Ja let me hear what do they eat

Mathilde T.
What do I eat? As in today? I eat red spaghetti and a burger. The lettuce was a little bit went warm and it tasted like pickles, which are not my favorite. And also I couldn't finish my meal because of the amount of carbs that where in it.
Devon L.
My meals are made up of a minimum of four different types of vegetables and a small amount of meat or fish. My breakfasts are protein based but l do have oatmeal as well.l follow a low carb diet
Harvey E.
I've always skipped breakfast, in fact I tend not to eat enough throughout the day overall. I have many food sensitivities due to autoimmune issues; I need to avoid eggs and dairy, and gluten is right out. I've just avoided eating as much as possible, rather than manage the "struggle". For this challenge, just to get started, I decided that eating ANYTHING for breakfast would be a win as long as I didn't skip. So my meals haven't been "full / balanced / healthy" BUT I *have* been eating! I made some chia pudding with full fat coconut milk (in the can) and some orange zest which was AMAZING. I've also had rice cakes with peanut butter. And decaf tea 😁
Audrey Z.
Jamaicans love to eat its a cultural experience that we share daily, especially preparing the food sharing different cooking ideas with our family and friends we believe and enjoy all our experiences a chance to enjoy food @its best with all ages including the ones we love
Ivan O.
2 kinds of fruit + hazelnut butter on top + maybe an oat cookie or two + latte
Porridge with hazelnut milk and honey + hazelnut butter on top + 1 kind of fruit + black tea
Yoghurt + granola + 1 kind of fruit on top + black tea
Cryst N.
Well, since I am a vegan, I usually make my own food, trying new recipes. I also love baking. Yesterday, I made vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary, so I am making a vegan lemon cake with blueberry filling and vegan cream cheese frosting. I am so excited.