What do you think of eating chocolate-flavoured cereal for breakfast?

Jesse Z.
Once in a while, indulging in something sweet isn't terrible. However, breakfast is a very important start to your day, so I'd supplement it with some healthier sides. Also consider what your body might really be craving – is it the sugar, or something else in chocolate you might be deficient in?
Sergio J.
From a health standpoint, I wouldn't suggest it but from a taste standpoint I'm all for it! As a once a week thing or as a gift or a celebration it's fine. Remember, moderation is key!
Bruce Q.
No. eat a breakfast that makes you feel like you're starting the day healthy. Add fruit if you need something to add that sweetness
Rosa U.
Skip the chocolate cereal. If you want a sweeter breakfast, go with plain geek yogurt, one teaspoon of honey and berries. Yum.
Nicole Q.
Chocolate flavoured cereal for breakfast is a good idea. Sweet flavoured porridge would be better because it's easier to eat in the morning.
Albane E.
If it has sugar in it, not just flavouring, then I don't think it's a good idea because it wouldn't be a healthy breakfast to kickstart your energetic day.
Raphaela J.
It is ok if this makes us happy and we feel ok after eating it. We can listen to our body how we feel about it and we see.
Harper J.
I don't really like cereal very much. I don't find that it has enough good nutrition to keep me fueled for the day. And chocolate cereal seems like the wrong way to get the day started
Greg C.
The idea of it turns my stomach; however, I could eat a handful of Coco puffs with almond milk if it came to that.

And then more handfuls later as a snack, though I would never get this for myself.

Only the [vanilla optional] almond milk that I would prefer heated gently with honey and sprinkled cinammon.

Eduardo Y.
I think it is highly enjoyable but unhealthy. Perhaps a small serving as a treat occasionally is ok but as a normal breakfast food I doubt it's doing your health any good.
Carla Z.
I personally like to eat a healthy breakfast and to me, a chocolate-flavoured cereal doesn’t fall into that category. I mean if you’d really like to eat it, do! But I think that by having chocolate for breakfast, you’re kind of starting your day off on the wrong foot.
Alexander Y.
I think eating chocolate-flavoured cereal would be fantastic. I am a big fan of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Not a bad idea at all!
Christian Z.
I really don't prefer that at all . If I'm interested to eat cereal I'll go for whole grains cereal with honey and almond. It's much better & healthier & you'll feel full and not craving for more food.
Tillmann G.
Personally, I love chocolate. However, it has a good amount of a sugar and carbs. It would be nice to be able to eat it every morning but it wouldn’t be ever good for your health.
Everett N.
Consuming high amounts of sugar in the morning is counter intuitive. So if the cereal were oatmeal and the chocolate were purely cocoa powder, than great. Otherwise fuel more wisely 🙂
Charline E.
I start my day with a mix of light fruits, e.g. apple, orange and/or banana. That way I can spread out eating. Not been much of a cereal fan.
Landon U.
High sugar breakfasts aren't the best for a good start to the day but if you can't give it up, try adding a banana or some fruit to it to get some extra nutrients!
Aleu P.
I enjoy chocolate and having it as cereal is something I have not tried. I don't want my thought of chocolate to be thought of differently if it doesn't have a good taste to it.
Noah Q.
I’m making changes that will take of me and this doesn’t fit in with that process. I’m happier with fruit and more fibre in my day.
Ang Le Y.
Chocolate flavor is fine! No harm at all. It's the sugar that gets me in trouble. A cereal that's basically candy in a bowl doesn't stick to your ribs like a breakfast with more protein. But chocolate flavoring in oatmeal with chia seeds? Heck yeah.
Louka S.
I find it's too high in sugar for me. Plus with all the extra iron it doesn't work for me. That said if you have the need for a sugar fix it's a good compromise.
Theo S.
I love chocolate flavoured ceral for breakfast and it's ok to have it in my house though we have a rule where we only have it a time the weekends as it's almost like a reward
Cirlei F.
I don’t think I am the right person to answer that as I generally avoid all processed foods. So I am going to answer strictly from my perspective.
I don’t eat cereal for breakfast and here is why: it’s full of empty carbs, too much sugar and the so called vitamins are added chemicals. Who knows what and if my body absorbs any of it. Real fruit, eggs (or any other protein) is my daily breakfast. Protein keeps me full, unlike cereal that keeps me hungry or I am hungry an hour later. Fruit has the vitamins my body recognizes and utilizes. I make my eggs in different ways to change it up. When I am in a rush I grab a hard boiled egg (I always have them handy in the fridge). If I have time and want to go fancy I bake a portabella mushroom with spinach, tomato a bit of red onion and add a poached egg, kinda like eggs Benedict without the bread but the mushroom instead.
If I want chocolate, I have good quality chocolate. Just a piece or two to satisfy my cravings.
I hope I don’t sound too harsh. I guess one can tell, I really don’t like cereal 🤪
Adelinde X.
its yummy!!! i prefer to eat gluten free oatmeal with 2 tbsp of cacao powder and a bit of honey, but if youre into chocolate cereal more power to you!! just be sure to have fruit as well so your body gets the nutrients it needs.
Greg F.
It's ok to have some chocolate flavor in your breakfast. The problem with the flavoured cereals is that they are very high in sugar. Maybe it's better to buy some plain no-sugar cereals and add dark chocolate chips
Nanna F.
It will give you a short energy boost for 30 mins and than you will start to crash, so this isn’t the right kind of breakfast to have.
Terumi E.
It's great in a sense because the first thing you eat is a sweet flavor that we all love but from a healthy perspective sugar isn't a good thing to start your day with
Marius Z.
I think it's better than not eating, however it's important to note that sugary cereals will spike your blood sugars and you will feel hungry again quickly. Heartier cereals with give you a fuller feeling that lasts longer and doesn't spike your blood sugars.
Mille E.
I love chocolate but I haven’t had chocolate flavored cereal since I was a kid and that was Cocoa Puffs. As an adult I don’t care for super sweet cereals anymore.
Alcib Ades Z.
Flavoured food is never a good choice of food, the chemicals components used are not healthy for your body. Other point is the amount of sugar that's included in this type of food, bad for you as well.
Hannah G.
I think it depends on how much sugar and fiber is in the cereal as to whether or not it is even beneficial. Cocoa doesn’t necessarily have sugar so the chocolate part should be fine.
Max T.
Imho it depends on your taste. For example, I don't like it, but I've noticed that having tasty breakfast is really important for me. I'm not just eating food, but enjoying my morning as well 🙂
Lena S.
Most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and refined grains. High sugar consumption is harmful and may increase your risk of several diseases.

