What are quick breakfast options?

Eduarda C.
Depende how quick it need to be. For something to grab and eat in your way, I'd go with a fruit and a quick made coffee, or a pack of dehydrated plum or apricot, with some peanuts and nuts, and, also, you can go with something made in the night before, like boiled eggs or an oatmeal. To not get repetitive, try to mix the options along the week/month, so your breakfast never gets boring. Congratulations for working in habits that will improve your health! You're doing amazing!
Reginald Y.
Cereal or toast I have them most days because I don’t like getting up early on school days but I have to because I get the bus amd I need something fast
Charlie O.
Eggs…..it can be poached, boiled or Sunny side up. The eggs can be kept boiled the day before if you feel like I will take a lot of time in the morning it is also a great go to breakfast…..with 2-4 slices of bread would give you enough fuel to last till lunch
Other than that
Nutrition bars along with a bit of caffeine will help you kickstart your day
Croissant and pastries would also give you energy….I would recommend 2 of either would be enough
Sarah O.
Instant oatmeal is my go to for a quick breakfast. I know it’s not as healthy as rolled oats, but I think it can be discouraging trying to achieve perfection, so I let myself know it’s fine to settle for good enough. Instant oatmeal tastes good, fills me up, and is miles better than any other option I might gravitate towards, so I love just putting in some milk and heating it up for a quick breakfast. I also throw in a banana if I have it.
Stefanie U.
oatmeal porridge with fruit, such as strawberries, banana, raspberries, mango, …
yogurt with fresh fruit. A smoothie bowl with oatmeal. Mirror egg with avocado on a toast. Don’t forget to hydrate! And most importantly, take your time to eat breakfast!
Derek F.
I usually get up early and make eggs and white rice or I will grab a quick granola bar, but you can always grab protein drink, banana, or you can pre boil eggs to grab and go if you like those.
Eva O.
I like instant plain oatmeal. You can add flavour with jam, maple syrup or frozen berries.

I also like to make a batch of spinach egg cups and keep them in the freezer to thaw as needed, with toast.

Protein shakes with bananas also are quick and portable

Shaelee N.
Breakfast smoothies with oats, a fat source, a protein source and leafy greens. Always makes me feel energised for the morning
Ariela E.
What I usually make in a rush are two scrambled eggs, but there are other options. Cereal with milk, toast with butter, or even a bagel work just fine.
Delfino Z.
Hmm, I can think of quite a lot! Acacado toast, wheat cereal (e.g. Weerabix), poached eggs, scrambled eggs and sandwiches! Of course, with healthy nutritious ingredients though.
Mehdi Z.
I got egg white rolls precooked and keep them in refrigerator. When I’m in rush, take a protein shake with milk, 2 tbs peanut butter, precooked egg white and coffee with MCT oil. Quick and easy.
Addam F.
I like to make overnight oats, which are healthy and high in fiber and carbs. If you want something a bit more substantial, two slices of avocado toast with eggs and tomatoes is balanced and a bit more filling- though does take a bit longer. Premaking pancakes, waffles, French toast, etc. and then freezing them is a great and SUPER fast breakfast; just heat and eat!
Lyna C.
Porridge with fresh berries blackberries blueberries 🫐 cranberries strawberries raspberries banana sliced . Healthy cereal and yogurt fruit a
No berries. Fruit smoothy mixed with protein powder and water.
Anfal N.
Ummm, there are many quick options, like avocado 🥑 egg 🥚 tomato 🍅 cucumber 🥒yucurt , with milk or juices and another can't remember 🥰🥐
Ryan G.
You can have milk and biscuits (full of energy and calcium) or banana pancakes With some energetic toppings (little fruits)
Alexander C.
Im not the best to ask since i just got Fabulous, but maybe try and setting a alarm once you have to do the tasks. And try and getting up from bed early to do them! Sorry for a bad answer but i Did my best to help. And Quick healthy options for breakfast: avocado toast, smoothie with spenat, maybe try some egg with vegtabales!
Emil Z.
Overnight oats with high protein (like nuts) or eggs! Anything that will keep me fuller for longer – so skip the bagel and cereal
Cameron C.
