Sometimes I’m not that hungry in the morning. What kind of breakfast would you suggest for days where your appetite isn’t that big?

Berend X.
I suggest you eat something high in protein to last you till lunch. Eating a high protein granola bar is really convenient if you want something small for breakfast. Some other foods would be a cliff bar, protein shake, peanut butter toast, oatmeal, etc.
Anna T.
Hi! I recommend you to make yourself a milkshake. You can drink as much as you want and keep it healthy. You also can make some kind of omelette. The amount of eggs will depend on how hungry you are. Lastly, you always can eat some fruits or nuts. Hope that this helps! ^_^
Alice U.
Have a tall glass of lukewarm water first thing when you wake up to get your body and digestion to wake up. It'll really make a difference. Next if you're feeling not hungry still just have a small piece of fruit(non citrus). Maybe small apple or banana or a few pieces papaya. If that's not your thing, make a small omelette and put in some veggies in the egg. Skip the toast. Another option is just blending in your choice of fruits (non Citrus) into milk and chia seeds and have it as a drink.
Constance F.
Having a piece of fruit or a granola bar or even a handful of nuts are great options! I also am not hungry that often in the mornings and have enjoyed eating a lightly salted hard boiled egg 🙂
Cecily W.
I’d suggest a hard boiled egg, fried egg on a piece of toast, or peanut butter toast! Maybe oatmeal since you can control the quantity.
Sam R.
I would say at least trying to have one slice of toast and a coffee. If you can have one small piece of fruit aswell that would be good.
Dieter E.
I would suggest something not to filling but still full of nutrients. For instance and Apple, a glass of milk, yogurt, or an orange! You can do it!
Katrine G.
I would suggest eating a simple egg and maybe add your favorite fruit! Or if you prefer something else try a cup of milk with oatmeal. Hope this helps!!
Milo E.
I’d say a banana or a small, casual fruit like an apple. Something you can easily eat on the way to work or school. Maybe even some bread with butter. Something to get your day going smoothly.
Edwin X.
Something small, or light. A piece of fresh fruit, or a hard boiled egg maybe. If you’ve got a slightly larger appetite, but still not enough for a full meal, try sprouted grain toast with some sort of nutritious spread, like hummus or avocado. Personally, I’m always down for some lox.
Muhammad N.
When you're not that hungry it's best to make a power smoothie! Adding water and milk as needed to make it smooth and light makes it something that you can drink easily and still get your nutrients for the day ahead!
H L Na I.
Even something small like a granola bar or a piece of fruit is a better start to your day than having nothing at all. I'm never very hungry in the morning, so I usually start by drinking at least 16 oz of water and having an energy bar.
Saurav P.
First drink lots of water wait for 20 minutes then eat anything light and not fast food then wait 1 hour exercise a bit and you will be ready for the day freash and will feel hungry for a great breakfast