How do you refrain from eating sugary cereals? Sometimes I have a craving for it, but I realize that it’s not the best thing for my body at the top of the morning.

Micheal R.
The easiest way to keep from that is to not have them available. If I have healthy options that are easily accessible, it makes it more likely that I will choose them. I make a nice fruit smoothie if I’m craving something sweet early in the day!
Erika R.
If you want something sweet in the morning choose a more healthy alternative like baked oats or a smoothie. But also not buying it or keeping it out of the house is very helpful.
Romina Q.
I personally don’t love cereal/ having the same thing every day I like to switch it up so I look forward to something different every day. But if your just having it one day like a Saturday your not gonna be sluggish it should be fine. That or have a cup of cereal with almond milk and then a side of fruits and go on a walk soon after so you don’t feel to sluggish from a sugary meal. To be quiet honest as long as your not eating it more than 3 days in a week and aren’t over doing your sugar intake in one day you should be fine.
Cl Ment S.
There are so many other nourishing and fulfilling choices that are yummier and more wholesome! It will fuel you and keep you wide awake; no sugar crashes here!
Candice P.
Sometimes, it is fine to eat sugary cereal. If you want to refrain from eating it, you can eat fruits, those that have more sugar. Hope taht helps! 😆
Emilee C.
I think about it this way… sweet cravings are small and short while savory things satisfy you longer. When I do eat sugary things though, I don't feel guilty about it because it's what my body needed at that time.
Rafaela F.
Hmm… maybe try eating granola, yogurt, and fruit instead? It’s the same essential parts of a sugary cereal, but with less sugar and more nutrients. Hope this helps!
Lton Q.
I don't go cold turkey on the unhealthy things I do love eating. I buy it at a time I think I deserve it, like a reward for a job well done.
But I don't overdo it. I don't say, "I finished the dishes, I'm going to buy a treat." Save for a more worthy accomplishment so it encourages me to complete more important tasks.
I find myself slipping into an extremely unsatisfied place when I deny myself of things all the time. So, knowing I could have it one day if I choose it as a treat, then I can. That really helps me in my aim to completely or mostly cut it out.
Lorraine U.
I've there been there… What u should do I simple Just replace sugary Cereals with foods high in protein for breakfast and you'll definitely feel more productive during the day
Selma Z.
usually when I want a snack it's because I haven't had a proper meal yet. so I will sit looking at the snack, tell myself that I shouldn't have it and that it unhealthy. then I'll go make a proper meal.
Catarina C.
I try to substitute for something healthier but with the same flavor. For example, my scenario was similar. For breakfast I loved to eat pancakes, but I knew it was a bomb for my body, so I looked for recipes that could give me a similar flavor with the healthier ingredients. That's my advice and the way I found easier to do good to my body satisfying my desires 😊
Sofia G.
I don’t. I think the best thing you can do is to listen to your body. If you really want to quit this one thing specifically because you find it makes you feel bad, perhaps contemplate the specific craving you feel in the morning. I oftentimes find that when I crave sugar, just drinking some water or eating some fruit might make the craving dissipate slightly. Generally though, the best thing to do is to listen to your cravings and pay attention to when your body tells you it’s done eating. These aren’t easy things. I always find myself overeating or eating sugar even if it’s not really what my stomach wants so much as my brain wanting a quick high from the rapid energy sugar provides. Maybe you can try pairing your sugary cereal with a more hearty meal so you don’t feel so guilty about eating something less healthy and your body still gets energy to last it through the day.
Sibylle N.
Hey ! Well I have cravings for it too, so what I try to do is to compensate on the sugar by eating an apple or drinking an apple juice, this way I have sugar in my body but it’s natural sugar and it’s a good way to start the day ! I also try to eat salty dishes in the morning, after a few days, my craving for sugary food kinda goes.
What I also used to do, is that my parents used to buy sugary and plain cereals, and I would mix them up, after a while, I stopped having cravings for sugary cereals.
I hope I helped… I’m so sorry if I didn’t, I wish you a wonderful/fabulous day ! 🙂
Karen B.
I often eat oat meal with some fruit, honey and cinnamon instead. Its also sweet but much more healthy and great for energy.
Simon W.
I will refrain from eating sugary cereal by finding a healthy option that tastes just as good, and reminding myself that my body needs me to pick what’s best for it
Hugh U.
what i would do is to not look at sugary cereal and remind yourself and to acknowledge your well-being. And try too look for more alternatives than cereal like oatmeal or a nice chicken wrap. 🙂
Jeremy E.
I never really had cereals for breakfast but you should try eating something else like oatmeal or a avocado toast for breakfast.