I typically go with toast with a little bit of nutella. I know it is not the healthiest option but it gives me enough energy to make it through to lunch on a typical hot day at work. Perhaps peanut butter or some other spread would be a better option but I’ve used nutella for years so it’s just become a routine
Rosie Q.
A rice cake with peanut butter, just a spoonful of peanut butter, toast with spread of choice and fruit on top, hard boiled eggs,
Francislene S.
My go too is a smoothie. I portion up ‘dump jars’ with spinach, cucumber, a hand full of berries/mango to keep in the fridge. In the morning I can dump them in the blender with a good quality protein powder, coconut water, chia/psyllium and blend 😇
Landon S.
I'd usually go for eggs as they're easy to fry, along with Nestum (A mixture of rice, whole grain, and Oat. All you have to do is dissolve it in milk!) I suppose I could try to add fruits to my breakfast as well, but maybe later.
Erfan 2381 N.
There are a lot of choices for quick breakfast. Like Omelette, cereal, avocado toast, waffles. I recommend that along with these foods, eat an apple and drink a glass of milk. If you are so busy or you don’t have time, choose fruits. They are sooo quick and have a lot of fiber; can help your digestive system. They are full of water and delicious. All above these Don’t forget to drink a glass of water and some slices of lemon in it.
Keala Z.
I like rice cakes with peanut butter and bananas, with some tea, it’s really good and only takes about 5 minutes, but prep the tea before so it’ll have time to steep
Sam B.
Overnight oats, oatmeal, yogurt parfaits (all can be prepped the night before!). Toast, Cliff bars, bananas, apples. I usually prep a fruit, carb, and protein!
Allison Y.
Overnight oats are a great option because you can make it ahead of time! You can also make breakfast sandwiches or wraps ahead of time and freeze them. Lately I have been enjoying a toaster waffle with cream cheese, a fried egg, and everything bagel seasoning! Only takes about 5 minutes to make!
Rafael A.
I get these crispy rice bites that have almonds and blueberries in them and they are super good for if you aren’t very hungry in the morning or if you have an upset stomach when you wake up and don’t want something heavy. They are by the rice cakes in the store, 100% recommend
Andrew U.
i like to make a smoothie the night before so that i can either have it on the way to school or make it into a smoothie bowl if i have a little more time
Benjamin E.
Some oatmeal and eggs, an omelet, yam/plantains and egg stew; just prep ahead of time so it's much quicker. Chop up some spices / veggies for your omelet, boil eggs a night before,ECT.
Julia Y.
Steel cut oatmeal from Trader Joe’s is really good to just pop in the microwave and top with berries or brown sugar. Tbh though if you really want a quick(meaning it’ll take less than 10 minutes to make and eat) and nutritious breakfast, three scrambled eggs and some fruit or a muffin or something on the side is always the best option. I’ve timed it and it only takes me about 10 minutes to make and enjoy it before I go to school. Don’t resort to fast food or super sugary breakfast options, it’ll really ruin your day to start off with that in your stomach even if it tastes good. It’s not worth it and you are 100x better than to give into it. Treat your body like a temple, with respect, honor, and love.
Enzo Z.
Quick healthy breakfast options can be hard to find, but once you find one you will feel so much more energized throughout your day. In the mornings, a quick breakfast I make for myself is a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios and low-fat or 2% milk! Multi-grain Cheerios taste good and hold all the grains the body needs to stay energized until your next meal!
Noemi Z.
There are many quick breakfast options … My favorite ones are a banana or some fruit to eat while I go out. But there are also protein bars, some healthy tosts, and a cup of milk also doesn’t take much time!
Brita C.
My go-to quick breakfast used to be cereal, but it would leave me feeling drained of energy by the middle of the day. I try to always eat some sort of vegetable/fruit and something with protein. One of my favorites is oatmeal with banana slices. I keep instant oatmeal packets (sugar free) and can microwave one within minutes, then I chop up a banana and put the pieces in the oatmeal, which gives it flavor. I also like to make the oatmeal with milk instead of water, which helps the texture and the taste. This is a healthy breakfast that contains both fruit (banana) and protein (milk and oats)!
Suzanne E.
