Is eating bread acceptable for breakfast or not?

Cassandre Y.
Yes , but it is healthier if you can eat brown or whole grain bread . Also baking your own bread
Is good for you even if it's white flour , is better than the mass produced bread.

Ida E.
Fiber is a big part of a healthy diet, and fiber from bread is great. Add some protein like peanut butter or and egg and you’re on the right track!

Irene O.
I think it is acceptable. (I did eat bread. : ))
Carbohydrate is one of nutrition that gives you fuel!
Have a fabulous day!

Renata A.
I think it depends on the kind of bread. There are many different kinds of bread that are good for you. I beileve whole wheat is one.

Oc Ane O.
I think if it’s whole wheat bread toast, then it’s healthy. You could use Peanut Butter (or any equivalent) as a spread to make it even more healthy.

Matteo E.
I myself would not eat bread for breakfast. I personally have cut out all carbs, and sugar products. They aren’t good for you even if they give you a burst of energy for short amounts of time. If you are still wanting something that is breadlike but healthier, making your own low carb/keto bread/biscuits would be best. Made with almond flour you can add whatever spices and fruit/vetables to make it more like a meal.

Chlo Q.
If I am going to have bread for breakfast I either eat an egg as well, or put on avocado or peanut butter. This way I’m eating more than just carbs and getting nutrition.

Marga T.
I think if you’re usually skipping breakfast, that eating something in the morning is a good start. Now of all the things you can eat it’s not the best but i believe eating bread is better that a bunch of candy. If you just starting out then yes bread is a good start, but soon incorporate something better to start your day.

Ute T.
Yes, just keep in mind moderation and wise brand choices. Moderation because eating half a loaf of toast (which I could totally do!) isn’t a great way to start your day. But a slice or two is a good way to feel full plus the slices make a great plate for peanut butter and apples! 😁 There are a bunch of recipes on Pinterest that are specifically for breakfast toast meals, they give you all kinds of healthy ways to enjoy your bread in the morning! Now wise brand choices is pretty simple, even if it isn’t cheap. Basically try to stick with whole wheat and low-calorie brands. They maybe a dollar or two more, but definitely worth it!! All this being said, I’m just a normal lady trying to loose weight by creating healthy life habits, I’m sure if your trying to put on weight or build muscle there’s an entirely different answer. Stay strong! #Berelentless

Carl F.
Not bread alone. It’s not horrid to have your carbs in the morning but they could cause a crash later, especially if it is only bread you eat for breakfast! I choose not to have bread often in the morning.

Sarah Z.
Anything is technically an acceptable breakfast but if you’re looking for something with a good amount of nutrition, brown seeded bread is your best bet 😊

Albert J.
I think bread is not the enemy! A good, seed filled bread is full of vitamins. I think if you’re gonna do bread for breakfast slap an egg, some avocado or pb on it to give you a better boost and keep you fuller longer 🙂 but don’t hate on bread! Ha!

Amelia N.
I believe it is, depending on the type of bread. Eating whole grain bread will keep you full longer and give you the nutrients your body needs. Eating bread at the beginning of the day will also give your body enough time to burn through the carbs throughout the day.

Tim W.
Yup! As long as it is in moderation. Meaning of you eat eggs and a piece of toast. Or oatmeal and some toast. Pancakes are ok as long as there’s protein (eggs,bacon) and fruit/vegetables

N Via P.
No you have to have something with it because just one piece of bread isn’t very nutritious on its own and also it’s boring

Marie C.
I think its both. It is acceptable for people eho are begginers and has just started the journey of healthy eating. But when one learns more about eating healthy, one tends to avoid carbohydrate rich diet and opts for a protein rich breakfast

Wilhelmine U.
No it’s not good to eat bread for breakfast because it’s high in carbohydrates and that will slow you down after 30 minutes or so. If your like me and your not a big breakfast eater try protein bars, apples, or bananas.

