What could be the best breakfast to do when you are in a hurry?

Alma Z.
I always pick fruits and protein. Protein can be nuts and seeds, a bar or quick eggs. But it really helps me stay energized. Also I usually go for a fruit that is ready and cleaned or a fruit that is easy to peel on the go like oranges or bananas. Cleaning a bowl of fruit the night before helps wonders.

Caroline F.
Quick oats 🙂 just some oats, soy milk and water. Add in a splash of maple syrup and a good tip is to have some nuts and seeds already crushed up ready to go, so you can just sprinkle some on the oats to get some more nutrients! Should only take 5-10 mins to make and wash up 🙂

Catarino Y.
Hi! Fabulous is right when they say a good breakfast sets you up for a good day- you have more energy for physical, mental, and emotional effort, so every part of your day seems a little easier!

My partner and I have taken to a nightly ritual- when we cook or eat, before we clean up, we scramble a couple of eggs for each of us. When we wake up and are running to get out the door, we pop them in the microwave for 45 seconds or so while the Keurig heats up and usually eat them in less than a minute.

For me, the key is that it’s easy, they taste good, and prep happens during dinner the night before. A tip: don’t just salt and pepper! Spice them up with flavors you love- I go for a little basil, oregano, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper on top of the salt and black pepper. Give yourself 10 minutes to cook & clean the night before, and you’ve got a 2-minute breakfast in the morning! It works for me, and I’m NOT a morning person. Good luck, and good work!

Jost I.
When I’m in a hurry I have banana and peanut butter! Or I meal prep a large batch of oatmeal with toppings and heat it up in the morning

Susanna T.
My typical quick breakfast is a banana and peanut butter sandwich, and depending on how late I am, instead of cutting up the banana in nice little slices I just jam it in there and eat it like that, haha!

Ethan A.
A handfull of different nuts it's ok, or what I saw effective was ordering a sandwich while I was on my way to work. But if you plan to exercise, you have to wake up earlier and cook something.

Mel O.
Probably something that will make you feel satisfied with a few bites.. like bread or quick banana, egg, oat pancakes! Or even some fruit shake!

Faustine Y.
I do a breakfast smoothie of protein powder and coconut milk and have a personal sized blender. Takes less than 5 minutes to whip up. Can add a low glycemic fruit like blueberries or strawberries in a jiff! Yum

Elizabeth J.
If I need a super fast breakfast, I make a breakfast shake, one that is low in sugar and high in vitamins. If I need a fast breakfast, I make scrambled eggs with prepared pico and cheese.

Patricia Z.
Boiled eggs! You can have them cook while you get ready and is also an awesome source of protein that you can bring with you if you don't have time to eat it at home!

Ma Lyne S.
A smoothie, because I don't like to eat so fast when I am in a hurry. The smoothie could be made of fruits and cereals. I take vitamins too, to get hungry for the next meal.

Clarisse T.
I think you can try a bowl of berries with some macadania nuts and a teaspoon of honey, a little jar of Greek yogurt and perhaps a low carb-high protein bar

Saladino S.
Cereal bar and white coffee. Ready in 1 minute and it works as morning habit And adds energy. Before Fabulous I've rarely ate breakfast and never cereal. But after a week I'm eating breakfast regularly it helps me get up from bed as I'm sleepy head.

Lance P.
I would either have porridge with a mixture of either blueberries, strawberries or/and bananas, or egg and beans, quick n simple.

Rebecca F.
A frozen sausage egg and cheese croissant. It take 1 min 10sec in the microwave and the fat and protein will keep you full and satisfied all morning. If you want to make it even more filling add an apple. If you're worried about calories, don't. It's worth it to have a heavier breakfast, you can cut down at dinner.

I used to stay in a homeless shelter that provided breakfast at 6am. They usually had old pastries, donuts, cereal, bagels muffins. Yummy sure, but they're all simple starches and simple starches get digested super fast and cause both a spike in your blood sugar and a huge drop in it, which signals your body that you need food. So I was always starving in the late morning because I couldn't get lunch before noon.
But some days, Wawa donated old breakfast sandwiches and I found that the sausage egg and cheese croissant had the most calories and kept me full all morning. You see, protein and carbs take longer for your body to turn into glucose, the simple sugar it uses for fuel. This slow and steady release of glucose into the system keeps your blood sugar stable for longer.

So now I try to eat fat, fiber and protein heavy breakfasts, which often take time, but I keep frozen breakfast sandwiches in the freezer for when I'm in a hurry.

Lo C Z.
I make the following smoothy. Measurements are eye balled.

1 cup of instant oatmeal
1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
1 scoop of whey protein
Some fruits / flavours I like
( Banana, peanut butter, instant coffee, whatever)
Almond milk to your liking to give you your consistency.

Blend it, put it in a to-go cup, and run out the door. Remember to rinse your instruments before you leave, tho!