For me, a short breakfast is a fast meal. For example at 8 o’clock in a hurry to university. But unfortunately almost every breakfast for me is a fast one. I usually didn’t think about great breakfast before. And usually don’t plan much time for that. I tried to have a tasty and complicated breakfast and was surprised how it changes my day. My mood and my feeling of starving. I become more happy after allow myself to eat everything I want on breakfast, breakfast becomes safe meal.
G T.
Fruits, Health Breakfast Bars, Boiled Eggs, Cereal, Toast, you could also go to Panera Bread to get a quick breakfast as well ! 🙂
Anna Z.
I would say having a healthy granola bar is very quick and easy. Healthy too. Or some healthy cereal. I usually have the Kellogg’s cinnamon crunch protein cereal. It’s very delicious and pretty healthy. The last thing I would recommend is some fruit. It’s always good to start off your day with a bowl of fruit to get to you kicking and started with your day.
Melissa V.
Every morning i have a milk-based protein shake with plant-based protein and extra greens to cover all my nutritional needs. I gotninto the habit as part of a diet and have found it to be the most convenient breakfast for work days.
L Rke N.
I really enjoy cliff bars for on the go, but cereal with blueberries is another favorite. I will also sometimes make avocado toast which is also fairly easy. Hope this helps 🙂
E N.
A yogurt or instant oatmeal is great! I also love pre-packing a week’s worth of smoothies in the freezer and blending in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day and not time consuming at all.
Vanessa C.
I have three options.
The first one is an egg with wholemeal or cereal rusks, a banana and a glass of fruit juice; the second one is a drink made of hot milk and barley, with honey and some rusks or rice crackers; the third one is a great glass of fruit juice with wholemeal or cereal rusks and a banana.
All them obviously after my daily glass of water.
Tory A.
Eggs. Cooking styles are endless, they are healthy protein and keep you satisfied for hours. I like to throw my vegetables in there and make an omelette. Killing 2 birds with one stone. 😊
Lucas U.
Oatmeal with a spoon full of peanut butter and some frozen fruit on top is a great way to start the day. Sometimes I will let some oats soak overnight in the fridge and it doesn't even need to be cooked! Just use a bit less water for this method.
Kizzy E.
To me a quick breakfast option could always be a type of cereal or a thick smoothie with healthy foods of course. I like to have a smoothie better cause if I don't eat it in time I could always take it on the way. It doesn't always feel me up all the way but it gives me energy and I don't have stomach aches so it's all I need. I thank you for you for asking <3
S Ndi Q.
Quick breakfast options include plain toast, where you can have spreads like peanut butter if you have time for it. Instant oats are also an option that you can make relatively fast if you have the time. If you really need to get out of the house fast, you can have overnight oats, or something small like fruit, a protein bar, etc.
Maple Y.
For a hardy yet quick breakfast, a bagel with cream cheese and avocado is pretty much my go to, if not that then I usually just get cereal lol
Jonna Y.
Man kan förbereda frukosten kvällen innan så det går snabbare på morgonen annars kan man äta något lättsamt som t.ex en frukt eller någon macka eller kvarg
Marlene E.
Overnight oats are quick to make and read for on the go!

A smoothie a great way to incorporate lots of fruits and veg to ur diet!

Asmita Y.
As i am not a breakfast person , i am not used to eat at morning . However i like to eat boiled eggs at morning some times . And a cup of coffee .
Jessy F.
Instant oatmeal is my go to. There’s also great pancake mixes from Trader Joe’s like their protein one, just add water! It’s done in less than 10 minutes and you feel so accomplished for cooking something. And then obviously things like granola or protein or breakfast bars. I like to make my own granola bars so I know the contents of them, there’s a lot of recipes online and they’re not as hard to make as they sound!
Corinna Y.
My favorite breakfast option is a mini waffle, it’s easy, healthy, and it is super good. Although this is not the quivers thing, another is a fruit salad. Bananas, kiwi es, strawberries, chia seeds, etc. my go to when I want something warm is avocado toast. Lemon and garlic salt. Mmmmmm
Jordan E.
some muesli with natural yogurt
if you prefer something more sweet you can add a banana
i mean mash the banana and mix it in with the yogurt
Scarlett U.
Fruits and nuts (maybe in combination with yoghurt and honey if you have more time) or a simple sandwich and a glass of milk
Natalie W.
