I’m in need of more ideas for breakfasts that are both healthy and delicious. What is one thing you like to have for breakfast?

Julie N.
I really enjoy cheesy eggs with some broccoli and avocado on top! I know it sounds kind of weird but they are so delicious!
Roy U.
I like having a piece of fruit and some low sugar cereal. It's easy to prepare, can be taken anywhere, and is healthy and energizing! I also like to drink some water and tea for some hydration and energy.
Claire E.
I feel as though with healthy breakfast at they have to be exciting enough to want to eat them. Like having just oat meal or porridge’s is boring burn having fruit in it would make it more appealing, also to measure out the fruit and to make it even more appealing you add a little amount of honey. Things like full English you could could make only on the weekends and take your time to treat yourself and maybe others to fuller breakfast.
Влада N.
мой самый любимый завтрак это запечённые бутерброды с колбасой и сыром, ещё я очень люблю запечённый лаваш с сыром. порой я люблю покушать на завтрак яичницу или хлопья.
Maya Y.
I really love the simplicity and impact of eggs in the morning. Protein, easy to cook and consume, etc. I often will make "egg cups" — bacon as a lining of the cupcake tin cups, then crack an egg inside each. Bake at 400* for about 15 min. I like the bacon crispy, so I bake it on a sheet for 10 min before lining the cups. They'll last in the fridge for days when you put them in tupperware. Microwave for 45 seconds and go!
Bertha C.
I like switching things up between yogurt with musli and cheerios and eggs.
Both have so much variety, you can choose different yogurt flavors and musli. With eggs you can use different veggies and choose between scrambled, omlet or sunny side up with veggies on the side
Jens Peter O.
I like to have something that 'not so heavy' for breakfast. I prefer have toast bread with banana or cheese or cereal or omellete for my breakfast.
Benvindo Z.
I like having Kefir in the morning to get a full dose of probiotics to start my day if I’m in a hurry. When I have more time I really enjoy sitting down and having French toast with eggs and bacon and then a smaller serving of kefir on the side.
Sofia F.
Shakshuka! This is a tomato and egg dish. Put 2 TBS olive oil in a pan and let it heat up on like medium -high heat. While it's heating cut your tomatoes in thick (1/4-1/2 in.) slices. Add them to the hot oil. They should sizzle a little and continue sizzling. Add salt and pepper and any herbs you like to the tomatoes and oil. While those are cooking get a garlic cloves and crush it or chop it up. Flip all the tomatoe slices (they should be browning on the bottom) and add more salt and pepper and herbs and the garlic. Crack 2 eggs over the top and let them cook to however you like them. I like to out this over freshly made sourdough or English muffins or a sliced bagel with Greek yogurt on it but you don't have to. Once the egg is how you want it put it on the bread. If you don't want the bread too the dish with a little sour cream or plain yogurt (I like the tang of Greek yogurt) and enjoy! Make sure to get all the tomato-y sauce out of the pan 🙂
Sofia F.
I like having porridge with some berries in it and also adding a some raisins or Chia seeds. Or I also like having some scrambled eggs with some sausages. I hope I helped 😃🥰🙂
Brennan Q.
One of my favorite healthy options is oatmeal. Either the little packets at the store or making it on the stove top. Add some peanut butter for extra protein.
Fen Sia P.
As a typical Asian, specifically a Burmese, I usually take a plate of cooked rice with something else. I thought I could try my breakfast with what they said, oat, fruits, and etc, but unfortunately and in reality I couldn't resist my instinct as a typical Burmese. Hence forth, I keep eating a plate of cooked rice with other proper dishes. But for you, I could advise you to keep what you may think fit and possible to do so in reality. Wish you could achieve what you want soon. With love, Wei. ☺️
Andr A Q.
I like to eat scrambled eggs mixed with chopped green onion and leaves like spinach, baby chard, and such (prewashed) with a side of fruit (like an orange or banana) or a side of Greek yogurt mixed with thawed blueberries and Kashi cereal (which are basically
varied nuts).
Amanda G.
My go to is 2 hard boiled eggs, a banana, and half of an avocado. Another favorite is an over medium fried egg on a toasted English muffin with mashed avocado. Yum! You are an inspiration!
Andrea W.
I always go for an overnight oat. Prepare it the night before, so that you won't need to worry about that in the morning. Add some yoghurt, oats, milk and fresh fruit. Preferably also some seeds such as chia and almonds or other nuts. If you'd like to have it a bit sweeter, opt for healthy choices such as honey or a pinch of maple syrup.
Afterwards mix it all together, put it in the fridge and enjoy it the next morning!
Michelle N.
Hi Good morning I like oatmeal with fruits and cereal with bananas Scramble the whites of the egg only with turkey bacon and fresh fruits with orange juice or coffee with cream enjoy
Ellen Y.
I’ve been enjoying vegetable soup in the morning, it’s great to awaken my stomach smoothly and easy to ingest!
I’d recommend you to simply prepare it the night before, it’s nutritious and delicious 😋
Lucie O.
I like to plain white yogurt with cranberries, oats, some seeds and sliced banana. My alternative breakfast is a slice of toasted whole wheat bread with cream cheese, slice of ham and cheese and baby carrots with it.