Do you recommend supplements for energy?

Heinz G Nter J.
No, becoming dependent on a source of energy outside of yourself is not good, in my opinion. I drink green tea in the morning if I know I'll be exercising in some way, during that day.
Me Y.
I take a multi vitamin plus iron, vitamin B6 &12, calcium, magnesium. That gives me energy. But I have learned that a quick nap does wonders!!
Amber Y.
Not really, i try to gain energy as naturally as possible, but i do take supplements for general heart health and stress management.
Eleonora O.
Yes but I'd like to list you some of what I mean with "supplements" to get a great boost of energy: take a cold shower, singing or dancing your fav song, eat lots of fruit and vegetables (the main natural charge of vitamins), writing gratitude and motivate yourself…
Nothing is more useful than these kind of supplments, the others are not necessary and in most of cases not worthy (my personal opinion)
Lots of love <3
Rita N.
Yes and no. In my opinion supplements are good but not for all people. People that have goed food habits maybe don’t need it and when they take it they overload their body.
Misty S.
Only if you dont have the time or money to have a proper balanced diet where you get all the nutrients from normal food.
Caitlyn O.
if you know it’s really necessary, yes but i think it’s so much better to work at it yourself by getting plenty of sleep and getting the right nutrients from food