Weetabix and fruit – if you used frozen berries and put them on your weetabix the night before, by the morning they’ll have defrosted and the juices will be in the weetabix. Very tasty plus prepped the day before so no rushing
Twila Z.
Eggs is a good one, scrambled, fried, over easy and so on are all tasty, quick, and healthy ways to get your morning meal in. Or maybe a granola/fruit bar and some cereal of your choice.
Charlie A.
quick Eggs(anyway you want them, better boiled), on a bed/plate of avocado and or cabbage/lettuce with a side bowl of quinoa/oatmeal and grab an apple or mandarin on the way out to the car and eat that as you drive to work! 😉
Debby T.
I'm from Asia, which bread or waffle uncommon. So, I choose fried noodles, Steam Banana or Sweet Potato, Rice or bean porridge.
Lea B.
I usually go for eggs, they’re pretty fast and easy to make as well. If that’s not possible fruits are always a great option!
Caleb W.
My favorite is sausage, egg, and hashbrowns right now. It helps that I have an air fryer so I cook two things at once and it’s so convenient! Also easy breakfasts like yogurt with some berries and a bunch of toppings is a delicious sweet start to the day!
Aracely A.
Well usually I will eat just a plain breakfast like an egg and bacon but on a day I feel like doing just little bit more we includes pancakes or waffles with chocolate
Mars E.
my favorites are : avocado toast with an over easy egg and fruit on the side. any kind of quick oatmeal; you can make instant oats or overnight oats (which require beforehand prep). SMOOTHIES!! 2 tbs of yogurt into a blender with a cup of juice. then add whatever you like! probably a frozen fruit base and some fresh ingredients too, berries, spinach, chia seed… the list goes on 🙂
Angelina I.
Well, I personally love quick breakfasts! One of my favorite things are quick bagels! Or maybe a coffee! Also avocado toast! Very quick and delicious! Maybe avoid fast food restaurant breakfasts because a lot of it is just fating! That's my answer! I hope this helps!:)
Jeanne B.
Egg bites made with veggies and a little cheese. They can be made ahead, are portable, delicious warm or cold, and healthy.
Baptist Y.
I usually opt for something that takes maybe 10 minutes under the grill, which I can eat while moving about. Like crumpets or toast. For protein you can add an egg if you have time. However to be quick grab a piece of fruit or veg like an apple or tomatoes. That contributes to your five a day and is easy to eat on the go!
Ava N.
Some mixed nuts, you can make a protein shake for yourself the night before so that ways you take it out of the fridge that morning and drink it in the car, a granola bar, banana or apples.
Vanessa V.
No, it could even be just a sheet of paper, as long as u write something personal and something that means something to you then that is enough. There would be no point in getting a new and fancy one. I use all of my notebooks that haven’t been used. I hope that answered your question. Have a great day – Vanessa
Isaque P.
Fruit like bananas and apples are a go to for me. The less fuss the better. I also make sure to have some premade items ready to, things like frozen protein waffles and fresh croissants if I am in a rush but don't want fruit. Yogurts are also good though you have to watch out for added sugars. If I have time to prepare breakfast, 5 minute oatmeal or grits are my favorite "quick" breakfast. I would love to make my own breakfast sandwiches but I always find freezing and reheating messes with the taste.
Tamanna N.
My personal fav is milk and cereal. You can go for fruit juices and bread or maybe some food you can prepare a day before like yogurt Popsicle (not preferable for winters) other than that you could have vegetable soup with instant soup sachets and fruits. Hopefully it helped
Sadie T.
If I’m in a rush I will usually grab an apple or a banana. I don’t usually just eat that because it’s just a bunch of sugar and there isn’t really anything else in it, so I’ll also have a muffin, bagel, or a protein bar to go with my fruit.
Vivid U.
Some days it will be a piece of toast with an orange and some orange juice and some days I’ll just be a banana and some crackers and some juice 😉
Alyssia Z.
Nuts or fruit or a quick toast or grilled cheese or avocado and egg toast or you or acai bowls or a smoothie or overnight oats
Maia P.
A banana paired with some nut butter on toast, or porridge done in the microwave with frozen berries and protein powder. I usually have museli with yoghurt
Nicole C.
