What is your favorite make-ahead breakfast to make in batches for the week?

Kristine U.
I don't really like to eat in the morning, cuz I have no desire, so in the morning I drink coffee cappuccino and make some sandwiches. I cut two pieces of bread from the bread, fry them in a frying pan on both sides, then put pre-cut tomato and cucumber rings on them and add sausage if desired, and the most important thing is cheese that melts well, and so we repeat with the second bread, here is breakfast ready

Candice P.
I do not usually cook breakfast as I am a student and my mom cooks food for me. If I can make a make-ahead breakfast, it will be cookies with chocolate milk.

Nicoline X.
I like to make chia seed budding for breakfast because it is incredibly healthy and packed with all sorts of good vitamins and minerals. It is also quite delicious once you get used to the flavor.

Storm W.
Russian pancakes! They are far better than American ones in the sense that they have no sugar, and they are thin, so you can fill and roll them up with meats, mashed potatoes and greens! They are a great way to start into the day, a shame I don't know how to make them, only my mother.

L A Z.
Making muffins is really convenient. You can either freeze then microwave them, or keep them in the fridge and eat them immediately. I personally like any muffins with oats. Hope this helps 🙂

Sara X.
I like to eat lightly on breakfast since I am not as hungry on mornings. I keep veggies and fruits ready to eat in the fridge. It’s makes it easy to grab them and eat them or prepare a smoothie on the go. For that to happen you need to wash them properly and cut up parts you don’t eat. Then store them in a closed container. =)

Noara W.
porridge and salt is good if you want it in batches and hen you take it out each day or so you can add whatever you want with it 🙂

Rainer F.
Well i would have to say toasted bread with chicken baloney with some black tea because its fun making the toasted bread

Garance T.
I love to make pancake batter that I can use all week! The only thing is that it’s not healthy!😂 But I’m sure if I did blueberry instead of chocolate chip, it would be a bit healthier🤷‍♀️ Hope I helped

Emma P.
I like to make myself little bags of freeze dried fruit to eat with granola when I’m on the go. But if I have time I enjoy pancakes or eggs.