What are your go to “bring to work” breakfasts?

Christa Z.
Muffin tin omelettes. Very easy and quick to prep and can be tossed in a microwave. I use utensils to eat mine but you could eat them with your hands without too much mess.
Samantha U.
My go to "bring to work" breakfasts are over night oats and hard boiled eggs, or I meal prep breakfast sandwiches using: english miffins, eggs, cheese spinach and avocado.
Nicoline P.
The breakfasts that I like to have of a morning is something either to do with a good energy source or good protein. Some of the breakfasts I have is avocado toast with tomato, or something small like granola bars or yogurt.
Alley N.
Hmmm I usually bring a couple fruits and some coffee for my breakfast. I find I don’t get “Hungry hungry” until lunch which is when I eat a protein, carb and fat packed lunch that fills me up and gives me energy for the second half of the day. But if I don’t have a couple fruits on my morning break I will really suffer in the last hour to lunch haha
Jezabel C.
I usually take my breakfasts in my work space ( prior to this quarantine time ) where I have the privilege to have a lot of options. But it wasn't always like that. I used to work in a office that I couldn't bring anything to eat, only my Starbucks ☕. What I used to do and helped me was wake up earlier and pass over some place and buy yogurt and cheese bread so I could at least eat during my way.
ユキ モモ N.
I'm a university student. I often get up late and run to bus. On the bus, I eat simple bread or cheese sandwich with soymilk.
Emil P.
I have added egg whites in my diet which is known as good source of protein. I used to eat packed foods earlier but now I'm trying to make and eat my own food and I came to know that I can cook good 😃
Adam U.
I never have breakfast at work (school). I always make time to have one peacefully in my home, or I skipp it completely and then have snack – usually bread with butter and ham/cheese
Nathana L T.
I like a protein shake, easy to drink in the car or once I get to work. I also like a small container of cottage cheese or yogurt, but I can't eat that while driving.
Steffy Y.
Non, I never need it. I love having time in the morning before work for my breakfast. Also it gives me time to think about my day and the food before me. It did not cost much and is healthy. These days I see it as a luxe and a reward from getting out of bed early. Sitting and eating while thinking and eventually relaxing wakes me up in the morning. Making my breakfast does not normally take a lot of time and if I want more than bread and it needs to be prepared. I prepare as much as possible in de evening after doing the dishes. It makes me rethink what I eat because I am already full and have no stess due to having to hurry. Plus I do not have to decide what to eat before every meal. And if I would be in a hurry in the morning and have no time to eat. I only have to put the things I have prepared the day before in a lunchbox (I have two lunchboxes. One for my lunch/fruit and one for such cases I have to hurry). If I have nothing prepared I always have set the table the night before so I am able to make my breakfast fast. My breakfast either consist of bread with pinutbutter (always one slice of bread. It fills you up)/ jam/slices of processes ware etc. Sometimes a small yoghurt cup with lots of fruit and two slices of gingerbread with a bit of butter. Prepared breakfast often have cooked rice and leftover vedgtebles and abouy 50 gram of meat or fish.
Kasey O.
I eat breakfast before i go. Its essitenal to have a morning routine before work and part of that is to eat breakfast before i go. If i had breakfast at work i wouldnt be awake or amped up enough to work but having it before work goves me time to wake up and get the energy to work.
Marion F.
Většinou koupím housku v kantyne nebo si udělám manu, někdy si připravím mysli. Teď jsem v karanténě takže si dělám snídani doma každej den. Po použití tyhle aplikace si dělám každej den mysli s jogurtem a ovocem, semínka, kokos.
Kathleen S.
Spinach in a bag is good. And mozerella is the cheapest supermarket cheese by the gram. Carbs is a more difficult question, but pasta pesto pre-prepared is good. This is advice is very UK non-car commute specific. I hope you find something good for you. The rules I try to balance are the following: healthi-est, local-est cheap-est.
Phillip Y.
Well when I was going to work I used to take a big plastic cup with lid and spoon, inside I put muesli, berries, and plant milk, you can add other things like cinnamon, vanilla, honey, maca powder, chia seeds, etc, and enjoy a delicious and complete breakfast
Marlis U.
If I don't have time to have a proper breakfast at home, I usually just buy drinking yoghurt and one or two croissants (without any filling, preferably whole grain) on the way to work and eat it there.
Bridgette Q.
Smoothies! I always say this lol you can literally put whatever you want inside of it, its light on your stomach, easy to grab and go. Takes a little prep time. I usually will make 3 smoothies ahead of time and freeze them. Next I'll put them in the fridge the day before and reblend just a little bit day of
Salvador W.
I typically try to fast for the mornings, but when I am ready to eat, especially at work I store a carton of eggs and precooked bacon so I can get a lot of protein in minutes and get on my way.
An N.
I like granola and yogurt or almond milk, smoothies, or a homemade pastry, but you can also make or buy a breakfast burrito.