I like either a bowl of cereal with fruit on the side and a cup of coffee coffee or if I've thought ahead a pre made breakfast meal like egg bits or pancakes
Tha S Z.
Breakfast is the meal that we have first in the morning. So it should be healthy as well as energy boasting.
So a healthy and quick breakfast option is banana, eggs,bread and milk or oats smoothie
Alessio P.
My go to is eggs and toast, you can cook the eggs any way you won’t it will take less than 10mins, get fancy experiment with it add avocado, fresh tomato, bacon etc. oatmeal is good too or a protein smoothie but I find myself getting very bored and sick with both after a while. Change it up between those foods and you have a steady treasure trove of different breakfasts that won’t get old
Clyde O.
I can use the stove, so I like to make eggs, there is always fruit in the house, I love to make smoothies, and we always have cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal.
Suzanne R.
I usually just cook a couple pieces of bacon and a egg or two with a bottle of water or orange juice and a type of fruit
Sarah T.
honeycrisp apples and natural peanut butter. kefir peach drinks. raisin bran and oat milk. cream of wheat with oat milk. and oatmeal with brown sugar and oatmilk
Ines P.
scrambled eggs on toast or an omelet, a buttered croissant with ham and cheese paired with chocolate coffee, a peanut butter cream cheese toast with blueberries and a bit of cinnamon with a drizzle of honey
Rosi F.
Orange juice and chocolate biscuits, easy and full of all the nutrients you may need. Vitamins from the orange juice and fats and carbohydrates from the chocolate to boost your energy.
Valdemar F.
If I had to say, any combination of simple to make foods/drinks. Like some oatmeal with bacon (what I've been doing), cereal with some eggs, and/or maybe adding a mandarin or two afterwards. Even a sandwich works.
Lisa F.
if you really don’t have time to make anything. Make your breakfast the night before! It really helps. Try looking on the internet, for recipes. Oatmeal, toast, yogurt, eggs. Any of those things are a great way to start your day and keep you full
Marion S.
Nuts, oats, boiled eggs,fruits like bananas, apples.
Having these readily available will save time on making a complicated breakfast.
Nuts can even be had as a snack later in the day
Sthandiwe Q.
Three wheat bix and some fresh juice or green tea are great for when I'm going to school. But on holidays, an egg sandwich with some cheese and rooibos tea always a great way to start my morning! Breakfasts that take a while to prepare really make me think about what I'm eating and if it will work for or against my goals 🙂
Hailey Z.
Scrambled eggs with tomato
Cottage cheese with toats
Oatmeal with fruits (my favourite option is banana, apple, cinnamon and a bit of cocoa opwder)
L Rke Z.
I highly recommend toast with something on top (I usually make mine with tomato and jam or avocado) and then a piece of fruit. I also make myself some orange juice if I’m not in a rush and some coffee with oat milk. It gives me full energy to proceed with the rest of the day.
Romique Y.
Your favorite cereal, French toast with avocado or with scrambled eyes, a sandwich or eggs, sausage and bacon. Also remember a glass of juice and water, or a hot beverage depending.
Braylon N.
my go to is a toasted everything bagel with avocado, tomato, and an egg! it only takes about 10 minutes to make and is super delicious and filling!!
Maureen N.
waffles,eggs,oatmeal, bananas and trail mix. i try to keep it as simple as possible because if not i feel rushed in the mornings and dont like to eat
Claudia P.
Quick and easy breakfast options could be:
– fruits with nuts
– green smoothie
– oatmeal
– eggs
– salad with tuna/tofu
– kuskus with vegetables and tofu
– Chía pudding
– French toast
– oatmeal pancakes
– sandwich (tuna/avocado/salmon)
Brini O.
One quick breakfast option is a single serve Greek yogurt cup. Add some fresh fruit and it’s a light and fresh way to start. For something heartier I love protein shakes or even RAWmeal shakes!
Bug N.
Rice bowls! Either using minute rice, or leftover – I warm the rice with some spinach, then fry the protein (tofu, thicker cold cuts, or just leftover meat), then fry an egg. Dump some of the remaining cooking fat over the dish and add a drizzle of soy sauce, and you’ve got a fast, nutritious, and filling meal.
Diego Y.
