What do you recommend for breakfast if you travel a lot?

Ion A.
I think fruits are a good breakfast anytime anywhere, but considering the type of travel, you may need something that will last longer or give you a bigger energy burst.
Albert Z.
I advise you to eat fried eggs with healthy oatmeal toast and iced coffee. It is very healthy and rich in protein and gives you energy to complete your day
Charina Z.
I go for some meat (like sausage, spam, etc) with eggs and rice and coffee/hot choco. This kind of meal puts me in such a good mood and gives me energy to start the day right as I go on to my next itinerary.
Michael Q.
I prefer something quick and transportable, such as a protein powder or breakfast powder I can mix with water and start my day. Then pick up a banana or some other fruit if I come across any.
Carol J.
The best option for me is a couple of boil eggs with toasts and one banana, you can take it in a small bag they don't have strong smell and you feel full for long time.
Katrine Z.
I travel a lot with my work. MY breakfast doesn't EXISTED before this app. Now I eat fruits or milk or yogurts or boiled eggs in the morning. I try to made time for myself now. I feel great.
Logan Y.
I would bring a granola bar, apple, water and maybe trail mix while traveling. It can be tuff without anything, so I bring what I can.
Elisa C.
It dipends on the trip, if you have an adventure trip, the breakfast can be: An egg, a slice of bread( brown bread than withe bread) a big cup of fresh orange juice, and a pice of chocolate. If you are going on a relaxing trip( like spa, or pools) you can have some fruits, a cup of milk, a pice of chocolate.
Bryan E.
If you have to drive, choose a protein shake or healthy smoothy or milkshake- dont forget the straw! If someone else is driving an apple and banana or other grab and go fruits are great for long or short trips. So are granola bars. Put them in a bag you can throw away when you get to where you're going.
Leonardo Y.
Water, tea, a good cup of coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon (moderated consumption) and lot of fruit either in a fruit salad or just fruit
Ian C.
I suggest fruit that doesn't really need to be in the fridge like a banana or an orange but another thing would be and if you have a blender you could make a smoothie
Naida Z.
I would recommend something that has protein as well as gives you energy. So some apple with peanut butter, maybe a Turku sandwich.
Cinthya F.
Getting little packets of instant oats is a great easy breakfast! As long as you have boiling water or water and a microwave with a mug or a bowl you’re good to go!
Hans Eberhard U.
I would recommend smoothies for breakfast whenever possible! They're so full with nutrients, it's a great way to start the day and give you lots of energy! If not, a piece of fruit like a banana or apple with peanut butter could be a good alternative. Oatmeal can be good too! But it's best when you can add protein powder, fruit like blueberries and other additives like chia seeds and maca! Have a good morning 🙂
Ella X.
I actually don’t have, I will brush my teeth, drink water and maybe half an hour later I feel a little hungry and I’ll eat something small but healthy and nutritious.