What are some of your favorite breakfasts you are eating right now?

Ayanleh N.
Hey, thank you for asking
One of my favorite breakfast I’m eating is oatmeal with milk and raw honey on top and 1 banana …. But next week I’ll be adding fruits and also peanut butter and yogurt!!
Lauren N.
I had a smoothie ( a berry one). With smoothies, I recommend to start with a berry smoothie, and then when you get used to the taste start adding greens.
Ernest U.
eggs and smoothies. eggs are so easy to make and yummy but not everyone’s cup of tea. i love smoothies. they are healthy and (sometimes) delicious as well! thy do take some time though so early mornings aren’t great for that. you can find great recipes online!
Lily O.
I love eating toast. But a healthier option I started was mixed nuts and energy bars. When I am in a hurry, I usually take a banana or an apple.