Eggs among rice are the easiest and fastest to make. Rice is 13 minutes once on the stove. 5 minutes to boil then 8 to simmer before you turn it off. The eggs are done in Five to eight minutes so its the fastest breakfast you can have. Put some green onion ove r them to add some flavor. As well 🥰
April S.
Anything that includes some protein, healthy carbs, a dash of fat, and some fruit. I like to eat a little bit of everything. I try to eat an egg everyday. Bread is important. Try switching out softer processed bread for dense ciabatta, focaccia, or English muffins not because of the potential health benefit but because these breads elevate the eggs to a diner style breakfast sandwich. I look forward to breakfast since I've started that. It makes all the difference. Add in an avocado here and there. Some bagel seasoning. Grab a fruit when you leave home. I eat essentially the same thing for breakfast everyday but I prepare it differently and season it with a variety of flavors and toppings. Bread, eggs, and fruit is my formula that let's me be on autopilot in the morning.
Jeanette W.
Quick one can be instant porridge and boiled eggs since it contains enough protein and carbohydrates since it can provide enough energy, for use of the body
Shruthi Y.
For me, it’s always eggs: a great source of protein, keeps your tummy full for longer hours and of course, gives you a ton of energy. You could simply add some fruit, a slice of bread, sausages (if you like meat) or maybe even a glass of juice with the eggs to make it a great breakfast.
Harvey U.
some quick breakfast options are things likes some fruits (banana, apple…) or just some (bio ig) biscuits you have at home 🙂
sorry if I said something wrong but english is not my first language
Ottokar Q.
When I’m in a rush I usually just grab an apple or banana. If you’ve got a busy day ahead I’d recommend a protein bar of some kind.
Nic Sio W.
Hard boiled eggs with fresh bread soaked in olive oil, spices, and basil. Add some fruit or my yogurt and fruit popsicles as dessert 😋
Dorina G.
Muesli, chia pudding, eggs, seeds, yoghurt with fruits, etc. I am not a morning person for a few years either but we can do it though, I can feel it!;)
Start your day with whatever you feel like I think that is step one. Just listen to your body.
Angelena Y.
Some fresh fruit, mixed nuts. Granola and yogurt with berries. Protein shake. Protein bars. Cereal with nut milk. Oats and cranberries with cream. Left over potatoes home fries with eggs. Breakfast egg sandwich. Avocado toast. Toast and nut butter.
Ria F.
Quick for me is usually bagels or toast with butter or peanut butter. Sometimes I have those little oatmeal pack things or cereal. That’s about it
Holly J.
Some vinila yogurt with honey and granola and you can put blueberries or raspberries or any small fruit like that. Or you can put cranberries.
Stephen E.
You should try oats, condensed milk and chocolate powder mixed together with some hot water. Or if you like to eat a sandwich, i suggest that you have 1 plain bread, nacho cheese and hot sauce, a fried egg and a toast ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Diego O.
Breakfast smoothie—cashew milk, water, half a banana, frozen strawberries, chocolate protein powder.

Large glass of water with Trader Joe’s aloe mixed in.

Ines A.
Hi there! Some of my quick breakfast options, are snacks like fruits, boiled eggs, and cereal bars. sometimes i eat something like a yogurt or a healthy cereal. from these, u can choose what works best for you! keep up the good work!
Emin W.
Eating a yogurt with granola is a very quick and easy choice! Also, hard boiled eggs or making a smoothie is also a great option. Smoothies take little time to make and can always be brought with you on the go.
Mirjam U.
Well if I don’t know exactly what to eat I might as well eat cereal with yogurt when I’m home alone or I will try to not make a misktake and try to cook eggs.
Signe E.
Peanut butter on toast or crisp bread – quick & includes protein! I also like to throw together a can of lentils and tinned tomatoes on the stove and add seasoning. I can have this on while making coffee
Same T.
Easy Breakfast burrito!
-Butter a tortilla in a pan on a low heat till slightly brown and then set aside.
-make an egg any way you like in the same pan and add on top of the tortilla.
– top with you fav toppings! I like to do cilantro and shreds cheddar. Fold up the tortilla and put it in the fridge for the morning 👍🏼
Take some individual sized pre packaged guacamole and some salsa and voila!
Lia T.
