What are some ways to cut out grains in breakfast?

Same P.
Hmmm this one threw me for a loop. I’m vegan and a lot of my breakfasts are based on grains. But I’ve recently recognized not all grains are created equal! And there are so many types of grains out there, like quinoa or spelt, that have different nutritional benefits. I’ve been trying to expand from my normal oatmeal or toast breakfast trend into these others to give myself more variety .

But, not everyone has this mindset aneed to cut out grains for other reasons. In that case, perhaps focusing on a protein, a fruit or veggie, and/or a healthy fat for breakfast. Could be some peanut butter with your fave fruit, or steamed kale with avocado dressing, or hummus and veggies to dip and a green protein shake. Lots of choices!

Good question! All the best to you

Silas X.
Increasing the amount of cooking you're prepared to do in the morning. Especially with veggies. Not only solution but would provide lots of variety of what you can make. I say that comparing it to just a bowl of cereal or toast. I'm trying to not even buy bread or bagels to have around. Doesnt have to be a lot of cooking, could be eggs and wilted chard or spinach. Cook prepare extra roasted carrots/or other root veggies at dinner to make a veggie scrambler.

Am Lie O.
Actually, I'm not a fan of the whole low carb thing. I always have oatmeal in the morning and I feel it's really satisfying, good for my stomach. Oats have a lot of great ingredients, even protein.
If you really want to cut it out, I sometimes drink a smoothie out of kale, banana and apple, sometimes chia seeds for even more fiber. Kale is amazing (Google it's effects) and it keeps me full surprisingly long.

Eva Z.
The simplest answer is to not buy them when you are out shopping. The more difficult piece is what to do when when you you are not eating at home:(
I don’t have an easy answer for that yet.

Anna E.
Instead of toast, cereal, waffles, pancakes or muffins, eat a delicious omelet, scrambled eggs, boiled egg (boil a bunch the night before, they make great anytime snacks) fruit & kale smoothie, protein shake or yogurt & fruit parfait. If you need a bread-like substance, look up low carb recipes for bread that uses almond flour or coconut flour.

Gertrude Q.
I never eat grains for breakfast. I drink always bulletproof coffee with eggs or without.
Egglatte! Scrambled eggs is also the best

Louisa P.
I increase my fruit to give the same full feeling. If I don’t know what to eat, I eat fruit first while I think about a good choice. I’ve also started making batches of hard boiled eggs to have an easy, quick protein available.

Adam F.
I usually eat a veggie omelette or a protein shake sine I need to avoid certain carbs in the morning. These high protein breakfasts get me going!!

Norma Y.
I have found success by eating the same breakfast everyday, cold oatmeal prepped the night before. The recipe is full of healthy ingredients to start the day and is low on unhealthy sugars and grains. And since it is prepared the night before it is easy to keep with the habit because I don't have to think about what to make for breakfast each morning.

Lyna T.
Eating eggs is one way to ensure you get a sufficient amount of protein in the morning. Pair this with a glass of orange juice and some hot sauce and it makes for a fantastic breakfast in my opinion.

Jennifer P.
A smoothie with natural yoghurt + orange juice + frozen banana + an egg is incredibly refreshing, especially after a morning run 😉

Daisy T.
I have a few favorites. The first is scrambled eggs with various veggies and some cheese. For the veggies I really like zucchini, spinach, and mushroom, but most of your favorite veggies will work. Just sautee. Its quick and healthy. Another thing I do is basically the same, but is better for on the go. These are egg cups. I use silicone cupcake liners, because I like the size better than egg bite molds. I prepare my veggies and beat the eggs. I add the veggies to the mold first (this allows the egg to fill in around the veggies), then pour the beaten eggs over the veggies. I either bake them or cook them in the instant pot. There are lots of good recipes online. The other thing I like is nonfat Greek yogurt with Stevia and berries or peaches. A smoothie with protein powder is also good. I have a serving of fruit with each breakfast.

B R Nice E.
By eating scrambled eggs or oatmeal even protein pancakes. Grains aren't essentials, you can get the same nutrients in other foods.

