What’s your favorite quick and healthy breakfast option?

Natalie N.
My favorite healthy breakfast is strawberry yogurt with frozen strawberries in it and granola in it too! On the side are some scrambled eggs!!
Kasper X.
As an Asia girl, I like rice with vegetables the most.Even I wake up drink a glass of water then make some exercise and take a shower.After that, I can eat my daily breakfast.
Actually most of the days ,I was skipped off my breakfast but now I met the fabulous and ate this regularly.Rice is my favourite breakfast other than oily snacks. Especially I like the hot and oily snaks but I eat this, my mind feeling too lazy and sleeping all the time.So this time may be I avoid oily snacks as possible.Even I was eating my breakfast, I was fully thank to the nature for this breakfast. And still alive me this day again and can eat like this great breakfast.Can be breathing the fresh nature and hearing the birds songs.And still together with my family.
Louis T.
Veggie and egg 🍳 omelette I think it’s quick and you have your veggies in and your protein I always don’t usually add sausage to the omelette
Samira F.
Hi! One of my favorites is fruit yogurt bowl, you can add your favorite yogurt flavor and your favorite fruits, top it with chia seeds or granola or even chocolate chips! It’s super fun to do because is easy, quick and you can add your favorite ingredients. I also love oatmeal pancakes, you can do your own oatmeal flour by just using a food processor or a blender, just put your dry oats and blend until it’s all powder, that’s it! Super easy! I use 4-5 tbsp of oatmeal, 1 egg, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp of milk, mix everything and make your pancakes! Flip when you see bubbles in the surface and there you go, it makes, my recipe makes 2 pancakes but you can make as much as you want! Hope it helps you💜
Maxime O.
I love to eat something light for breakfast. Like scrambled eggs with butter and toast, a cup of tea. Sometimes I eat fried eggs and other times I prefer to make an omelette with cheese.
C Cilie O.
Grain and bread. Instead of milk, I used soup. It's more delicious. The bread the is also thick, so you will have a full breakfast, without feeling hungry after having it.
Gera N.
I love e to have fruits for quick and healthy breakfast. I can also have banana healthy pancakes. Sometimes when i don't have that time to make something like this i eat healthy bars, because they give me energy and i think that is really quick and good food to start the day with.