What is your favorite on the go breakfast?

D Avion Z.
My favorite on the go breakfast is a strawberry mango smoothie. I make them at home and it's quick and easy while also being healthy!

Mia S.
I tend to go for a quick home breakfast ad it does not take a lot of time. …if really needed a quick snack, I'll make it a banna or apple.

Freja B.
Well, i like pancakes but I usually don’t eat them, but my usual breakfast is eggs with spinach and tomato with black bean and a quesadilla.
Pretty tasty and healthy

Rita U.
A yoghurt concoction I make the night before. Start with oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds (any seed), greek yoghurt, turmeric, spirulina, a little water, and some honey. Mix it all together and chuck in the fridge the night before. It's a life saver and a really nice source of energy. Swap out the honey for a grated apple, or some jam. Add peanut butter if you want. The variations are endless so it's easy to keep it interesting

Krystina J.
If I’m in a hurry I like to make a protein smoothie with kale, pineapple, a banana, and mango. And I’ll also bring hard boiled eggs.

Rash C.
На завтрак я люблю крупы с молоком, яблоки. Иногда заменяю каши быстрыми завтраками — подушечки с молочной начинкой, шоколадные шарики, хлопья. А также всегда пью чай.

Hadeel X.
Bananas are great for when you're in a hurry or too lazy to prepare something. I also like fast cook oatmeal. If that's not an option, a simple sandwich can also do the work. ( i also recommend dates since they give you a lot of energy. Blend them with some banana and milk and you'll get s gopd smoothie )