How do I get my child to eat cereal and milk?

Mia U.
I have more than one option available so they can exercise autonomy and choose what they want- do you want cold cereal or hot cereal? This flavor or that one? Which color bowl do you want? And so forth. I take a "something for everyone" approach to food- making sure there are choices available that appeal to everyone, so no one is ever left out. Do they get their absolute favorite option every time? No- but everyone has access to options they like.
Texie J.
I honestly think it’s just something they’ll want to try on their own. My daughter loves cereal but she still sometimes likes to eat it dry. I think her watching me eat cereal like I do, got her to want to try it more.
Alfred A.
I am not a master at convincing people but in this case, I can think of a good idea. First, we have to know what he wants to do or become most. For example, he might want to become a football or basketball player. Or a painter. Here, we need to convince him that he will not be able to become that person that he wants to be without eating his cereals. Amn maybe we can even show him some examples about some people who ate their cereals and became that person. For example, we can say that Cristiano Ronaldo never skipped his breakfasts and became a football star. If you want to be like him, you shouldn't skip too. This will make him more ambitious about his goal and cereals. Of course this might not work for everybody but at least we can take a shoot. Thanksss.