What to eat when you`re late. For those days when the snooze button is stronger than you

Roy Kim
When I am running late and don't have much time for breakfast I have a fruit that is easy to take on the road. Fruits are not only
healthy but also taste great. Some good and easy fruits you can take on the road with you is an apple, a banana, or grapes. If you need more food you can also take a piece of toast with you.

Suzy Alexander
Grab a yogurt and a fruit and water

Holdina Araújo
Well, I prefer not having breakfast at home then and just buy something at my office, like pancakes or cottage cheese or dairy stuff.

Isabelle Bennett
Banana with peanut butter

Andy Hunt
I always have pieces of fruit, nut butters, breakfast bites (I make myself with protein powder) and both sunflower seed bars and chia seed bars. All are fast, portable and healthy.

Cesário Melo
Overnight oats , they're pretty quick to throw together before bed and you can still enjoy leisurely if you do have time but easy to take with you on the go when you don't

Deborah Frazier
I would recommend a protein bar. Just look out for the ones that are more “complete” and include complex carbs and protein rather than a lot of sugar.

Another option can be a protein shake. You can do it with a banana and peanut butter and have a very complete meal.

Jamie Garcia
You can eat banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. You can also eat plain yogurt and add some fresh fruit or just a teaspoon of honey.

Nanna Petersen
Emergency instant porridge pot in the car for when breakfast doesn’t happen until I get to work … please tell me that still counts 🙂

Jesse Hansen
If you still have time to eat at home, make something requiring minimal preparation, like instant oats or corn flakes or cold meats or bread and jam. If you don't and you need to go, then grab an apple or a handful of nuts and dried fruits, or pick up a wee yogurt for later!

Mika Nikolaus
I put 1/4 cup of cashews with 2 cups of water in the blender. While that blends, I put 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats in a bowl with raisins and walnuts. I add some of the cashew milk I just made, microwave it for 1 1/2 minutes, add more “milk” and enjoy. No sugar is needed. While I eat, I heat water for green tea with which I take my vitamin B12 (it is a must for vegans.)

Hunter Howard
I’m assuming this means when you’re late and trying to eat something quick. I will just grab something from the pantry like nuts and maybe a bowl of yoghurt. Trail mix is another protein rich quick option. The key is to plan ahead and have the options available. If I know I will have a rushed morning, I’ll put some things in containers before hand so that they’re ready to take on the go.

Naja Nielsen
Since you break fast with breakfast after a night of sleep: What energy source balance of short and long carbohydrates, fats and protein is the most responsible to prevent a glycemic index high (and than a deeper low).

Andrea Larsen
Always have something already done: boiled eggs from previous evening, an avocado, cheese with tomatoes, paté, eggplant salad.

Catarino Dias
I always have hard boiled eggs handy, I make them every weekend. For hard mornings an egg and any other item I can grab, like sausage or yogurt, is my go to.

Vivan Lewis
I usually make a smoothie with a banana, chunky all-natural peanut butter, steel-cut oats, and almond milk. Sometimes I’ll throw in some blueberries or protein powder if I went to the gym the night before.

Wilma Wölfle
I keep cereal & milk at the office. I’m also lucky to have a food court on the first floor of my building, so I can pop down there and get something.

Malou Johansen
On days that I'm running behind, I throw some peanut butter on multi-grain bread. If I've got a minute to spare, I'll put a sliced banana on the bread as well. If I don't have time to slice, I'll eat the peanut butter sandwich and bread separately.

Leonard Kügler
When I'm late I drink water and eat an apple and a banana.