For my body eating a warm breakfast is important. But don’t want to spend to much time cooking. Any suggestions?

Miskatun M.
It's crucial to have a healthy breakfast for starting a energetic day.if you don't want to cook then make sure to have fruits, boiled egg, milk in your breakfast. By these you can meet up your body requirements.

Vernon Y.
I love just having Porridge! It's pretty easy as you just have your base of oatmeal and you add either warm milk (e.g. out of the microwave) or hot water (kettle) and leave it for 3-5min and its done! Best thing? You can add anything you like for taste: some honey and/or fruit, maybe you want to throw some nuts in there or coco-powder for a chocolaty treat for the weekend. I really hope this helped, it really is a five min and done situation (while waiting for the oatmeal to soak you could freshen up with a splash of water in your face to wake up. I wish you the best mornings, keep going, be creative and enjoy! You got this 💪🤗

Pamela S.
If if you are a body is eating a warm breakfast and it is important that you are right but you if you don't want to spend too much time cooking then just make anbeasy dish like oats.

Dilce C.
Well frying eggs is easy enough, if not having cereals with milk also helps, or you can eat some fruits like a banana or apple its also a good breakfast.

Lina N.
Oh, honestly it’s quite easy. For example this morning I ate avocado toast with egg and it took me like 12 minutes to make it. Also you can just prepare your breakfast for the next day!

Afnan A.
You can cook at night before sleeping, you can even eat raw fruit and vegetables or you can weak up very earlier than you used to weak up and cook ur fresh breakfast, I suggest you to eat boiled eggs every morning at least.

Ricky C.
Toast with an egg sunny side up is usually my go to. It only takes me about 10 minutes and I can get a lot of variaton by experimenting with spices 🙂

Leftovers can be great too! Sometimes I make more for dinner just so I can have it as breakfast too

Ben Q.
Oatmeal is always good. I've sometimes made mini omelettes with eggs and veggies in a cupcake tin over the weekend and then store them in a zip lock bag so I can warm them up during the week quickly in the microwave.