Why do I feel hungry after eating breakfast? Shouldn’t I feel full?!

Mohamed N.
Many times I’ve had or seen cases where people eating food have eaten beyond their full, and still mention that they’re still hungry.

Why? I’m not sure. But I know that it would be pointless to eat until you feel full (in your case), as It would only make you feel lethargic and tired later on.

Once you know you’ve eaten enough, take your mind off of food.

Bree N.
Because I’m not eating enough! More nutrients and giving myself time to actually sit down and eat a whole meal. It’s easy to get distracted with the kids but taking time to relax and eat matters
Donald W.
Maybe I am wrong, I'm not an expert, however, I presume it's because you just spent 8 hours without eating anything, and breakfast usually isn't as big as the other meals, if you feel like it's not enough to get you through the morning, maybe you should have a bigger one, or have a snack in the middle of the morning before lunch, just enough to make you feel well and energised, don't eat too much tho, bloating right at the start of the day can't be good for productivity, save some room for lunch! 🙂
Alexis O.
I guess it depends on what you are eating. Food high in sugar doesn't fill me up for long, but high in protein will keep me satisfied much longer. I also find i am confusing hunger with thirst and all I really need sometimes is a big glass of water to feel more full.
Noremae R.
Okinawa, which is one of the blue zone regions wherein people are part of the demographic that reach 100 yo. Their population only eats until they feel enough satiety, about 75-80% fullness. If you feel full for more than 3 hours it means you have overeaten. So don’t worry as long as you don’t feel like starving your good to go. Maybe your body just need water. Sometimes, our brains may seem like your hungry or but your just thirsty. Your brain wasn’t satisfied because your doing something else while eating. Try not doing anything else while eating. Feel the flavor and texture each time you chew. Eat a balance diet. If you still feel the same try doing anti-appetite breathing.