What is the easiest and healthiest breakfast you eat?

Naima Q.
Always choose fruit. They help your body cleanse itself in the morning. You don’t have to cook or prepare then which makes it really quick and easy. I’ve been choosing grapefruit this week.
Emily E.
The easiest one is a slice of bread with ??? and a cracker with cheese. The Healthiest one is yoghurt with ??? and a fruit.
Kyleigh X.
i like to make fruit and spinach smoothies. my recipe is any fruit of your choice, chocolate almond milk, vanilla oat yogurt, flax seeds, and spinach. i add a bunch of fruit to make it really thick!
Tiago T.
my easiest and probably healthiest breakfast I eat is a smoothie bowl. You just have to add some fruits and milk into the blender and you’re done! Besides you can always add a topping of your choice for example granola or seeds. It’s just perfect for when I need a good and healthy but also quick breakfast 🙂
Joc Lia N.
Steel cut oats, microwaved. Topped with blueberries and chopped walnuts, and maybe a little oat milk or almond milk. Good for blood sugar management, and a filling start to the day.
Katie X.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be the biggest. I try to have a healthy breakfast almost everyday, but when wr have a birthday I may have a slice of cake for breakfast. That is totally okay. You'll compense it next time. I make sure to have a variate breakfast that contains proteins (ex: eggs), vitamins (ex: fruit and veggies/fresh juice), dairy (ex: milk or yogurt), and a little bit of healthy carbs (ex: toasts, bagels, bread…)
Aloysius W.
A morning fresh salad with a bunch Sandwiches and half boiled Egg 😍 A cup of fresh milk is also good for your health when you don’t have any allergic issues
Chesleigh T.
A smoothie with peanut butter, spinach, protein, and ice and a few more ingredients usually is fast and tasty! I use Shaklee protein powder for a energy boost.
Bekah E.
Avocado toast right now, but sometimes I will have peanut butter and jelly on toast if I need a bit more protein. Sometime my mom will make a smoothie so I will have that as well. I also made granola a few times in the past and that was pretty good
Tori Q.
Lately I’ve been eating Ezekiel toast, a fried egg, and fresh fruit. It takes me like ten minutes and is really filling. Another breakfast I like is chia seed pudding topped with fruit and granola. The chia seed pudding is really easy to make and I usually make it the day before so it’s already prepped
Daryl Z.
the easiest breakfast for me to make is butter on toast. but the healthiest breakfast for me to make is eggs on toast. they are both easy to make so I sometimes alternate between the two
Amanda J.
Scrambled eggs and toast are my favorite. Sometimes it's just yogurt. It depends on how awake I am. Cereal is another go to of mine. I like shredded wheat,oatmeal I have in the fall and winter the most. Also cinnamon Life cereal 🥣. I love bagels But I don't like being fat so I don't eat them that often. Besides, my boyfriend eats all the bagels before I even have one. Breakfast is my fav meal of the day. Along with a good cup of coffee. ☕
Wolf R Diger Z.
You can buy little multipackets of oats which you can use to make porridge, you microwave it for two minutes and in that time chop up some berries of your choosing to top or mix in the porridge.

Or on a weekday/ when I don't have time I have a cereal bar.