What’s the easiest, healthy, but truuuly delicious breakfast recipe you have?

Chester Y.
French Toast Eggs in a Basket. Easy and quick meal, and even if I don't have thick bread it still works with smaller/thinner slices.

Cha G.
On top of each other in the following order: Oat, hot water (just covering the pat), cinnamon, dark chocolate pieces, (sometimes coconut), berries or dried fruits, honey

Zach Z.
My go-to is a bowl of scrambled eggs with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, crisped turkey bacon, and a bit of reduced fat sour cream and pico de gallo. It gives me a good balance of macronutrients, and it reminds me of a fast food breakfast burritos without being so heavy and greasy.

Talor N.
I love shakshuka, though, it isn’t necessarily the easiest. If I’m short on time, I eat a lot of fruit. Fruit is like candy to me!

Martina N.
I'm eating one egg with rice cake (unsalted) +humus or some delicious spred and of course vegetables. And I really like some tea after breakfast. So that's it. It's easy, healthy and delicious ^^

Noam Z.
I used to work at Waffle House, so pretty much anything from there. I especially like the chicken or chili omelets. Best eggs with a hand mixer or blender for extra fluff!

Sophia O.
Spoonful of Honey, Spoonful of Yoghurt, sprinkled w sunflower seeds and a handful of berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries … so sweet and tasty, so nutritious and full of anti oxidants #winwin

Tonya W.
In the mornings I absolutely love having granola with milk and blueberries on top or pancakes 🥞 with lemon 🍋 and sugar! I hope this helps 🙂

Gouri Q.
Bread- omlet.
It could be prprd in different ways. With bread dipped in egg, or directly egg omlet, scrambled eggs, sandwich model

Larisa X.
I eat oat meal with cinnamon, chia seeds, and honey. Wait for water to boil add cinnamon and oat. Cook oat for 3 seconds. Once oat done wait for them to cool. Once the ores are cool add chia seeds and honey. You can eat right away or wait additional 30 minutes for oats to absorb honey.

Marlene A.
Overnight Oats!! I love making overnight oats because it gives me a healthy breakfast every day for a whole week. The recipe I use is 4 basic ingredients, oats, milk, yogurt, and fruit. Then you can add all kinds of other ingredients to chance the flavor. I add things like flax, honey, nuts, and chia seeds to give my oatmeal different flavours and textures.

Amanda A.
I enjoy my spinach and mushroom omelet. Two eggs, slices of baby bella mushrooms and some fresh spinach. I like to serve it on top of some more fresh spinach and top it with hass avocado slices and sometimes some diced tomatoes as well.

Victoria Z.
I think spicy omellete is best for breakfast..as an egg have so mxh energy n whn we cook it as per our taste thn it was more delicious n spicyyy …