rushing.

Sara Z.
Buy fully cooked bacon. A couple pieces of bacon and a slice of toast. I fold the bread around the bacon, wrap it in a paper towel, and I've got a breakfast sandwich to go in under 5 minutes.
Joseph U.
Grab and go options are the best way to make sure you start the day on a full stomach. 2 hard boiled eggs and one string cheese or yogurt with berries and 1 oz of granola are two of my favorites. I prepare this ahead of time and place them right in front of on the fridge shelf.
Vivan U.
Have a container always ready in your bag/car for on the go with a selection of nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruit. Something for breakfast is better than nothing. Otherwise I why not just grab an apple or banana. Saves time and may even be healthier than both not eating at all and healthier than a big bowl of cereal or alternative. Good luck 😉
Constance Z.
Try a fruit and veggie smoothies. You can prep 1 cup greens, 2 cups fruit and flax seed in ziploc bags. Than in the morning pop in a personal blender with some almond, soy or regular milk or you can add yogurt or juice and blend. You get a healthy easy quick breakfast and you can add some veggies first thing in the morning
Sofie P.
I like to keep quick grabs handy. Kodiac Cakes with peanut butter and an apple are an easy grab and go. Make a batch up Sunday night and store them in the fridge.
Jade P.
I have the same issue, I try to have an actimel (youghurt drink) and a banana or handful of almonds as I leave the house and that counts as a good breakfast, I find it keeps me going until lunchtime.
Lloyd Z.
I prepare my smoothie in the evening. I put all the fruit and veggies and coconut water in the blender cup before bed and stick it in the fridge. In the morning quickly add the perishable half an avocado and half a banana and blend. Takes less than 5 minutes in the morning. I drink it in the car in the way to work.
Virgil P.
When I know I'm not going to have a lot of time in the morning I tried to put my breakfast out get it ready the night before. There are lots of quick things that I can make like eggs –lots of kinds fried or scrambled, and I could also hard-boil them the night before. Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated it's a lot easier when it's easy eggs throw some sausage or deli ham in the pan with the eggs, toast, packet of oatmeal, cereal, fruit– apples, bananas, grapes, oranges. Yogurt cups or I'll buy one of the big containers and proportion it out and just grab one of the to-go cups as I'm leaving– and a spoon. trust me I never used to eat breakfast and I can do this so you can do it to the biggest part is planning ahead so that you have what you need and can just whip it up in the microwave or the stove top and get out of there! Don't forget to chew!
Rosie Z.
If you buy something healthy that let's you grab and go (i.e. Fruit, nuts, low sugar energy bar) you will be able eat something that holds you until lunch. Eggs or a smoothie can be prepared the night before.
Eliott Z.
I some times prepare the breakfast at night therefore it's ready for me in the morning. I can just pivk it up and go, it's easy oats milt fruit nuts in a bowl or tub ready to be eaten or taken anywhere.
Vera J.
Buy a small pastry or snack bar to eat while you're on the go. I have to walk to school each morning and I don't have time to eat breakfast, so I eat while I walk.
Jose O.
I cook on the weekends or at night and toss it in the frig. I normally heat it when I get to work but it only takes 1 minute to heat a taco or biscuit with egg, meat or cheese. I also picked up a plastic container to store a Healthy Nut and fruit mix for days I am not hungry. If I have time in my morning rush I mix organic power greens, Live Pure protein powder and almond coconut milk with any frozen fruit. I like blue berries. Blend it for 1 minuet stick my straw in and go. It is worth it because I am never really hungry again. I small portions the rest of the day.