Josef U.
Focus on healthy lean proteins, fruit, and vegetables. Like a healthy omelet full of veggies and an apple with peanut butter or a cup or berries. Greek yogurt with fruit is a good choice too.

Anika F.
Fruit and yoghurt, smoothies, baked eggs, omelette, porridge, overnight oats, bircher muesli, gluten-free bread…
With a rise in awareness around free-form diets, there are plenty of options available – a gluten-free cookbook might be a good place to start.

Morgan O.
Have a bag of healthy trail mix ready to eat, have Greek yogurt with some fruit cut in and mixed in it, have scrambled eggs with spinach. The more nutrients a food has for the body, the longer it will keep you full and the quicker you can feel full.

Josu S.
You could have fruit and dairy for example. Or a more protein and fat oriented breakfast like an omelette with avocado on the side!

Brent J.
Well it differs from someone to another but for me it was replacing that amount of grains with proteins like Turkey or eggs , increasing the amount of vegetables also helped alot and having a fresh juice or good cup of tea in ur meal well also help feeling full with less amount of food

Marc Ntia P.
I've been batch cooking egg muffins for weekday mornings. I can't do it every weekend but on the ones I do, it tends to go well. When I do overnight oatmeal, I add chia seeds along with the oats.

Simon Q.
I'm gluten free and hypoglycemic. I wake up hungry and eggs are my go to. I keep a few boiled eggs in the fridge for when I don't have time to cook, but I usually have turkey bacon or sausage with eggs for breakfast. High protein greek yogurt is a decent choice also. My sister has had great success with bulletproof coffee, and I did ok with it but I really like taking the time to sit down and eat.

Ivan I.
I wouldn’t really reccomend cutting out grains because it’s an important part of the food groups you should eat but if you can’t eat grains for some reason you could try eating: yogurt and cream with other breakfast foods sorry there’s not many options.

Victor G.
Plan breakfasts ahead of time and buy only the items you need for those recipes. Incorporate foods with good protein and healthy fats so you will feel full and energetic longer throughout the day. Keto recipes are great for low-grain options. Add a fruit to your breakfast as well for healthy sugar and fiber.

Joel E.
Are you trying to cut out grains, carbs, or gluten because I think the answer to that will point you in the right direction.

Lucas W.
You can eat sprout salad, or eggs.
Having oats or sprouts in breakfast adds a lot of protein in your diet and is yet tasty

Bertram U.
Maybe try things using fruits and vegetables like smoothies or yoghurt with fruit on top for example. Maybe try eggs without toast and other things like that!

Mathys E.
opting for fruits, veggies, or even a protein shake. i’m vegetarian so another option for me might be a meatless sausage or patty.

Victoria N.
I personally wouldn’t cut grains out but if you choose to, you can have an alternative such as gluten free and low in sugar grains, eat fruits, oats, some eggs

Georgia Q.
You can switch the grains for some fruit, this way, you still have nutrients and carbs, and it's more likely to feel full faster than when eating grains. You can also eat only protein in breakfast, in this case, if you are a vegan, you can eat tofu, vegan milk, ora-pro-nobis, seaweed, chia seeds, you can grlet creative.

Faith Z.
When I’m trying to avoid grains at breakfast, I make an omelet or a scramble sometimes with potatoes, usually with other veggies like spinach, zucchini, or bell peppers and I’ll even add in some black beans for extra protein. I don’t find it to be problematic to have grains at breakfast though. I will sometimes have oatmeal, or even make quinoa to eat with eggs over it. I also really enjoy a slice or two of sprouted grain bread with either nut butter or avocado I’ll sometimes have that on its own or with an egg depending on how hungry I feel. Whole grains do have great nutrients in them, but for those who are unable to eat them, another good option Ian sweet potatoes. I made a mashed sweet potato with a little bit of grass fed butter, a drizzle of honey, cinnamon and some chopped walnuts and it was delicious and of filling! I added collagen peptides to it for omen protein, but you could also just eat an egg with it.

Maurice J.
I personally don’t cut out grains because of a medical condition. I eat rolled overnight oats with kefir and almond milk and fruit. But if I were to I would make a protein rich veggie fruit smoothie in the morning. It’s filling and you can get fruits and veggies you may not be able to eat in one sitting.