What is a quick breakfast idea?

Marc P.
A quick breakfast idea is to grab some fruit as your walking out the door. If you need protein to stay energized you could have apples and peanut butter. Good luck!
Daouane T.
I try to always makesure I have fruit and hard boiled eggs ready to go before I go to sleep. I'll cook half a dozen or so hard boiled eggs in the evening, maybe before cooking pasta with the same water for my dinner.
Zack Z.
A quick breakfast idea would be a plate filled with fruit and eggs. That's how I start my week because eggs are really quick to make, and then you can pick a variety of different fruits to enjoy on the side!
Mitchell U.
My quick go to is a healthy smoothie, eggs whites (no cheese) cooked with non stick cooking spray and turkey bacon. For my smoothie I use fruit but I always add something green. Baby spinach is good. You can use kale but it has a stronger taste which will take from the fruit. I also use cucumbers, celery. Chai seeds and ginger are a great way to incorporate these into your diet.
Raissa X.
Eggs! I eat them with half an avocado and a Venezuelan arepa. You can buy an arepa maker on Amazon and the Harina PAN too. I usually make a batch of 6 every 2 or 3 nights. It’s such a healthy carb. I completely switched from bread and have been able to maintain my weight loss.
Gabriela Z.
For me, quick is a relative term. I find that scrambling a couple of eggs is surprisingly fast, and I can pair them with a potato that I’ve “baked” in the microwave. A smoothie is another great option!
Miguel S.
A handful of nuts, an apple, something quick and nutritious. Try to avoid sugary breakfast items like muffins because you will crash after eating it.
Megan B.
1. Avocado toast with hard boiled egg on top.
2. Green smoothie with protein made the night before.
3. Overnight oats – I make them in bulk in small mason jars over the weekend, freeze them and pull one out to thaw the night before I want to eat it. 4 Tbsp Oats, 1 Tbsp chia, 2 Tbsp buckwheat groats, 1 Tbsp flaxseed and 1 cup almond milk. Mix it all up and sweeten with a little honey or stevia. I add 1 Tbsp cocoa powder, frozen dark cherries and almonds with a little stevia but flavor as you like. Applesauce with raisins or craisins and almonds is also quite tasty. It’s amazing!
Ethel O.
A quick, easy, and yummy breakfast I eat a lot is toast, banana, and peanut butter. What you sob is toast the bread then put the peanut butter and banana slices on the toast. It is so simple and delicious!
Silo N.
I would say scrambled eggs, 1 or 2 pieces of toast and baked beans, if you're feeling fancy add mushrooms and tomatoes.

An omelette burrito is also nice and easy. You can make an omelette (add whatever you fancy in it) then on the wrap put a bit of salad 🥗 (leafy salad… lettuce, spinach and rocket) then put the omelette on top and wrap it you can even take it on the go. Hope this helps a bit

Otto O.
1.) Three eggs, cracked into a microwaveable jug.
2.) One small can of beans, emptied into a microwaveable bowl.
3.) Two rounds of bread into a toaster.

Start your bread toasting in the toaster. While you wait, put the beans in the microwave for 1 minute. Take the beans out, quick stir, back in for 30 seconds then done.
Put the jug of eggs in for 1 minute. Take them out, quick stir and back in for 15 – 18 seconds (every second matters – don’t just think “another few seconds will be fine because they’ll SUDDENLY dry out. They should be much ‘sloppier’ than you would think – they’ll continue to dry out slightly while you wait for the toast, but scrambled eggs SHOULD be more moist than most people do them anyway).

Once the beans and eggs are done, it shouldn’t be more than a minute left until the toast pops up.

Butter the toast, chuck the beans on, chuck the scrambled egg on and season (don’t add seasoning to the eggs until AFTER you cook them, otherwise they’ll dry out quicker).

Whole thing takes less than 5 minutes to cook, 5 minutes to eat. Only a jug, bowl, plate, knife and fork to wash-up.

