How do I keep the motivation to make breakfast instead of just grabbing a proccesed snack?

Denise C.
Make it easy- set out things you need before you go to bed and be sure to get up in enough time to follow it through. Good luck!
Carmine A.
I honestly don't know how to stay motivated to eat. I get a reminder from my family and from the Fabulous app telling me to eat breakfast. It may sound odd, but my motivation comea from not wanting to disappoint anyone including myself. Find an easy breakfast that you can make no matter what; a protein shake, cereal (hot or cold), toast with nut butter (as long as you aren't allergic to nuts), a hard boiled egg, etc. Once you find your go to breakfast, it will get easier. Start simple and work up to more complicated things like pancakes. Although, my sister did find out that you can make pancakes ahead of time, freeze them like Eggo Waffles, then toast them when you want one or two.
Silje E.
Set your alarm earlier than you need to do you have plenty of time and you aren’t rushing. Convince yourself that if you can just do this small thing first off in the morning you will set yourself up for success. Even if you don’t feel like doing it now you will feel so much better and like you have already accomplished something small for the day. You can also prepare your breakfast as best you can the night before e.g pre boil the eggs for the next morning
Abderrahmane T.
Cause I'm a bodybuilder and i need to have complete breakfast with protein and carbs. So i always make oatmeal with milk and a banana 😁.
Carlos T.
It's a mind shift… realizing and internalizing that a healthy breakfast is important to kickstart your day will make you keep that habit. You can prepare the night before, or wake up earlier to prepare for it. I've chosen to make a healthy smoothie every morning that takes up only a few minutes to make.
Julia F.
I make breakfast egg muffins. Each week I'll put different fillings in. I love using mushrooms, spinach or kale, just a little bit of grated cheddar or a meat of some kind helps the egg to not stick to the bottom of the muffin tray. Or use silicon muffin cases. They really easy to make, and will last for about 4 days in the fridge. So when I wake up, I grab a couple and can either stick them in the microwave for a few seconds and eat them at my desk, or they're equally as delicious cold so if I'm working on site I can just eat one on the way. It stops me from getting anything that's high in sugars and fat, and keeps me full until lunchtime.
Siddharth X.
I will keep myself motivated to follow the ritual and stick to a healthy breakfast because it is the necessary step toward my better self
Rhonda F.
It's about how you want your day to start. Everything you're putting in your body can affect your day. Put food into your body that's going to be sufficient enough for the whole day. It takes one positive action to keep another one going.
Sander C.
What worked for me was keeping it simple and preparing what I could the night before. So for example the first day was instant oatmeal and fresh fruit, then I had eggs and half a slice of toast on multi grain bread. I made the eggs the night bedore and just warmed them up. Also I planned ahead of what I was gonna eat a few days before. I've never been able to stick with anything and I've never ate breakfast but this helped.
Louella U.
U can find out something healthy and very tasty at the same time, something u really like. In this way u couldn't be able to renounce having your breakfast. For example, in my case I love toasted bread and bio jam, 95% cacao chocolate, nuts and soia milk and I can't think to start my morning without
Ken U.
I used to suffer with the same problem so I know where you’re coming from, sometimes I would skip it all together. What I do now is prep as much of it as I can the night before, put the eggs near the oven so they’re in the right place to be poached or scrambled, or I pre mix nuts into a yoghurt.
Move the pans or bowls out of the cupboard and near to where you need to use them… seeing them on the side in the morning really helps me.
Fabien E.
Breakfast doesn't have to be a big meal in order to sustain you throughout the morning. At night, blend a cup of fruit, a cup of greens (spinach, kale or mixed greens), water, OJ, almond or coconut milk, put it into a bottle of your choice and put it in the refrigerator. Now, you have your morning meal ready to go. The beautiful thing about morning smoothies is you control what goes in them and you can modify them to meet your dietary needs. If you find that basic smoothies are not sustaining you, add a couple of scoops of protein. Need some sweetness, add sliced red apples. Make enough for a few days and you've got ready, on-the-go meals that'll keep you from the gas station granola bars!
Laura N.
My health is my priority. My body is my temple, the only place I will ever live in: Why shoud I put bad things in myself? 🥬🥦🥑🥒🌱
Rafael O.
I prep it the night before so it's easy and ready to go. I think about the long term effects on my body and how I want my body to be and my brain to function.
Valentin F.
I get a huge boost from checking off my goal. Plus, I like how my body feels when I have a good breakfast. It keeps me going longer in the day. Preparation is key. Make grabbing breakfast just as easy as other options. I like to plan the might before and have it sitting in my fridge.
Bertram W.
Perhaps you could try prepping your breakfasts ahead of time.. A batch of savoury egg muffins or maybe overnight oats? Using leftovers is a great way for a quick and healthy breakfast too!
Find a food/meal that you not only enjoy eating, but enjoy making aswell!
Get creative!! Experimenting in the kitchen is best kind of motivation!
Lottevos Home Nl N.
More energie during the day, more likely to productive activities in the moring, less likely to grab unhealthy snacks during the day en a higher cahnge of eating a healthy lunch
Fa U.
Try eating one day just a good hearty breakfast. It could be just a toast with scrambled eggs and some fruits. It your usual breakfast the next day, a Granola bar o some processed food. You will feel the difference in your body, with some eggs you will feel fuller for longer, more energy and just better. Hope it works for you 🙂
Elsa T.
It is a difficult task but you need to be determined. If you dont have the time to do or make breakfast buy processed foods that are considerer "healthy."
Minster S.
First thing first. Before the day end make sure you have all you need for your great n health breakfast. Put all the things you will need to a place where it's easy to see, have it or put a note on where you can see first thing when you wake up. That will help you!!!
Ian Y.
In my opinion, just thinking that snacks won't help me get my life disciplined and making my own breakfast will even make me happy the whole day that "Yes! I have done something today for self care "… it's the best feeling in the world !!
Vinzenz Q.
What helps me is planning my breakfast out in advance, or prepping it ahead of time if possible. Also, going to bed on time helps me wake up early enough to have enough time to make breakfast instead of just grabbing a snack. Hope that helps some 🙂
Jude J.
I think it is ok to allow yourself the odd grab a snack day.. as long as you are doing great 90 percent of the time. I plan ahead and make breakfast whilst doing dinner the night before.. preparing overnight oats etc. Meal planning is also a must. Think about what breakfasts you like and ensure you have those items in the house.
Michael N.
First, processed is not an evil word. Sometimes it’s very valuable to have had someone else do the labor of preparing delicious and healthy food for your consumption. You can eat that mindfully and with gratitude and still benefit from the nutrition.

