Looking for a list of good proteins to eat besides just eggs. Especially some meat and dairy alternatives if possible.

Derrick Z.
even though eggs do fill you up and keep you going, perhaps try a fruit salad or some kind of fish on toast. that may sound disgusting, but probably could fill you up. maybe you could have an omlette with salmon and fruit on the side? these are just suggestions, so be creative with your breakfast! :))

Gundel E.
A good protein to eat is Peanut butter (unless you’re allergic) and an alternative to milk (I can’t drink cow milk because I’m lactose intolerant) is almond milk, oat milk, soy milk (I get almond milk)

Dave F.
I’m decently sure, (but don’t just take my word on it) that salmon and other fish have good proteins and fat that help move along your day! :))

Gabriella B.
Party Wings are small and easy to cook and maybe you could eat some chicken or steak but when you cook meat trim the fat off the meat before you cook it.

Asta P.
Oatmeal is a great source of protein, with some nuts in it! Try a smoothie bowl, with lots of fruit and peanut butter for protien.

Ling Y.
Some oats with little fruits on top like raspberries and cranberries are very tasty. Added with an apple or any fruit of choice would be great for a nice refresh morning. Or eat eggs instead of fruits for the side dish. Having some penut butter and jelly for breakfast is also very good