Louna S.
It totally depends on what makes you feel good and what your goals are. I love bread and I’m not worried about excluding gluten from my diet, so it makes sense for me to eat bread in the morning and that’s totally acceptable. However, it’s also acceptable for people to decide not to eat bread in the morning if they don’t want to.

Asta G.
It’s acceptable when you’re in a hurry, but aim for complex starches in the form of dark bread. If you have time, I think it’s better to go for protein-rich foods like eggs and vegetables.

Samira O.
Yes, bread is acceptable—some breakfast is better than no breakfast. You may find that having some protein (e.g., cheese, peanut butter, eggs) will make the breakfast more satisfying overall.

Mark Y.
I would say yes! But it depends what you put on it! Are you putting a table spoon of butter? Think of ways to make it healthier, adding avocado, peanut butter w/ banana.

Rosa W.
I think so, yes. But I also think eating leftover lemon meringue pie for breakfast is acceptable on rare occasion…moderation and balance is key

Ruben E.
A slice of bread is certainly acceptable to have with breakfast; the more complex the carbohydrate the better too. Just realize that with most things moderation is key. You have an entire day to make use of that energy provided by the carbs in that whole grain slice of toast; what better way to start your morning.

Roger F.
It depends. If you are on a low-carb diet, or have celiac disease, bread is clearly a bad fit. Whole-grain is better than processed grains, and I certainly wouldn't eat only bread; you should definitely get at least some protein in with your breakfast.

Gilda G.
If you're eating breakfast ot might as well be something you like. If bread is your go to choice to eat in the morning then there is nothing stopping you.

The only reason not to do it is if bread makes you feel unwell. If it does then the rest of your day is going to be a little less good because of it.

If you're worried about the health benefits, then maybe add some fruit or peanut butter to get some vitamins or protein into your meal.

Suzy T.
Depends on how much and size of bread. Also, are you looking to reduce or gain weight? The question is loaded because there really isn’t a correct answer. Regardless, balance the breakfast btwn carbs, proteins, & small amounts of healthy fats.

Suzanna E.
I wouldn't think so because it's a carb which breaks down into sugar which will slow down your metabolism. You want to fuel the fat in your body with protein which boosts metabolism which increases energy

Ian S.
My experience with bread for breakfast is that it’s not enough. I will be hungery two hours later.
At the moment I eat cottage cheese with one/two apples and a little cinnamon.
It can really help to try different kind of food and figure out whats “good” for you.

Valentin Z.
I am from Czech, a culture that is known for using bread as breakfast frequently. I feel that you can use bread for breakfast, but be cautious about what you use it with. What type of bread are you using? We usually eat darker rye with butter and veggies on top- an open face sandwich style. Having a bread with peanut butter and bananas can be good too in my opinion.

Veridiano E.
I think that wholemeal bread is perfectly acceptable for breakfast. The long lasting carbs will keep you energised until lunch time

Lana F.
To be honest I'm not sure 100 percent, bread isn't very healthy especially white bread, spelt bread is likely far better still but probably try to have porridge or eggs instead maybe 🙂 hope that helps.

Hans Erich C.
I would say one slice of wholemeal bread is OK. Maybe have it with scrambled egg and beans? Lots of bread always makes me bloated.

Erik F.
In my opinion I'll say it depends on who prefers bread included to their diet. For me, I add two slices of bread (brown bread) to my breakfast 😊 occasionally.

Ana S T.
Don't be fooled by the no/low-carb hype.
The nutritional value of a carbohydrate like bread depends entirely on the *type of bread.
Highly processed white bread has very little nutritional value, and has a similar glycemic index to sugar, so should be avoided.
Choose dense rye-grain bread, like pumpernickel, or make your own healthy bread.

Avoid sugary jam on your bread. Instead choose fresh fruit, or dates & nuts, with the bread.
Be wary of peanut butter: it can sometimes have added oil and sugar. Use sparingly: it's highly calorific, and very easy to overdo the portion size.

Marcus A.
It depends what your body wants. I usually like a mixture of fruit with grains, nuts, and yogurt or almond/oat milk. Sometimes though, after an early morning run, my body craves a muffin or scone, the more consistent pastries or whole-wheat bread with almond butter and strawberries.

