What would you consider as a healthy and tasty breakfast?

Maria H.
I love my mornings now because I have this routine of making fresh juice every day and I eat porridge with dark chocolate and pomegranate seeds.
Nils O.
Granola, yogurt, fruits, eggs, protein shake, oatmeal. I personally like to make my own granola bars with granola, honey, and peanut butter. If I want a more filling breakfast, I have scrambled egg and toast.
Kelly G.
Nuts and oats with any berries are great to start the day. Cold days warm oats with milk or water and maple syrup with bananas.
Once in a week a like to have poached or scrambled eggs for breakfast with a slice of whole meal toast
Annette N.
I believe a good mix of plates is the best. I try to have some nice scrambled eggs, black beans (with a little cheese or cream), no sugar cereal with almond milk and some fruit.
Lonnie R.
5 days a week I have a green smoothie and a boiled egg or 2 for breakfast. My smoothie normally has; spinach, ginger, half a banana, berries, and coconut water. I like to prep so I use sandwich size zip loc bags to freeze my ingredients. I stuff a handful of fresh spinach into the bag and press the air out then freeze. I peel my bananas and cut then in half and freeze in a zip loc. I buy my fruit frozen and even peel and cut my fresh ginger to freeze that. Preparing like this saves me time in the morning a well as ensures that my smoothies are nice and cold just how I love them!

The other 2 days in the week I enjoy a hot breakfast that isn't the healthiest but delicious nonetheless.

Janice E.
What I would consider as a good and healthy breakfast includes carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. I need these 3 to make sure I'm powered up for the rest of the day.
Scarlett T.
if i'm in a rush i have a muesli bar or protein bar. if i have a bit more time i make a smoothie with banana, frozen mixed berries, protein powder and some powdered herbs, probiotics and medicinal mushrooms. if i'm at home and not running out the door i make a bigger breakfast with spinach, tofu, toast, etc., (think big brekkie), otherwise for a smaller meal i have a bowl of special k with pura veda (a seed and raisin mix). i never used to eat breakfast before using fabulous so i found it difficult at first but worked my way up slowly.
Agnieszka W.
I love have some coctails with oatmeal. My second favourite option are omlets. There are a lots of recepis on the internet so you can pick what you prefer.
I hope i halped and bon appetit.
Sofia S.
A healthy breakfast should be balanced. It would not have anything sugary, because that would give you a sugar crash. Lean protein (eggs, lean meat, nuts etc.) fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains. Don’t eat waffles, sweet yoghurt, scones with jam and cream (you get the gist).
Karin F.
Anything with eggs! Eggs is such a super food. Like toast and scrambled eggs. I usually eat oatmeal/porridge with fruit, unsweetened peanutbutter and some oatmilk. And a sandwich (maybe hard bread) with cheese or vegetarian pasty.
Nora Y.
I try to eat something that fills me an give me energy. So I would consider some muesli fruit and yogurt or some toast with an egg and advocado
Carlos X.
Yogurt parfait. Omelettes containing vegetables and chopped peppers for flavor. Eggs in general. Protein rich smoothies. Bananas if in a rush.
Nick P.
Well, it might not be for everyone, but oatmeal is incorporated into mine. Steel oat brown sugar oatmeal, eggs with spinach and onions, two slices of whole grain toast, and a chocolate banana protein smoothie with flax milk. Also, at least a tall glass of water. Thats delicious for me, as well as getting a good jump start for the day. Hope you add that to your day…or at least slim the menu down to however much satiates you while giving energy.
Guadalupe Z.
First of al we need the fuel. Some coffee or tea. And we need hydration, so first in the morning all we have to do is drink at least 1 glass of water. Then we need food. Some ham, and cheese; maybe some cereal and fruits. And that would be it for me!
Kelsey C.
A healthy breakfast? I consider a healthy breakfast one that provides your body, with energy. Something to set your system for the day. Something colorful, light, delicious, and when you finish, you feel prepared for your day.
Gordon J.
I generally eat fruit, or homemade granola bars. If I have time to cook breakfast in the morning (which is rare) then I will bake oatmeal (usually with some blueberries, yum!), which I find to be a lot tastier than cooking it on the stove, and it also stores well in the fridge, so I can have a quick breakfast for the next few days!
Simon C.
At the base, it should have all food groups in it (cereals, meats and substitutes, vegetables/fruits, milk products and substitutes). It should have something warm in it, for example toasts, cooked eggs, or oatmeal. When you are done eating it, you should feel full and you should feel warm inside (like love from a hug). Always have 1 thing in it that you really enjoy eating so you look forward to eating it. Don't forget to drink something healty like orange juice or water with it.

