What is the best thing to eat when you’re on a rush?

Edgar U.
Quick protein, like nuts, cheese, with long lasting carb, like oatmeal(trail mix) cheese and an apple, banana and peanut butter, hummus and carrots, rolled up sliced meat and vegetables or fruit, hard boiled egg
Storm C.
If I'm on a rush, I'd grab a couple of fruits with me. I usually go for apples, since they are great to have on the go.
Lillian U.
The best thing to eat when I’m in a rush is a protein shake. The shake is quick to make and makes me feel full and satisfied.
Deise Q.
A handful of nuts and a small fruit. Nuts are filling and give you protein and fat while fruit loads you with carbs. Or a wholegrain bread sandwich eith lots of veg.
Samuel U.
i mostly eat a banana when i'm in a rush. it's easy to digest and doesn't make me nauseous, but does give me energy to actually start the day.
Nikolaj B.
I like to hard boil some eggs at the start of the week, so I can eat them on the run. Or a handful of almonds is great too!
Dieter Q.
Something with an energy boost without the crash. Natural sugars and protein instead of added sugars and sweets. Fruits and veggies.
Janet X.
A low sugar granola bar, a clementine, and a handful of almonds. I know it sounds like a cliche healthy snack but it works for me when I have to eat on the go. They are easy things to always have on hand and they don't take any prep. I recommend finding a protein bar that you really enjoy and splurging on some flavored almonds. Flavor is a big incentive when I'm trying to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods so I make sure my healthy choice is full of flavors I like.
Eli P.
I am always late for school and I always have literally 10 minutes to eat my breakfast. My favourite breakfast recipe is overnight oats. My mom came out with the name who was taught by my grandma. Basically, you will need oats, milk, vanilla and stevia:) how to prepare? From the night before pour into a shaker 1 cup of milk , half a cup of oats, 1 tablespoon of stevia and half a tablespoon of vanilla! Pour it in the freezer and in the morning you will have a delicious breakfast waiting for you:) !!
Frithjof R.
High protein snacks such as nuts or seeds or even a protein/energy bar. Fruit (apples or bananas) are also a good option.
Rosa N.
Anything healthy that you can grab and eat on the move or whilst you are doing something else. That way you don't have to choose between what ever is causing you to rush and being healthy, removing the possibility that you will choose not to eat. Not eating can raise stress levels, which in addition to low energy from not eating, will make you a lot less effective in thought and action for the 'rush' reason. Non-messy fruit such as a banana or an apple, a packet of fruit&nut mix, a protein bar, that sort of thing are a good mix of easy / ideal.
Lucien S.
A granola/protein bar is always my go-to for when I’m in a rush. (Which is quite often) I like them because they are filling and help replenish my body after morning weights.
Kelly O.
The excuses justifying not eating healthy are usually "I am in a hurry, I'll just buy something from the cafeteria" or "I don't have time to prepare food at home so I'll order pizza instead".

Both of these excuses are based on a lack of preparation. By planning ahead you can deal with sudden lack of motivation or unexpected meetings that make you miss your regular meal times.

So how do you prepare and plan ahead? I like to always carry a water bottle with me, so that when I get thirsty I won't be tempted to buy a soda from the nearest store or cafeteria. Furthermore, it's a good idea to carry with you some fruit or a ready-made sandwich when you know your day is gonna be hectic.

There are many meals that you can prepare in advance for those times when you really don't want to cook anything. Another tip is to make too much food, so that you then can eat leftovers the next day or two. Lasagne or pasta bolognese are excellent options.

But most importantly, you have to find a way that works for you. Maybe it's planning your daily meals a week ahead, or maybe you prefer making your lunch at home in the morning and bring it with you.

I hope you've found this response useful or inspiring.

Stay fabulous!

Daisy P.
I have more of a savoury palate, so I think that’s harder to eat healthily when you’re in a rush. If you enjoy sweet things, you can grab a couple of pieces of fruit on the run. I hardly ever feel satisfied after fruit though.

Hummus is an absolute life saver for me. High in protein, versatile and delicious. Easy to pair with veggies or crackers or both!

Mason Y.
Have a fruit ready at home for when you are on a rush. That will stop the hunger and give you time to plan an healthy and nurturing meal after the rush is gone
Tilman C.
For breakfast, I suggest a handful of almonds/nuts/chashews or a yogurt with a teaspoon of honey

For lunch, a sandwich made with whole wheat bread, salad, tomatoes, egg or canned tuna, or you can try also with light cheese spread, smoked salmon and avocado

Cory U.
So possibilities for me include dried fruit – I particularly like dates, apricots, prunes and pears – and/or a piece or two of your favourite fresh fruits combined with something with more protein such as nuts (almonds are good) washed down with plenty of water and some tea/coffee – cereal/breakfast bars/biscuits can be useful in 'emergencies' but watch out for the ingredients as many are surprisingly unhealthy – you may need to supplement some small healthy snacks thro' morning if you grab a small breakfast on the go.
Anton C.
I like something that isn’t messy. Turkey slices, string cheese, or tea/water to fill me up. Grapes or easy fruits are nice too
Jeremiah E.
I prefer to eat fresh fruit (i.e. bananas or apples) when I am in a rush, because they are healthy and easy to just grab and go. Other people also recommend energy bars. I also like to have a travel mug with tea and / or a filled water bottle (with water in it) that I can have on hand throughout the day.
Bonnie S.
Apple or other fruit is nice as a snack, dont eat breakfast or lunch on the go, there is never reason to be in rush when your body needs to refuel.
Mae N.
Eggs, I cook them on the sandwich press and serve them with mushrooms, leafy greens tomato and Himalayan rock salt and pepper.
Tilde W.
The best thing to do is to prepare your breakfast the night before, yet in case you are in hurry bananas and Apples are good choices,or you could try some nuts like almonds or walnuts.
Ewen P.
I have a vegan protein shake with unsweetened rice milk. I add a coffee spoon of maca and blend it. Keeps me fuled until lunch time
Sohan O.
I will boil eggs while I get ready, and microwave instant oatmeal with milk or water. Then I add some blueberries. It's quick and very healthy breakfast.
Ricardo F.
A piece of fruit is always good but you can also grab carrots, celery, or snap peas (my favorite) if you already have them cut up and ready to go.
Paul X.
I always try to prep early in the week, but if there’s a day I don’t want an egg sandwich I’ll usually eat oatmeal because it’s fast. If I’m running out the door I’ll grab a bag of fruit, and a granola bar. My favorite is actually a biscuit by Nature’s Valley with Almond butter in the middle.