Should I work out before or after breakfast?

Theodore W.
By my experience, working out before you eat is most effective, and helps you work up a better appetite for breakfast! If you're feeling particularly peckish before your workout, I would recommend something light to push through your workout.
Mathis O.
Not sure for you but I work out before I eat. I drink a warm cup of lemon water or green tea before I doing any working out it helps cleanse you out at least for me. Best of results to you,hope it helps give insite 👍🏽.
Nikolaj Y.
It's a good one. Light workout (walk? Stretches?) is easier before breakfast for me. I get up walk the dog, then have breakfast. I believe that for intense workout you need to have breakfast first, and then wait a bit till it settles down.
Holly E.
A light breakfast of a peice of fruit before working out is best and then after the workout within 30 minutes, eat protien like nuts or oatmeal.
Christen U.
i would suggest just drinking some water before workout and then eating something afterwards. sometimes for me anyways if i eat before hand it doesnt sit well when working out.
Ramna T.
It preferred to workout in the beginning of the day on an empty stomach … But generally you can workout before any meal about one hour or after it by two hours
Laurindo S.
I prefer to work out before breakfast when I can as it is cooler where I live, and jump-starts my metabolism before food.
Lyn Z.
I am better working out before breakfast in the morning,… I feel lighter and I am encouraged to eat healthy.Or before dinner,… I sleep better.
Guy S.
Work out after breakfast!
Studies suggest that eating or drinking carbohydrates before exercise can improve workout performance and may allow you to work out for a longer time or at a higher intensity. If you don't eat, you might feel sluggish or lightheaded when you exercise.
Rachel F.
It really depends on how strenuous your workout is, but I say before. I don’t like the feeling of food sitting in my stomach while I’m exercising. Plus, digestion takes a lot of energy so making your body digest food while exercising will give you bad cramps (trust me) or make you sick. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to eat breakfast after, eat a something light like a piece of fruit and wait about 45 minutes to an hour.
Carleen N.
I prefer to work out after breakfast but it realky depends on how early I get up. If I get up 7 or 8 am and my household is still sleeping I prefer to exercise and eat breakfast with them. It just helps start my day sooner and I like to exercise quietly and by myself!
Lynn Y.
Both are great options! The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen!
That being said, if you are able to workout in a fasted state (before you break-your-fast at breakfast) there can be a greater benefits for fat burning and muscles growth! There has been a lot of research backing this up but I'm sure you know there is a lot of contradicting research around food and exercise. You have to find the method that suits you best! My partner is not able to exercise in a fasted state because her blood-glucose levels drop too quickly because she is insulin sensitive! There is one fits all, perfect workout or nutrition plan. You have to do your own personal research to figure out what works for you!
There are benefits if you are able to workout before breakfast, but as I said earlier: The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen!
Start slow – wake up with your fave music and dance – just get moving. Even a 5-10 minute walk in the morning is better than nothing!
Hope this helps!
Jasmine E.
Personally I prefer to workout before breakfast as then it is just done and almost like it's not part of my main day I am also more motivated before breakfast and if I left it until after I don't think I would do it
Madison O.
I work out before I eat. But that's because I get sick otherwise. I also like to work out in the morning. But I know not everyone has time in the morning. I'd say do what feels best for you.
Elle B.
Whichever makes you not want to vomit. I workout before if it's high intensity, if its just light stretching or yoga, after if fine for me. But just water in my belly can make my workouts uncomfortable as well, so if you have a couple slices fruit in either case it can help.
Andy E.
I dont think anybody should exercise on empty stomach. But again full tummy is not ideal. So maybe a banana before followed by wholesome breakfast after exercise is ideal.
Yvette Z.
Firstly go for a light breakfast like fruits for liquid intake, do your workout and then a stronger meal like nuts, eggs, toast or whatever you like!
Shaun Q.
I usually eat after. I find if I eat before 2 things generally happen. 1. I get too relaxed and comfortable and it takes more effort to actually get to the gym or workout & 2. I tend to feel sick while working out if I've eaten before.

I stick to drinking my glass of water upon waking up & going to the gym from there. Then breakfast after.

Abi J.
Workout before breakfast to avoid feeling sluggish and bloated. It also means your much less likely to put it off for another day.
Laurenz X.
you should have something light before you work out, like a granola bar or a piece of fruit, and a complete breakfast after you work out.