What are your breakfast options? Looking for ideas with a combination of balanced meal, time efficiency on the prep and variety to keep from getting bored. Thanks!

Emil C.
I like to eat a breakfast burrito with vegan sausage, scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa sauce. Also i like to eat rice cakes with Nutella and Banana + Strawberries as toppings.
Becky F.
My go to breakfast is oatmeal with a fruit (preferably berries) and yogurt, with a coffee with soy or coconut milk. Sometimes I also like eating an avocado toast or toast with marmalade and cheese, and chocolate milk. If I’m in a hurry, I just eat a quick fruit and water, and if I’m feeling fancy I make celery or lemon juice.
Angel T.
I eat my traditional breakfast meal It's usually kinds of noodles made from rice with fish soup&noodles made from flour salad or verciline noodles salad and fried rice or etc I'm usually drink ice coffe but recently I used to really like black lemon tea
Ck N.
Bagel scrambled egg and some oat I can’t have meat because I am pescatarian and meat isn’t good for my vibration plus I am trying to get bigger so I’ll have protein shake