Do you always eat breakfast before exercising?

Tom Z.
Never. I wake up at 5.15, drink water, get dressed and go straight to the gym. I eat when I get home. Too many things to do in the morning before I commit to exercise will only create barriers for me personally. I also have a limited amount of time so every minute counts!

Gabin E.
No. Most of the time I work out before because I can get sick if I eat right before working out. However, depending on how much or what you eat, just listen to what works for your body and go for it!

Amanda S.
Most of the time, I have eaten breakfast before exercising but there have been times where I didn't because I didn't have enough time to get ready and head out to my location and also prepare sometime to eat.

Brian F.
Of course I do. Breakfast is what gives me energy to complete the day. What good is it just to run on fumes the entire day. Though it may take some time, I make sure that I sacrifice at least 15 minutes to eat before going to school 😊

Frederikke Z.
Yes because it helps you get energy to exercise but make sure if you are you have it an hour before so you don’t get a stich

Dean G.
Nope. I never have breakfast before exercise. I will not be able to move for exercise after having breakfast and will end up vomiting due to heavy exercising after food.

Cassiey F.
Yes I do! But I feel hungry after that for the rest of the day, so I think that tomorrow I am going to exercise and then eat.

Emilia Q.
No, I often don’t have the time in the mornings to eat breakfast. I would usually prepare lunch for my brother before I have to go to school.

Cathy U.
Yes… I always eat breakfast before exercising. As per the opinion of me you need to fueled yourself before you do exercise or any workout activities that takes your alot of energy.. like .. just think … If you haven't eaten anything before exercising your body will not be enough fueled to workout for longer like you will just gonna feel tired easily and also if you haven't eaten anything before exercising that's where your mind constantly think about your hungry little tummy and that leads you to the distraction from your constant workout.. so in conclusion if you eat before exercising that great keep going that way but keep in mind what you eat must me healthy and full of nutrients and if you don't eat before exercising then you must be… Happy journey.. best of luck for your journey…… 🤞……………… 🍀U

Heidi T.
Typically, because doing so in my room is easier as soon as my feet hit the floor off my bed. Then once I’m in the kitchen I’ll do Breakfast.