If you do want to have cereals for breakfast have them once in a while. Oats porridge with low fat milk and a fruit would be a good choice
You could also have muesli with no sugar or salt

Heidi J.
I think it sounds like it probably is the sweet kind, I wouldn't eat it regularly. Usually I have an open sandwich with things like ham,cheese,tomato etc or some fruit or porridge or omelette. Porridge we eat often without jam in my country. So I go for the option with just salt and butter on my porridge.
Olivia X.
That’s not the best option for breakfast, as it’s just carbs and sugar. Protein is your best option. A whole grain cereal with unsweetened chocolate is a better choice. There are healthier cereals available now. Although the best breakfast is something high in protein, like eggs or peanut butter.
Walther X.
It's a terrible idea. Sugars are addictive and to start a day like that sets a bad precedent and puts the taste of sugar in your mouth plus it's not very nutritious.
Sam O.
If it is natural cocao with no added sugars except maybe date or maple sugar, I think it could be relatively healthy, especially if the cereal is gluten free, corn free and contains flax seeds, chia or another superfood. If it is average chocolate wheat or corn cereal with corn syrup, chemicals, GMOs and tons of sugar, then no. I think the processed sugary cereals often cause folks to feel sluggish after the initial energy boost from the sugar; it isn't the best choice for lasting, healthy energy.
Jeppe G.
There are some granolas w chocolate flavors that are better than many sugar-laden cereals, but chocolate protein bars (with a high protein/low sugar ratio) are a better way to go.
Benjamin Y.
I think it’s better than nothing! Well done for still having breakfast- if you want to cut down on the sugar content though, try adding a sprinkle of the cereal as a topping on some fruit and low fat yoghurt.
Isabella N.
I would like to start my day with fresh fruits or a vegitable juice. I have started avoiding packed food so chocolate flavered cereal is not for me. Rest i would like to know if chocolate flavoured cerial is a healthy option or not as i worst case senario we should be prepared.
Valdemar Z.
I dont think that is the most healthy option. You could try swap it for a fruit salad or oatmeal with a teaspoon of sugar and coco powder.
Ma Lie E.
For me personally sugar Brings down my energy. If anything I would consum only raw cacao which is a heart opening product as well as vegan so very peaceful and cruelty free that provide some lots of healthy long lastingly energy and clarity. 🙂
Gordon R.
Chocolate cereal is more of a treat or snack rather than a Healy meal. Maybe save it for once a week or a holidays treat if you really like it.
Chlo E.
Not the best option. It has lots of sugar which spikes your blood sugar and makes you feel good and then it drop and you feel HORRIBLE and need more sugar to spike it again and you get in a viscous cycle.
Marine P.
In our family we have a tradition that we only have those kind of sugary cereals on our birthdays so we have it seldom.
Ralph U.
It"s really delicious, but considering the amount of sugar contained in the cereal, I suggest to lower the amount of cereal eaten for the breakfast and add some protein to compliment the cereal
Louisa P.
Probably not the BEST choice of breakfast with all the sugary content.. unless you paired it with a considerable amount of protein, like scrambled eggs, or sugar free Greek yogurt, and maybe some fruit!
Faustine S.
Readymade cereals contain a lot of saturated fat and added sugar especially if they're flavoured. If you are short of time in the mornings, it's much healthier to make a batch of granola with oats, nuts and dark chocolate chips (for flavour) and eat a small bowl full with yogurt every morning. I however, prefer this for my evening snack, and eat home cooked, hot, traditional indian breakfasts like upma (semolina porridge) or poha (flattened rice cooked in turmeric and curry leaves).
Emily A.
tbh i love it but i started the clean eating challenge so now i eat eggs or avocados. chocolate flavored cereals may taste better, but healthy foods make you feel better
Josefine A.
I prefer cereal as more of a late night snack than breakfast, especially chocolate cereal. If I have cereal for breakfast, it’s usually a fruitier one. Like Special K with strawberries!