How do you find more variety for a good breakfast? It’s boring eating the same thing all the time!

Nena A.
I've started to view food as just fuel, so I don't worry as much about it being boring. I rotate through 3 or 4 different things for breakfast so that I don't turn myself from any one thing in particular.
Dorian C.
Search the web for healthy breakfast choices. Make a list and purchase the ingredients and then make up as much as I can in little bins to bring to work
Gabriel Z.
Actually I know what I'd like to eat for breakfast for example I like to eat cheese with fresh bread and nice grapes or or corn flakes with a little bit warm milk for some days I prefer to eat jam with fresh bread and butter so I know what I like to eat and in the morningchoose what I prefer
Ryan O.
I find eggs can be made in so many different ways that you can have a different breakfast every day. I plan out all my meals before I do my food shopping and so plan a different breakfast for each day. Today I am having smoked salmon and soft cheese on wholemeal toast with a little spinach. Yesterday I had overnight oats. Tomorrow I will have fruit and Yogurt, I never get bored with food because I eat so many different things.
Toni U.
I don’t eat breakfast. I only eat two meals a day. Which means I can have breakfast foods or lunch foods as my first meal. Lots of variety that way.
Catherine Z.
I make sure the fridge and freezer are full of different proteins I can use like avocado, strawberries, mixed berries, yogurt. The pantry also has lots of grains and nuts. Can make any combo with this 🙂
Mae O.
Go through the health food Isle of the Super market and pick up any of the powders, nuts, berries or for a cheaper option go for some frozen berries or fruit that is in season. 🍜 You can also see what other cultures have for brekkie and try it out
Olav E.
Who says you have to eat the same thing every day? I follow a pretty strict diet and meal plan and even then I don’t eat the exact same thing every day—the basics are the same, but they are prepared and flavored differently, which provides plenty of variation. My breakfasts consist of either three eggs or fruit. Every other day I switch between an egg breakfast and a fruit breakfast, but the schedule is the same from week to week. So I have variety, but also don’t have to decide because each day is already assigned a specific breakfast. I just check my schedule each morning and make what it tells me. Also, each thing is prepared differently, so it has a completely different combination of flavors and textures—this way nothing gets old. One day is a baked omelette, one is hard boiled eggs, one is vegetable eggs, and one is an egg sandwich. Same with the fruit—one day is a banana bowl smoothie, one is apples and yogurt, the other is yogurt with a mix of fruit. It’s all healthy and delicious, and never feels old.
Emily A.
Make sure you don't eat the same thing. I’m the same way, I get bored of the same thing so I’m more mindful to not repeat so often. Make it colorful is my biggest priority on my breakfast. Different colored peppers, yellow eggs or oatmeal with fruit. It doesn’t have to be the same.
Charles Y.
I try to have a few breakfast items that I can mix up. So I have cans of baked beans and cereal in the cupboard and switch between them. Adding different fruits is also useful; depending what’s in season, one day I’ll Have blueberries on my cereal, another day I’ll have banana. Sharing food with my housemates keeps the cost down.
Eveline Q.
You could look up heathly breakfasts and either buy some groceries or use whatever in your fridge. You can try something new everyday. And if that's not doing it for you, get creative and use whatever s in your fridge to make a great breakfast
Carter Z.
Getting a great breakfast :

Healthy & Energizing Breakfast Recipes :