To meet the goal of cooking breakfast, I focus on making it easy for morning me to deal with. This might mean preparing some parts ahead – boiling or frying eggs the night before, etc. So, simplicity matters. Mindful eating does, too. Take time to savor the fruits of your labor and really feel the self-love and self-care that went in to it!

Michelle S.
I struggle with this too, but I find waking up Earlier – even just fifteen minutes earlier – calms down my morning and suddenly I have time to sit and prepare for the day. I’m doing it right now!
Wanda G.
This is all new to me, so knowing myself and that I can be lazy, I've been making preparations evening before as much as possible. And I also am keeping protein shakes in fridge ready if needed.
Elijah O.
I remind myself why I am doing this and I focus on my goal. I also have control over what goes into my food, this allows me to make better choices and be creative about what I eat. Also, the meals I prepare are easier on my digestive system than processed foods so when ever I can avoid it, I just do.
Ramona J.
Hot Cheetos just ain’t it.
It doesn’t do a 30 year old mom-bod any good at all.
After Hot Cheetos I usually pass out on the couch with the bag in my hand. Then there’s the subsequent gas and boiling diarrhea.
And it’s even worse at work.
And there’s not even any health benefits or long term satisfaction or energy.
And I already know it’s straightup bad for me.

So Hot Cheetos is not for me anymore.

I can wake up any day, drink some water and start up two boiled eggs and cut up some fruit. All other good choices have fallen into place so far.
And no gas.
No diarrhea.
No guilt.
Just energy.
And glowing supple skin.

Allison F.
I prep my healthy breakfast the night before and put in a to go container in case I need to take it with me. Now it’s a habit and makes me feel good so I keep doing it.
Naja W.
You can prepare it the night before or choose options that can be easily and quickly prepared such as yogurt, boiled eggs, fruits, etc
Sub Lime N.
Make steps. First day eat one bread next bread with butter next bread with butter and cheese and so on. You have to make small steps to big goal. Cheers!
Emma Y.
A proccesed snack will provide you with short term energy. Will most likely have no nutritional value either. Try eating porridge, eggs or granola. These are high in fibre and will set you up for the morning. Providing you more energy to start your day productive and healthy.
Caitlin R.
Try a subscription service like Daily Harvest or try premade breakfast like overnight oats that you can get creative with and not get bored. There are good recipes online.