Anyone got any good simple recipes they’d recommend?

Emily Z.
Egg salad
Boil some eggs, chop red onions, garlic, parsley and anyother vegetables you would like for the salad.
For the salad dressing,
Use mayonnaise, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, chilli powder if you like spicy and some lemon juice. Now toss everything together and there you have egg salad. It's quite filling and tasty
Syafiqah M.
Eggs, bread and edamame. My go-to and simple food. Usually I would do creative things with them such as: for eggs; I'd half-boiled it and straight up eat it with soy sauce or boiled it and make a deviled eggs, for bread; I'd toast it and add Kaya spread or if I want to go fancy, I'll spruce it up with banana and Nutella, for edamame; I'll straight up boiled it for 5 minutes and add salt to spruce up the taste.
Jenny N.
Can of kidney beans
Can of brown lentils
Can of diced tomatoes
Frozen mixed veg
Chilli powder
Serve with rice or tortilla chips
Ma Lyne Z.
Hiya! When I'm craving for something balanced and easy to make I prepare a pasta, vegetables and tuna bol. Everything mixed in a wok.
Vegetables = onion, courgette, carrots, bell pepper and aubergine (the more colours you have, the better)
Pasta = ideally penne rigati

Add salt, pepper & olive oil. Enjoy!

Janet E.
2 eggs, chopped baby spinach, 1oz. Feta…add all to microwave safe bowl and blend with fork. Microwave 1 min. Stir. Microwave additional 30 sec. Done
Gerry R.
Oatmeal and yogurt
You can add fruits and nuts
You can keep it in the fridge overnight for a quick breakfast or a snack
Elmer U.
Breakfast: pear, cottage cheese, honey, and cinnamon.
Place honey in pan, place pears, caramelize it.
On a bowl place the cottage and caramelized pears, season with cinnamon.
Low fat and carbs, high protein.