A handful of nuts, put bread for toast before going to the shower, fruits, an oat bar. Homemade recipes are also a good motivator.
Shawn Z.
I usually make a green smoothie with spinach, baby kale, almond milk, a banana and a cup of ice plus some water in my vitamix and then I put a little vegan sausage patty on the stove while I get dressed. Or else I have a vegan yogurt for extra protein.
Lady X.
Yogurt & fruit are easy to reach for & quick to eat. But if you have time the night before, you can make overnight oats instead that will be ready to eat right away in the morning, & are quite filling.
Laura J.
A quick breakfast Food is having normal scrambled eggs and toast it only takes a few minutes and it is one of the most refreshing and nurtoring foods ever
Avery O.
Granola bars, yogurt, protein bars, spoonful of peanut butter, hard boiled eggs(you can get them pre- packaged at Costco to save time in the morning), bananas, apples
Hans Eberhard F.
Im not a quick breakfast person but when im on a rush I prefer somethin sweet and easy to chew to keep me up until noon. I'm still trying new flawours to see which one suit me.
Tracey E.
Will you know if you are are for example if your food in the morning and you can't eat it's better to start with a little freezable glass of milk maybe you can restore to be Una just supporting of for example cheese or even if you can sort some nuts if you are in a hurry or if you can eat at home for example we have to go to work or school University are you can break yourself some fruits like apples and bananas and it's very good way to start your day with a healthy breakfast
Marc P.
Granola with yogurt and fruit, fruit with yogurt or by itself, weetabix and fruit, breakfast bars that are healthy, apples and peanut butter, cereal if your really in a rush
Justine S.
For me when I'm in a pinch, I always remember what needs to be in my breakfast. So when in doubt, always make sure you have protein and something that takes a lot of time to digest. The reason for it is you wanna keep your body fueled up, so it has energy to do your daily activities. Something I always go to are low glycemic foods such as oatmeal, nuts, fruits, and eggs. You can easily make something quick with those simple ingredients. Hopefully this helps!
Rasmus C.
Bread and butter
Bread and egg
Any of these comes in handy depending on how quick I want to have my breakfast
Leroy P.
Eggs, cheese, ham on toast takes ten mins and it’s what I have for breakfast most days, however if you don’t have that time then fruits, yogurt and oatmeal are all solid
Florinda P.
I love chia pudding its quick as you make it the night before and healthy.
Or just a healthy wrap doesn't take much time I put beans, cheese, and left over meat if I have any
And if you have a little more time you can make a guacamole and add it in the wrap
Hope this helps 🙂
Eileen P.
When I have to work from the office I prepare myself a small sandwich out of a whole meal bread loaf with avocado, or cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes. Sometimes, if I’m running late, I just go for a small bag of raw nuts or sweet cherry tomatoes.
Warren U.
I usually fry some frozen vegetables and eggs. It makes it easy to have variation by using different mixes of vegetables. Alternatively, an even faster option is a smoothie.
Edgar Z.
Avocados on toast, takes 10 mins.
Crush avocados with a fork, mix with lemons, salt&pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.
Make the toast crunchy by heating it in a pan and add some olive oil on the toast before putting the avocados on top
U can add creamycheese on the toast, then avocados spread, then sunny side eggs on top and some tomatoes only if you have more time. Enjoy!
Keira I.
like a pack of crackers is what i ate but if you’re aiming for something healthier maybe just like some fruit or a smoothie
Morgan U.
Yogurt bowl for sure. Add some Greek yogurt to a bowl and add toppings of your choice. I like almond butter, granola, fruit, etc. Load it up for a good morning.
Cornelia F.
When I’m short on time, I eat an apple and 1/2 or 1 oz of raw or unsalted roasted nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or cashews.
Dave G.
Savory Oats:
Overnight soaked oats cooked with onion, bell peppers and healthy spices. It's quick and healthy, very filling.
Gene Y.
oatmeal is very quick and easy because you can just turn on the kettle and cook a packet. eggs is relatively quick if you can cut things fast….
Boba G.
If I miss a goal, I pledge to myself to do it more often tomorrow. Say I missed my 30 minute walk, I would go for a 1 hour walk the next day.
Jose J.
I have many dietary restrictions, so quick and satisfying fixes that are also budget friendly are hard to come by for me. Here is what I consider as meals that are quick to make.

Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, 2 runny fried eggs, & some kimchi. If you have time, add some sweet potato or rice for a carb. Add green onion and sesame seeds on top to feel fancier. To make this one quicker, chop your veggies (& potato) the night before.

PB Banana Pancakes are also a good option! Blend some banana, peanut butter, and your milk of choice. Add your flour of choice, and fry into pancakes. Have it with a portion of yogurt, adding honey, chia seeds, and fruit for some healthy protein and sugar. To make this quicker, a big batch of the batter sans flour can be and stored in the fridge for up to a week. Take as much batter as needed, add your flour, and you're ready to make pancakes. If your fruit for your yogurt requires cutting, cut that the night before.

Carlos E.
My breakfast is composed of protein, carb, and veggie. A typical breakfast for me is scramble eggs, tuna, spinach and a piece of fruit. To save time, you can cook your breakfast on your meal prep day, and add the egg mixture to a muffin pan and bake it in the oven. You can cook enough for a couple days and freeze the rest for each day.
Natalie A.
My quick breakfast options are scrambled eggs with veggies and turkey bacon. I also like to drink a protein shake with a granola bar. Either way, I like to get my protein in so it can fuel me up for the day
Nicole N.
Peanut butter with banana in toast, honey sprinkled on top. Another option, in a small microwavable bowl make an egg soufflé. Put in one egg, a little milk or almond milk, a little shredded cheese, a little minced garlic & whatever spices you like, I like basil. You can skip the garlic it that’s too strong for you. Microwave covered for about a minute (depending on the power of your microwave) and now you have a delicious egg soufflé in one minute!!!
Claire Y.
I like to have oatmeal with bananas and almonds: which is quick to make and healthy. 🍌
Another option is 2 pieces of Reid bread with eggs on them. 🍳
The third option could simply just be some bread with cheese on and then drink some orange juice beside it. 🍊
Faith J.
Cereal and some yogurt. I eat honey nut cheerios and light + fit green yogurt and the yogurt has 12 grams of protein. Depending on how big or small the bred you have is, I have peanut butter and banana on one or two pieces of toast and yogurt.
Silas N.
A bowl of cereal. A cup of Greek yogurt and granola. A spinach and berry smoothie. All these options are quick, easy and provide a healthy and energetic start to your day.
Nicklas P.
My go-to quick breakfasts are:
Weetabix, or any wholegrain, low sugar cereal, sometimes topped with either half a banana, or a spoonful of raisins/sultanas and/or chopped nuts.
For cold mornings – porridge made the night before can be stored in the fridge and heated for 2 minutes in the microwave. Optionally, top with a spoon of honey or a light sprinkle of brown sugar.
Plain yoghurt with any fruit – pear, banana, plum or strawberries and topped with a shake of cinnamon.
2 slices of brown soda bread topped with peanut butter and sliced banana.
London N.
A bowl of rolled oats is a great option. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is versatile. For every 1/2 cup of oats, use 1 cup of water. I love to add cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Any fruit pairs nicely with the oats. Apple slices and peanut butter is another awesome choice. A large banana is always a life saver when you need to run out the door. If you have a little more time, make an omelette. The more spices, the better. Like oats, eggs are a blank canvas. If you aren’t a picky eater, add some veggies. A large handful of spinach, chopped broccoli, sliced onions, and minced bell peppers are my go-to.
Maja Z.
Overnight oats are so easy to make, you can vary it a lot and you can make it the night before so you won't have to waste time in the morning. I would definitely recommend that 🙂
Cecilia Y.
granola bar, apple, banana, fruits and veggies, leftover dinner, scrambled eggs, toast and butter/nutella/peanut butter/jelly,
Mia E.
Toast, granola bars, bagels, cereal, yogurt, etc. I prefer to eat things that are cooked in the morning to avoid dirty dishes and time consumption
Coraline W.
Yogurt with fruit
A banana with a spoon of peanut butter or with an apple🍎
Or a protein bar, but make sure it's a healthy protein and not one with added sugars and all that junk
Sara E.
I Love to eat a Bowl off youghurt and fruits mixet with some vanila and chokolate complete its my fav i just Love it 🤩👏🏼