How much water should I drink each day?

Ya Mur G.
I should drink 2 liters of water a day. This should be about the same amount that the bottles on my desk are capable of. So when I finish every bottle everyday, I should be fine.

Dinara O.
I prefer not to count for glasses of water but to listen to my body. Usually I want to sip some water about once every hour. I don't drink a whole glass though, just as much as it needs to refresh me. By doing that I stay hydrated and don't run to the bathroom too often.

Nur N.
Well, your body can't have less water for sure, but your body also can't have too much water. So, you need to drink when you want to and don't force for 8 glasses of water everyday 🙂

Nipsha Z.
You should drink as much water as you can. But at least you should drink 2glass of water before sleeping and after sleeping. And don't let your throat get dry.