My favorite choice is a toasted flavored Bagel; 1tbsp of whipped cream cheese; a few leafs from leftover salad (or raw lettuce if you like simpler things); and either 2 sliced boiled eggs or a couple of sandwich meat slices.

Kayla N.
I enjoy a savory breakfast. Half of an avocado smeared on toasted sesame Ezekiel bread sprinkled with McCormick Montreal steak seasoning is my absolute favorite. Sometimes I enjoy cooked vegetables like broccoli for breakfast, too. I always always have an orange, a cara cara Orange to be exact. I am not a person that can skip breakfast. I like breakfast that can be taken on the go as often the mornings are a dash out the door.
Barbara Z.
Yogurt, granola & a banana. You can change it up by adding a quick protein like scrambled egg or a few slices of summer sausage.
Aaron O.
I tend to start my day with either scrambled eggs or fried eggs cooked on a non-stick surface. Toast, usually wholemeal or farmhouse bread, often some cheese and/or cooked meats, and sometimes fruits. I drink diluted fruit cordial and coffee.
Constance Z.
a healthy and tasty breakfast for me is fruits like an apple, banana, kiwi, pear etc. with a big glass of (orange) juice, milk or water etc. with a yogurt and a litlle cake.
Patricia Y.
My favourite healthy and tasty breakfast includes eggs Florentine (poached eggs with spinach) or eggs royale (with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce), cafe latte and some fruit.
Gillian Z.
A perfect and healthy breakfast for me consists of rice or bread, eggs and bacon or hotdogs. Sometimes when I am in a rush, I make do with cereals. I just do 't forget my coffee.
Miljana Z.
Option 1: pb, banana and cacao smoothie. Option 2: spinach smoothie. Option 3: boiled eggs with kefir and seeds. Option 4: low carb muffins. Option 5: oatmeal (almond milk). Option 6: avocado toast and cheese. 🙂
Yasmin O.
Something with protein and plenty of complex carbs and vitamins. I like to have 2 scrambled eggs with stir fried bell peppers and courgettes or porridge with blackberries and apple and almond butter.
Eddie N.
I always have egg whites in my breakfast.

If I want super tasty and have time — Blueberry Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Maple Syrup

If I want some tasty & have time — Protein French Toast made with Lentil Grain Bread and Egg White

If I want my standard breakfast with slightly less time — Vegetable Spiced Egg White Omelette with some Kiwi, Grapefruit, and Raw Bell Pepper, Sugar-Free Ketchup for flavor on Omelette

If I'm really short on time — Prepacked Hardboil Egg Whites with some seasoning with Cut Bell Pepper, Grape Tomatoes, and Couple Kiwis (takes 5min to assemble)

Ken U.
A protein, vitamin, minerals rich breakfast, with eggs & fish, banana, apple, berries, Greek yoghurt, nuts, lentils & green herbs.
Wendy F.
I motivate myself to exercise by writing it down on a sticky note next to my bed. Also by the way I’m feeling. Usually in the morning I feel stiff or crunched up. Stretching in the morning helps me feel better and ready for a good exercise.
A healthy breakfast for me is eggs with an avocado toast. Tea on the side.
M Rcio Z.
A healthy breakfast to me consists of a complete protein, a healthy source of fat and fruit or vegetables. My favorites are: oatmeal with soy milk and flaxseed and bananas, eggs with a side of grilled vegetables, and olive oil fried rice with extra egg and extra vegetables.
Johanne Y.
I love having some kind of fruit or something fresh like tomato and baby spinach on wholewheat toast. Bottom line is it has to be tasty. Something with banana like a smoothie, or a spinach omelette can be filling, yummy and nutritious. Plain Greek yogurt, eggs, bananas and rolled oats are my breakfast staples.
Brett Y.
Every morning I like to have a mango, forest fruit and banana smoothie bowl. I then sprinkle on top some granola and oats and maybe even some banana slices.