About 650 calories. 👍😋

Daniel C.
In a pinch I eat KIND bars. Usually I have avocado toast with lox! Spread an avo on toast, season, and top with lox! Takes 5 minutes and it’s healthy and filling.
Jamie N.
Yogurt and fruit or granola…
Or a smoothie but takes a but of preparation, freeze fruits and then in the morning just pop some in the blender and go, better yet if you have/get a blendn’go for easy prep and go
Giovana C.
I like a toasted sandwich with butter, mayo and chicken or ham. Can add tomatoes or lettuce or whatever to add to its nutritional value. Coupled with a piece of fruit and I find it gives me enough energy until my next meal later on. Sugary cereals generally aren’t good for energy I find but porridge or weetabix and the like are great. Also avocado on toast with some sea salt and pepper sprinkled on top is a lovely choice.
Luis Z.
A quick breakfast idea in my mind is like a Smoothie or protein shake. Some people might have a protein bar and banana.
Dave J.
Overnight oats are a favorite for me. Just mix outs with almond milk (or whatever milk you use) I also like to add chia seeds and fruits. You can add anything you like! Just leave the oats in the fridge when you go to bed and they'll be ready to eat in the morning! They can be eaten cold or warmed and are delicious. 🙂
Kitana T.
A quick breakfast idea is not just to have something to eat in the morning. Quick means easy to prepare. So that you'll not consume so much time for preparation. But at the same time, it must be healthy. To give you energy for the whole day.

Abby Z.
Juice based smoothie. Keep a frozen bag of fruit and a green leafy available and dump them in the blender with some chia seeds.

Another is overnight oatmeal. Prep the oatmeal the night before by mixing oatmeal, flax meal and vegan yogurt/almond milk/coconut milk with water, mix it with your favorite fruit and nut topping. Then just grab it on your way out the door the next say

Izete Q.
You can buy mixed fruit and nut packs from the supermarket. One of them lasts me a week, and they’re normally resealable so I can carry them round as a snack too. Otherwise, a piece of fruit and a spoonful of peanut butter
Maureen U.
I love meal prepping overnight oats. It takes me about 10 minutes start to finish, I usually make 2, and then if its a cold day I'll throw it in the microwave for 2 minutes before eating it. In summer I love just having it chilled.
Stacey E.
Poach eggs the night before. You can warm them up again the next morning in a cup of boiling water.
Perfect for taking to work 😊
Mathieu G.
Either it's a variety of fruits like an apple and 2 bananas or an orange an apple and a banana or I put in my takeaway mug a handful of oats a handful of dried fruits and a handful of raw nuts and cup of plain yogurt and 1 spoon of peanut butter and half a banana for sweetness
Andrew O.
I think the best quick breakfast is anything you can do the night before. My favorite is overnight oats with a separate container for toppings. Your choice of milk should be doubled the amount of oats. (1/2 cup oats = 1 cup milk) I love how you can add anything to overnight oats: chia seeds, stevia, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, the possibilities are endless! 😋
Emma W.
Two habits that work for me. The quick and dirty is a bowl of soya/oat/rice/almond milk with some rolled oats.
If I happen to have more time than I prepare scrambled eggs served with tomatoes and whole grain sliced bread.
Beverly J.
Hard boiled eggs and avocado! Super easy and fast, healthy, and filling 😊easy to mix up with hot sauce, herbs, spices, etc 💃
Heidemarie X.
Nuts and seeds and a little bit of chocolate mixed together makes a quick meal. Toast with avocado and a boiled egg. Yogurt with nuts and seeds and a little bit of crunchy cereal is a good way to start the day. Toast with peanut butter. A cup of milk and a boiled egg. I'm even eating leftover salad. A wise thing to do, in my opinion, is to get up 10 minutes earlier, then you don't have to rush.
Gerberto Q.
If you love a small yet filling breakfast for busy mornings, I have the perfect recipe for you. Start with a slice of low carb or gluten free toast, mash some avocado, and fry or poach an egg on top. This is one of my favorite breakfast recipes and it’s super quick and filling. If you like a hot drink, I recommend hot water with lemon slices to get you going for the day.
Myrtle C.
Hard boiled eggs. Make them the day before so you can just grab them and go. A handful of banana chips and a spoonful of peanut butter goes well with it too.