Zo T.
I sure hope so, I do it basically every day! I try to combine it with some protein – I either make a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich with a piece of whole wheat sourdough and some cream cheese or I spread hummus on toast and add a few slices of tomato and arugula.

C Me E.
If you’re having eggs for your protein, then I would say yes. But if you’re only having bread, let’s say it’s toast, then no. Having only carbs will not hold you long enough. Those carbs will convert to sugar and you’ll be hungry in a little while.

Ryan I.
Yes! If you feel it might be too much carbs, reduce it or change to more healthy bread. You can make low-carb bread too. The most important thing is to never feel bad about eating.

Clinton P.
I think you need some protien. If you choose to eat bread, you need to add peanut butter, or almond butter. If you eat eggs or meat you need to eat something like that. Bread by itself will provide carbs, but would not give you lasting energy for your morning.

Lucas O.
YES IT IS. i think one of our goal is first start to eat breakfast. It dont have to be suddenly so healthy we can start small with bread, banana, or rice with vegetables in it

Eleanor P.
I prefer some fruit or something natural, sometimes I eat bread with chicken or turkey, that's better and having something with more sugar and worse for your health. Eating bread from time to time could be okay, depending on what you eat it with

Toni U.
Unfortunately no, bread alone is not good for breakfast. While it tastes delicious, your body burns through it quickly and it doesn’t give you lasting energy like protein will. Pairing it with a protein source will help keep blood sugar up and keep you from crashing and snacking.

Juan F.
It is indeed acceptable. If you want to eat bread and still be healty, you can choose whole wheat or grain bread. They are very nutrious and delicious. Also it's easier to satisfy your hunger with 2 slice of bread than not eating any bread.

Angel E.
No, is the correct answer for me. Bread makes me have brain fog. Listening to a friend and how she got off bread and how much better she feels made me realize I have the same issue.

Carl J.
Depends on the bread. Usually white bread has high glycemic index which is not a perfect wa to start a day. On the other hand a bread from spelt flour should be fine.

Eden S.
Depends. If you’re on. Keto or Paleo diet, probably not. However, if you aren’t , I’d advise using whole grain bread types and use in moderation (ie don’t have bread every morning but mix it in once in a while). My 2 cents

Adam Z.
Of course, for years that’s all I would eat for breakfast. But since using this app, I’ve been trying yogurts and fruits but then having toast afterwards. But sometimes I don’t worry about the toast and just have some fruit.

Gustav C.
Depends on the bread, white bread is full of enough sugar it offsets the good carbs of the bread. Maybe multi-grain or the bread with the least sugar. Putting avocado on any kind of bread makes it a good breakfast in my opinion!

Alice O.
I eat whole grain with peanut butter and banana. I know bread if a carb but that's not really the focus of my way of eating. I need fiber and bread is delicious. 🙂

Josefine C.
nope.. not for me.. i try to avoid bread, and eat oat meal and whole grain … ehich are healthier and kepp me full for longer

Brian O.
My understanding is that breads made from grains that are sprouted or soaked are better for us, as well as sourdough bread. I buy sourdough bread (cracked wheat sourdough from San Luis Sourdough) and sprouted grain breads (Ezekiel brand from the health food store) and I put them in the freezer so that I’m not tempted to over indulge and so it doesn’t go to waste. Eating some bread or toast with protein helps prevent a sugar or insulin spike and subsequent crash. I feel like I can go two or three days without some bread, but maybe it is different for each person. I certainly wouldn’t want to live without toast and jam but it would be too much sugar for me to have it every day. What are your thoughts?

Jordan Z.
Yes it is, but you have to take something on top or the side so that you have a complete breakfast. You can have some peanut butter and banana on top or an avocado.

Herman X.
Yes, but for the people who have gastric, it's unacceptable to breakfast with bread, it will just worsen their stomach except if they will eat again around 4 hours after breakfast