Gail O.
So here's the thing. Let's say you have three things to eat…
So all you gotta do is make different combinations of what you already can eat. This can give you a new ideas of what ingredients you can add into your new made-up recipes.
Mathias T.
I need breakfast that is simple so for me it tends to work to have the same thing everyday for a week or two and then switch it up when I get bored of the thing. So for now I'm having Greek yogurt with a little fruit and nuts and it's really easy to have that every morning but there are also times that I make a protein shake or have hard boiled eggs or cheese and vegetables things that are easy to just take out and have. Sometimes I'll also make chia pudding and have that every morning.
Alicia Z.
By following the advice and really think through what I stuff into my body. Not just taking what's at hand in the cooler..
C Lio E.
By adding other ingredients to your overall meal like fruits and different kinds of fruits not always the same kind maybe having different kinds of healthy juices next to your breakfast instead of the same kind all the time
Ma Va Z.
I eat oatmeal and Greek yogurt almost every morning but I put different toppings on both to mix things up. I never get bored with it and it’s super quick especially if I make overnight oats the night before. I think this would work with almost and breakfast, such as eggs. You can make eggs many different ways and even omelettes can have a variety of fillings. It’s more so the details rather than the whole meal that I change to keep from getting bored, but still stay on track.
Danny O.
I keep a few staples and rotate them out. Oatmeal, toast, left over rice or pasta for carb. Egg, protein powder, left over meat for protein. You can go wild with fruits and veggies. Different ways of cooking eggs can help too. An omelette is way different than 2 fried eggs on jelly toast
M Rvio Q.
I prefer eating different things at least a few times a week. Eggs and wallnuts etc everyday can be dull. Healthy yet tasty things are the best.
Noah C.
Go to the grocery store and get a bunch of foods that are both healthy and that you like. Then just try them in combinations each day
Marga O.
Well I got my phone and dead ahead to the kitchen looking for new ways to do breakfast in healthy way… and that's it some time as French breakfast some time as American, etc….
Lise Z.
Find a couple of staple bases
you like weather it be porridge or granola, mix up the topping or flavours of yougurt. Or go completely out there and challenge yourself to make 1 new recipe a week and soon you'll be eencorporstingloots of new things and expanding your go to breakfasts
Mathias C.
I rotate lol sometimes it’s a smoothie with oatmeal, banana, almond milk, and a spoon of organic peanut butter which keeps me full until lunch or it might be poached eggs on toast the next day. I’ve got a thing now for quorn sausages to avoid eating pork saussage on a morning.(I’m in Europe). Google also have great ideas. Hope this helped.
Marliese R.
I know what you mean. I like trying new things. What I do is just look on the internet for inspiration. What helped me was the app tasty or pinterest. I always look on Saturday what I want to eat the whole week and then I make a list of what I need. When I have my list I just go to the store and buy whatever I need. I recommend to choose recipes that don’t take very long to make so that you can make it quick and sit down and enjoy your breakfast. I hope my advice will help you. Good luck Fabulous user!
Mario G.
I mix around three favourites:
Eggs and mixed veg
Overnight oats
Banana and peanut butter smoothie
Listed in order of frequency
Andrew O.
I would suggest brainstorming ideas and then using the one that is convienent for you. An example for this would be my sister, who makes smoothie and milkshakes for her breakfast. She buys the ingredients she wants and everyday she chooses a smoothie based on her mood.
Eva Z.
A plate of oat porridge can be eaten with different kinds of berries or fruit. I can also change my porridge sometimes to tattari for instance.
Maximilian E.
At the moment I don't find it difficult to eat same things, but I am sure that it will get boring after 2nd week. So I will find new healthy options for myself. Luckily I love fruits! Not sure about the oatmeal, but anyway.. I didn't eat breakfast at all. It is great to start a day with breakfast. I will do my best to keep that up!
Giuseppina S.
There’s lots of ways to create variety if you be creative. I usually go for eggs with cheese grits and bacon, maybe a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jelly, or even a bowl of cereal. Plus there’s many ways to transform an egg. One day I may make an omelette or scrambled eggs or if I’m in the mood to challenge myself I would make a poached egg. Making breakfast is an art so you got to have fun with it. Maybe add new toppings to your food you never know what you’ll get out of it and it can make you a better breakfast chef in return
Amelia E.
I love to eat oats for breakfast as I find them filling and you can do so many things with them. Add milk (or almond milk, coconut milk…) and stick in the microwave for a bit and you’ve got porridge. Add blueberries or coca powder or a banana or peanut butter to vary flavours. Or you can grate an apple, pour half a cup of oats over it, add Greek yoghurt – mix together for Bircher muesli. Add any topping (honey, seeds, berries, nuts…). Or you can mic the oats with eggs and make either pancakes or breakfast muffins- with a bit of cheese or sun dried tomatoes. You can make the musings on a weekend and have them on hand during the week if you need to mix things up a little.
Grace N.
Try new stuff out on the weekends or for lunch. I usually eat something that is protein packed for breakfast. Also check online for things to try especially if you like a particular ingredient, shape the breakfast around it.
Janu Ria A.
Oatmeal can be eaten in many different styles and there are lots of videos that show you how to switch it up! Maybe on weekends (or when you have more morning time) you can make a nice french toast bake or breakfast casserole!
Dale O.
Use fruit and change the type each week you’ll find different depending on the season. Also, go to the “breakfast” market section and make the healthy version of the ones you like.
Erica Y.
For me breakfast has to include eggs and meat. There are many different ways to cook eggs so that is variety and there are different meats: bacon, ham, sausages so mix it up!
Aiden O.
You can actually make many different types of meals with just eggs, for example, you can make breakfast burritos, egg wraps, omelets, keishes, egg in the basket, and just plain old scrambled with your choice of meat and vegetables.
Argemira O.
I actually love my breakfast base. I start with the same thing each fay; rolled oats (oatmeal), sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and sultanas, and add different ingredients. Berries or yoghurt or milk or chopped apple, and it keeps me content and full. My absolute favourite meal of the day. The mix is about 1:1oats to seeds, so chewy and rich.
Noelle U.
In my opinion, you need to just do a Google search that will match your diet &/or meal plan and find nutritious recipes that match. If you need to make a weekly menu of other countries recipes for breakfast. Like do a search for "healthy German breakfast recipes" see what comes up, check to see if it matches your diet/meal plan, and walla! You now have your weekly menu set. All right, it's not that simple, I admit. But it's the best start that you will get. Just make sure to appeal to both your health & your tastes. Besides trying something new doesn't hurt you unless you let it.
Darrell U.
I like to keep trying new things so I ask my friends what they eat for breakfast and I always try to keep buying different ingredients to try. I usually have yogurt and granola, but sometimes I’ll have oatmeal to change it up and have a hot breakfast instead of cold. Other times I’ll have boiled eggs, or if I have time make an omelette. If I’m running late I keep it simple with something like a granola bar or peanut butter on toast.
Gustav Y.
Looking for new ideas in web
The same egg may be cooked for a dozens different ways
Listen to your body – if you starting to dislike the dish – it's time to change!
Garance Z.
There's a few different ways I think about breakfast. One is season (hot weather I like more eggs and toasts. Cold weather I like oatmeal). The other way is time, what's easier to make for busy days, what ways can I treat myself on off days. And the other is where can I branch out. Take something I love, and try it a totally different way. I'll usually google something like "pear breakfast" and just try something totally new that I never thought of. I've found many delicious meals, not just from breakfast, like this.
Mark S.
Sometimes I eat supper for breakfast or make a crazy shake, buy a new cereal, just eat proteins or fast by eating something more plain and more boring than you normally do so that in your heart you'll start to miss what you used to eat
Annamaria U.
Eggs are great! There are so many different things you can make with them. Omelette, breakfast sandwich, scrambled, etc. Different fruits and things are good too. You can make smoothies or hurler have them as a side with your main meal.