How do I motivate myself for exercise even with body aches?

Donna U.
Personally I wait until after exercise to eat. Is that an option for you? Perhaps have something light before the workout such as a piece of fruit and then save the main meal for afterward.

Lotti O.
I've started a new morning routine of waking up, taking my pills, and putting on my workout clothes. After I drink my pre workout and take any vitamins I need, I might grab a small snack like a piece of toast with fruit. While I relax and eat my morning snack the pre workout starts to kick in, I roll out my yoga mat and I pop on a YouTube vid to excersize to

Hermes T.
Set your self goals and rewards for when you finish doing exercise. For example if your going to do a 10 minute run then when you finish treat yourself e.g. have a ice cream or watch a movie.

Cory T.
Think about how you will feel at the end of the workout ☺️ You’re going to feel strong, accomplished and you’ll know that your body will look and feel better ❤️ Keep up the work ✨

Ang Le Q.
I always remind myself of the vacancy of happiness that comes after every exercise and the result that I can reach with a period of commitment.

Fernando Y.
sometimes I don't think, I just do it. waiting for the right motivation has no meaning, just do it and feel your body with more energy after the training!

Amy R.
Find a motivator that is not mentally demanding. For example- play loud fun music or just play a fun exercise video. Your brain will react to this motivation and you might find yourself feeling better.
Another example is to level down your original exercise- walk not run, 5 not 10 minutes, home not outdoor and so on… make yourself comfortable and the rest will follow.

Florian S.
Don’t stop just here, because you didn’t reach your limit. And in case you think you are, it’s great, now the longer you keep it up, even in pain, greater will be the progress

Andrei Z.
Hi there, good morning/afternoon/evening /night!

If your body is sore, you don't need to force yourself to do a full out workout. Even if you do 10 jumping jacks, or jog on the spot, that is still progress. Chances are you'll want to do more exercise as you won't be satisfied 😂 But please remember that your body aching is reflection of all the hard work you have done and in the future you'll see results so don't give up. If you keep this mindset, you might feel motivated to workout even on days where you are sore.

Hope this helps 🙂

Belinda P.
I enjoy going outside in the morning – this motivates me. Secondly, I want my day to be great full for me and my wife, so I must prepare myself for a day.

Magnus F.
If the body aches are due to previous exercises or no exercise, that would be the perfect reason to do it: in the first case you make your body used to the movement and you won't feel the same pain anymore, in the second case, move your body will let the pain go away and you 'll feel better

Gerald Y.
The time u wake up its the time u need to drink water and make a healthy breakfast 🍳☕🍞 of eat fruit in the morning. if u keep it up u will be leading a way to ur health and to and awsome experience tords the way u want it to be. Remember just put a water bottle next to ur bed and in the next day u wake up drink water and eat something but remember it has to be healthy or a fruit will also help and go walk out side excessive to any work and dedication that could also help u remember stay strong n3ver loose hope and have a beautiful day or night hope what I said will help u more 😋.